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Gum Sensitivity  

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Posted by Karen (Iselin, NJ) on 03/04/2007
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I started rinsing my mouth with hydrogen peroxide 3% and noticed a difference within a couple of days!! I don't know if it stopped the gums from receding but it sure took the sensitivity away. I would definitely recommend trying. I rinse a small amount twice then rinse with water once a day. I don't even do it everyday and I haven't had any pain

Replied by Sylvia
Ozark, Missouri, USA
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I just found this site and read this reply and wanted to add that I use the peroxide to brush my teeth. First I wash out my mouth with the peroxide, then spit the peroxide on my brush and then brush away. I make sure I don't swallow any. Sometime I will do the same thing with the mouthwash that is supposed to stop plaque build up and then use the peroxide again.

Posted by Liz (Killeen, Texas) on 04/26/2006
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For years, when I get sensitive gums, bleeding or otherwise inflamed, I rinse my mouth with HP. After the rinse I also brush my tongue while the HP is still bubbling in my mouth. Mouth sores disappear in about a couple of days.

H202 and Lugol's Iodine  

Posted by Sandra (South Africa) on 05/23/2014

I am taking 3% hydrogen peroxide for my throat. I read that it cancels out lugol's iodine. Can I still take iodine separately so that it is not cancelled out by the peroxide treatment ie. take it a few hours later in the day?

H2O2 and Antibiotics  

Posted by Danielle (Abbotsford , B.C. Canada) on 03/19/2013

Looking for an answer to the hydrogen peroxide and antibiotics question... My boyfriend and I recently started taking H2O2 six days ago... His doctor prescribed him antibiotics for the symptoms he has (Chronic fatigue, cracking joints, arthritis, weak muscles). They haven't diagnosed him with anything yet (he's gone to several doctors, none have known what is wrong). Anyways, just want to know if it is safe to take both at the same time. Not for three hours before or one hour after taking h202 of course. Thanks so much!

H2O2 and Crowns  

Posted by Susan In San Francisco (San Francisco, Ca, Usa) on 12/12/2010

Hi Ted - I haven't seen any reference to drinking Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) and having a mouth full of crowns (I have gold and porcelain). I saw your response regarding braces, tho. Can I drink H202 with crowns? If not, would using a glass straw be ok (keeping the water/H202 at the back of my mouth)? Thank you so very much.

Replied by Self

If diluted enough, H2O2 should not be too much of an issue (e.g. 0.5 to 1% or less). If you want to be safe, you can use a glass straw. I enjoy mine. Also if you are regularly taking chelating agents (e.g. Apple cider vinegar, green tea, cilantro, EDTA) and taking magnesium (which helps prevent against heavy metal toxicity) this should further help.

H2O2 and Medications  

Posted by Marie Rough (Johannesburg, Rep Of South Africa) on 01/27/2013

I am on the following medication: Warfarin, Vasomil (Heart Arithmia) Prexim (blood pressure-High)water tablets and the Oxygen Machine (Emphasemia) will I be able to use the oxygen cure?

Posted by Nay (Sacramento, Ca, Usa) on 05/18/2011

I am thinking about starting H2O2 therapy. I do not have any major health issues; however, I do have high cholesterol. I have to take Lipitor 10mg. I tried to change my diet and still my cholesterol goes up if I stop taking Lipitor. I do not want to stay on medication for whole life (at least that is the motivation for me to go through H2O2 therapy)

I purchased 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, and also downloaded some instruction on dosage and process for the therapy.

My questions:

1) Do I still continue to take Lipitor while I am on cleansing process of therapy?

2) Do I continue to take other supplements like Slow release Niacin, multi vitamins, Omega-3 etc, while I am on cleansing process of therapy and after?

3) What is the effect on heart? Do I continue with regular workout? And if yes, do I have to wait for any time before or after drinking water with H2O2?


Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 05/03/2011

i had a hip replment (titainium) 6 weeks ago. I also have neuropathic pain, fybromyalgia, arthritis(osteo) I am also on oxycodoene slow release(which give me terrible calf pains,) and oynorm instantainious release. I am also taking alpha lipolic acid, 300 mg's 2 times a day b1(belmofontaine) 2 times a day, organic cracked wall chorella, 5 tabs 2 times a day, and a organic vit and mineral with food and subtilingual b12. I drink distilled water, eat organic produce, was also taking b100 complex, but stopped as the amount of methyl colbamaine(vit b 12) would have been too high. The pain meds give me constipation and annal fissures, haemeroids, and splits up my butt crack. The doc gave me latoloose for the constipation and cream and suppositories for fissures and piles but the pain when I open my bowels and bleeding is agony! I also have asthma and want to try nebulising the food grade h202 in distilled water, but am freaked out that the meds, and supplements may be too much, and the h202 may effect my hip replacement! I also have thrush, but don't want to use a fungicide on top of every thing else! I'M also worried that I may be doing more harm than good taking all the other stuff. Please can Ted or anyone help me out? thanks x x x

Replied by Scorpioempress
Ridgecrest, Ca

Sweetie, have you trief boron for your fibro?? Type "boron fibromyalgia" in ECs search bar.

