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Posted by Jill (Wisconsin) on 01/31/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking coconut oil , not every day, but maybe 2-3 times a week, and I have not got sick once since I started taking it 4 months ago. I am usually the first one to get a cold or flu in fall and winter, but thanks to coconut oil, I have remained Healthy!

Posted by Tony (Quezon City, Philippines) on 08/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I used to be a regular sufferer of flu. About 3 years ago, after reading in a book that coconut oil can kill the influenza virus that causes flu based on in-vitro studies, I took 4 tablespoon of Virgin Coconut Oil when I had flu, went to sleep and woke up after about 6 hours later and found my flu amazingly gone. Since then, I take at least 1 tablespoon of Virgin Coconut Oil everyday, and when I feel an onset of flu, I increase the intake up to 4 tablespoon and predictably the flu would not continue.

Replied by Atlantis
Spokane, Wa

What are some ways to take 3-4 TBS a day of coconut oil? I got some and it is just soooo not easy to take that much. The taste is not bad, it just tastes like coconut. I think it is the oily, buttery, overload, texture. Mix it in a drink? Thanks

EC: A few recipes here:

Replied by Anon

I agree, its not easy to take. I don't like to cook with it either.

But I found the best way! I take it with my tea! I just make some green tea (or whatever you like), sweeten it with molasses, and put a table spoon of virgin coconut oil. Perfect combination!

Now I keep my VCO in the fridge to keep it in solid state because it's easy for me to just go take a scoop of it.

Good luck!

Replied by Laurie
Pawleys Island, Sc

I drink mine in a smoothie. Unflavored Probiotic yogurt, milk or almond milk, a tablespoon or 2 of coconut oil, vanilla, agave nectar or honey, and frozen berries. It is so good. I am not a breakfast eater, and since starting this smoothie in the mornings I have so much energy!

Replied by Bcgirl
Surrey, Bc

My naturopath told me to stop taking agave nectar since it's basically the same as sugar and has many side effects including an upset stomach which I had. She told me to use stevia instead of honey.

Replied by Ellane
Orange County

To sweeten fruit smoothies, I break off ripe bananas into chunks, and freeze 4-5 of chunks in a ziploc bag -- enough for one smoothie. Not only is it a healthy and delicious way to sweeten smoothies, but it gives them a cold and creamy texture.


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Posted by Michael (Elizabeth, NJ) on 12/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

For the last 4 tears or so I have had a fungus on both big toes. The nail becomes thick and discolored with rough edges. Not an attractive sight. I have been using coconut oil now for about 9 months and can honestly say it has made a difference in the appearance of my toenails. One of the many properties of CO is antifungal. I can"t say enough about this tropical oil. I eat at least 3 Tbles a day I have more energy, have lost weight, no change in my cholesterol and love its taste. Try it and you will never go back to the other veggie oils.

Posted by Suzie (Huntington Beach, CA) on 09/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Well, I am not positive, however, all I can tell you is that after years of fungus on my two big toes... It's now gone!!! You name it I tried it... I thought it was from salon pedicures, then, I thought damage to my nail beds from running and maybe my toes hitting the top of my shoes... Well, needless to say... I just couldn't get the fungus to go away!!! Then my life was changed by this site! I started taking ACV (Apple Cider Vineger) and VCO and I am now fungus free! I was taking the coconut oil orally ( 3 t. a day) and it made me bloated so I didn't take it for more than a month I'd say... However, I did use it as a moisterizer every night after my shower and I would specifically rub it around and under my toe nails... I cannot believe that the fungus is gone!!! Honestly! I share my story every where I go! Nail shops really need this information to pass onto their clients... Fungus makes you feel so dirty... My beautiful toe's have returned! Thank you! Earth clinic and friends! Suzie Fluss, H.B.

Posted by Annabelle (Victoria, Australia) on 08/17/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I had toenail fungus for 5yrs. started using virgin coconut oil applied topically with amazing results. Used loceryl lacquer for 3yrs did not get rid of it. Used some oxygenated melaluca cream which helped & may have cured it but smelled so bad it really wasn't practical. I read about coconut oil on internet & gave it a go, i didn't think it would seriously work. I massaged it into top of nail & all around it & made sure it was under toenail which was easy as it is liquid (hardens in cold weather but melts on contact with skin). Now 1 big toenail totally cured, other toenail is almost gone but it was much worse and was first to be infected. Absolutely amazing and i don't even apply it everyday!!! Doesn't smell. I rub it into all my other toenails (hoping this will prevent them from getting it in them). I bought a brand from my local health food shop and made sure it was 100% virgin and this one was cold pressed-don't know if that means anything but i'm sure other brands would work, I am just thrilled with results and grateful that i gave it a go.

Gallbladder Pain  

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Posted by Noel (Manila, Phillipines) on 02/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Chronic gallbladder pain: I took 2 tablespoons of VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) and within 2 weeks felt much better. It also helped me in my bowel movements. I used to very irregular. Now its every day! VCO that has been extracted using a cold press method.

Replied by Ten
Quezon City, Philippines

Hi! What brand VCO do you use? :) Nature's Gift VCO made gain weight after 5 days of taking 3T a day.

