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Posted by Pauline (Cairns, Australia) on 06/08/2007
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Some years ago I lived in the Torres Strait Islands where the air is very salty and filled with microorganisms. Getting a nick or cut, particularly a coral cut, can lead to severe tropical ulcers on the skin. These ulcers can grow to the size of a dinner plate if left untreated. I used 3% hydrogen peroxide on some small ulcers on my leg and they cleared up in no time.

Posted by Fayaz (Kupwara) on 03/01/2006
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I used H2O2 on a foot wound. After three days it was ok. Before using H2O2 i have visisted 10 doctors to treat my wound, but they failed to heal that. Then i used H2O2 on that wound and it was cured. Wound was on my Foot Finger. It was like a winter disease (cold disease). Thanks.

Yeast Infections  

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Posted by Cricket (Spokane, Wa, 99204) on 03/26/2010
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Better But With Side Effects

H202 Help Please

I have had a kruse yeast level three (only seen in aids patients I dont have aids thank god,candida galbrata level three, and candida albicons level three. I had a yeast infection every day for four years although I, rotated foods, probiotic at 200 billion, spent thousands of dollars on supplements, h202 infusions,several meds, diets I can not longer stay on after doing them for so many years.

I started internal h202 a month and a half ago, broke out in hives and ringworm, then all of a sudden stopped getting yeast infections. I am feeling weaker and weaker each day thrush possibly from die off and am at 21 drops 30% . I know you say this too much but whats a girl to do when she is running out of money for vitamins and treatment and cant digest even veggies? Ph is great! I take h202 wait an hour and a half take l-glutimine to repair intestines, then a-lipoic acid, probiotics, b 12 , and trace minerals, calcium with my d and cod liver oil, then my perscription antifungul (I rotate monthly now). I am so tired.....

and can I take p.carbinate over baking soda? Whats a girl to do? Much love and gratitude for all you are doing and helping. Thank You

Cricket from Spokane Washington

Replied by Shaun
York, Uk

Hi Cricket,

I sent the following to 'Jamgirl' recently. Why don't you also give it a go. Keep upping the dose until you are happy/comfortable. It seems to work for me. Shaun

03/18/2010: Shaun from Old York, Uk replies: "Hi Jamgirl, I have had a similar issue in the past on my chest (and behind and in my ears). I tried just about everything for years to clear this up, but it wasn't until I soaked in Sodium Carbonate (washing soda) in the bath that it stopped it stone-cold dead in its tracks (I must point out that I had some success with Milk of Magnesia prior to this. Both have a high pH). I would suggest two cup full's of washing soda in a medium bath. You may have to do this a few times over a few days/weks 'cos Candida (and malassezia sp.) are bloody tough yeast's/fungus's to deal with. You may also want to apply a strong mix directly to the effected area. Washing soda is something of an irritant and you will likely get a reaction the first time you use it. This is normal. After bathing rinse down in apple cider vinegar to neutralise the skin. This also has the effect of a double whammy. Also, rinse the hair with both WS and ACV 'cos the yeasts are found/hiding there also.

Posted by Megan (VA) on 06/13/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I tried this product for yeast infection, I used the plastic tube that the vaginal creme comes with and filled it with hydrogen peroxide and put inside the vaginal areas for a couple of days. It worked like a charm. Also used it for a severe vaginal itch, (careful!! it may burn !! but not for long) all I know is the itching was gone.

Replied by Silviu1
Timisoara, Timis, Romania

I want to now if tuberculosis is a anaerob or aerob bacteria. TB is cured with peroxide?

Replied by Kurt
Knoxville, Tn

Where can I find the info about how much to take and how often and when? I have come to understand about getting the 35% h202.

thanks, Kurt

Replied by Danielle
St Louis, Mo

Kurt, Another member posted this: H2O2 amounts taken: Begin first day with ONE DROP H2O2 in 8 oz. PURE WATER. Second day: two drops H2O2. Third day: three drops H2O2... And so on until you reach 10 drops per day. Now, if the taste is too bad, split the HP drops into 5 in the morning, and 5 in the evening--near bed time. Work back taking 10 drops twice a day, THEN split it into THIRDS, AND begin taking 7 drops THREE times a day, or whatever you can handle. Slowly work back up to taking 10 drops THREE times a day. Don't go much higher than that, or you might want to stay at 7 drops, three times a day. Let your body determine your amount.

ALSO, do NOT drink any H2O2 water 45 minutes BEFORE OR AFTER EATING A MEAL OR TAKING SUPPLIMENTS! You may throw up (vomit.)

** They also went on to explain that supplements may be needed to counteract any affects this method could have, being taken internally. It suggests Vitamin C - I would research what others should be taken, as I read it breaks down the iron in your body. Also, it states that they purchased their 35% Food Safe HP at their local natural grocer. Check your health food, whole food, and vitamin retailers and they may also sell it in your area.