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales

Thanks Scorpioempress for your reply x will certainly check out the info you suggessted love Andrea C X X X

Posted by Roberta (Gouldsboro, Pa) on 04/21/2011

I wonder if you or any of your readers know if food grain hydrogen peroxide will interfere with any medications for diabetics. My husband is diabetic and takes metformin and actos and now recently started taking food grain hydrogen peroxide. Will that affect his diabetic medication?

Replied by Ali
Swansea, Wales, Uk

Although this is quite a bit out of date, I will respond for the benefit of others.

It seems that HP can help regulate blood sugar levels, so for those on oral medication it may help to make the medication more effective, reduce the level of the dose or even remove the need for it completely.

Just keep monitoring the blood sugar levels, eat generally low-carb for good health anyway, and you might over time just find that you are no longer classed as diabetic!

Posted by Dwayne (Gananoque, Canada) on 02/19/2011

I have a question about food grade hydrogen peroxide I have had a valve transplant and I am on blood thinners and blood pressure medication do you think it would be safe to take food grade hydrogen peroxide internaly thank you for your time

Replied by Monique
Genk, Belgium

I have the same question. I also take bloodthinners like Aspirin and I'm asking if it is safe to start the cure?

Posted by Jan (Nyc, Ny, Usa) on 02/18/2011

Please tell me whether a Nuvaring contraceptive is adversely affected by a 3% hydrogen peroxide douche. My daughter had been suffering from BV; I checked your site, suggested the hydrogen peroxide douche full strength for 3 minutes for one week. She followed it for the past two days, delighted that the smell and other symptoms are gone. She is going on Winter break to visit her LDR bf for a week. It suddenly struck me that she may have compromised the safety of her contraceptive method by following my advise. Before telling her anything, I called the company. They said to contact her OB/GYN doctor, who didn't know and recommended using an alternative method (condoms, etc. ). I have read that spermicide contains hydrogen peroxide, but don't know what strength, and if 3% is really damaging. I don't want to alarm her and create a problem for their quality time. Yet, if there is a strong chance that the hydrogen peroxide has killed the Nuvaring chemicals, then its best to tell her ASAP. Before doing so, I thought I better check with the pros on here. Thank you for any advice. PS... the Nuvaring is suppose to act like a birth control pill (throughout her system) yet its locally placed in the vagina like a diaphragm.

Posted by Vince (Etowah, Nc, Us) on 01/16/2010

Hydrogen Peroxide and Diabetes

I would like to know if I can start drinking a H2o2 solution with my diabetes meds. I'm on Metformin 1000 mg and Glipizide 10 mg and Onglyza 5 mg for type 2 diabetes and want to know if I should stop taking the pills during the H2o2 regimen.Thanks for the help

H2O2 and Mercury Fillings  

Posted by Tracy (Charlotte, Nc, Usa) on 09/03/2009

Is H202 therapy safe for someone with multiple mercury fillings? I read elsewhere that it can cause further release of mercury vapors.

H2O2 and Sperm  

Posted by Blrobbins (Smiths Lake, Nsw Australia) on 09/05/2010

Hi there, I just started Hydrogen Peroxide therapy and we are trying for a baby and I just realised I better find out and make sure it won't harm sperm in any way. I can't find much info. Are you guys aware of any potential harm to sperm and if I should stop the therapy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

H2O2 Side Effects  

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Posted by Cameron (Jacksonville, Florida) on 05/24/2015

Reading the posts here makes me think that hydrogen peroxide has lots of healthful benefits but should be taken with extra caution. Can you list down the conditions that will make hydrogen peroxide ineffective in treating ailments or cause side effects? I'm worried about the burns, the stomach pains, vomiting, etc. if hydrogen peroxide is not taken properly.

Replied by Timh

C: Yes, there are some conditions that can be aggravated by H2O2 therapy.

First up on beginning H2O2 is making sure the body is properly alkalized. Acidic conditions cause hypoxia and visa-versa, so always be sure to properly alkalize.

Here a list come-to-mind of conditions that have the potential for bad reaction (hydroxyl radicals etc): Heavy Metals are not removed or detoxed by Hydrogen Peroxide and can produce toxic free radicals if coming into contact, so always do proper H.M. cleanses prior to Oxygen therapy.

Another condition would be a fairly common one of Aldehyde poisoning as a byproduct of candida or fungal infections. I don't have a degree in biochemistry but this combination looks not good. Another but somewhat rare condition is Mallonic Acid poisoning as a byproduct of tapeworm disease, could be reactive to H2O2.

It seems plausible that H2O2 therapy could be used in small amounts long-term, otherwise it would be indicated in increasing amounts (up to 25 drops 3% 2x per day) in acute cases like infections or cancer.

There are also other products that provide additional oxygen delivery like MMS and CellFood. Ozone is superior to H2O2 in many respects but has several shortcomings like instability and difficult administration. Also, adding alkaline rich Sodium Chlorite drops to a beverage naturally increases oxygen within the body.

Replied by Cameron
Jacksonville, Florida

Thanks Timh! So HP cannot be used without first doing heavy metal cleanse and if one has acidic body? Is there a natural way of doing the heavy metal cleanse?

Replied by Timh

C: YAW. Depending on factors like age, exposure, dental fillings, etc. one would fall into a category of mild-moderate-severe. To be exact, a Hair Mineral Analysis should be performed.

Much more info here http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/detox-heavy-metals-side-effects.html