General Feedback  

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Posted by Madhubala (London, UK) on 09/16/2014

I am interested in virgin coconet oil. How can I use it?


Posted by Candy (Bk, Ny United States) on 12/04/2012

I am taking coconut oil for HSV1 and HSV2 but I have a toddler who still breastfeeds will the coconut milk affect her in any way? How long should I take this oil?

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

I will tell you something interesting. There is a province/state in India named "KERALA" which is derived from the word "KERAM" meaning coconut in its native language, which is "Malayalam". It is the land of coconut trees.

People here use only Coconut Oil for their cooking, for almost everything. It is one of the staple food in this province. It is also applied in the hair by most of the people.

The population of "Kerala" is 33 Million, then you can imagine what a staple food it is. So, you can take coconut oil. Good Health

Posted by Hannah (Paris, France) on 11/24/2012
0 out of 5 stars

Hello, I've been suffering from chronic symptoms that range from random pulsations in my stomach that cause anxiety attacks, vulvadynia, acne and strangely oily hair to more psychological and what I suspect to be hormonal issues for the past few years (I'm 25).

I have been on food allergy diets, and a series of antibiotics for constant infections, H-pylori, and Kidney infections etc. And do acupuncture regularly. I know something global is wrong with my body, but no one seems to know what... I'm sick of pumping chemicals and antibiotics into my body since they only reduce symptoms temporarily but leave me with a greater problem in the long term.

I took my first tbsp of Coconut oil yesterday and felt kind of weird and kind of good. Today I took a tsp. in the morning and plan on taking a tsp at night. I want to introduce it into my diet as gently as possible because my body is extremely sensitive and I want to make sure I tolerate it well.

I woke up today (kind of) and I was SO tired. I have been sleeping ALL day and had to force myself out of bed at 5pm (only because I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep again at night.

In general I find I sleep a lot more than others and have a lot less energy, but today I just feel like someone bludgeoned me over the head... Is this normal?

Should I cleanse my liver or something else first before introducing the oil? I also feel I have a little bit of a headache, I saw that that was a side affect... about how long should I take the oil for before I know whether or not my body tolerates it?

I was thinking maybe I should do a liver cleanse, but I am a vegetarian and my problem is actually that I don't have ENOUGH fats in my diet, and I think I'm just about the last candidate for a fatty liver...

I guess, if I could condense this text, I would just ask, what is the most gentle way to start using Coconut oil, and how will I know if I should stop? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, USA
2115 posts

Hannah: First make sure your air, food, and water are pure; then begin detoxing your body with the best women's multivitamin/mineral supplement you can afford. Also supplement the glutathione precursor NAC or N-Acetyl-Cysteine (this will detox the liver and more). One of the major problems w/ the vegan diet is lack of quality protein. For overall recovery, strength, stamina, etc. Either take Liver tablets or eat cooked liver as it is one of the most nutritionally dense foods. Whey protein powder mixed w/ milk or juice is also a very excellent quality protein.

Replied by Mel
Nj, Nj, Usa

If I were you, I would put a little bit of coconut oil on the back of your hand, and leave it there for a few hours. If you notice that specific part of your hand starts to turn a little red or reacting in any way, you may be allergic to coconut oil.

I'm female and your age too and I'm very sensitive to many holistic products, and I am allergic to coconut oil. I found out the hard way though by putting some on my face like lotion, and it turned my face all red and irritated. I made sure it was organic and everything. I'm even allergic to apple cider vinegar!

So once you clear that away, and if you find out you arent allergic, then it just may be your body cleansing and rebuilding itself. Stopping the dose may just prevent you from gaining the benefits. Theres alot of information already posted here on how to introduce it gradually.

hope this helps!

Replied by Tapike
San Augustine, Texas

Anytime you start using a remedy that is supposed to help cleanse & purify the body or flush illness out of the body, you need to be prepared for side effects such as nausea, headaches, tiredness, etc. Used herbs that help to cleanse your body. For instance, herbs such as red clover blossoms & burdock root help to cleanse the blood. Milk thistle, cinnamon, barberry bark, peppermint leaft & ginger root help cleanse the liver & gallbladder. There are several good formulas & remedies, even accupressure, that can be used to cleanse the liver & gallbladder, a process that should be used in conjunction with any cleansing process. Certain types of hot herbal baths & cold wraps can help pull impurities out of the body thru the skin. And there are, of course, some herbal enemas that help to cleanse the lower bowels.

If you have a sudden reaction to a cleansing, simply back off of it for a day or two or change your schedule so that you're doing it every other day or just a couple of times a week, at first, instead of everyday. You can increase it as your body gets more used to it & the negative reactions become less.

Also keep on hand items that will help to boost your energy levels or help you to sleep better. Things like ACV, honey, blackstrap molasses & bee pollen can help increase your energy. Concentrated supergreens drink mixes & other herbs in capsule form can help do the same.

Replied by Hannah
Paris, France

Thanks so much for the feedback everyone!

Posted by Kosmik (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 07/25/2012

I am seeing a lot of credits for coconut oil and while living in a country that used to have coconut trees every where you go, it has quickly become the thing of the past. Coconut oil was the only cooking oil in the old days but its unheard of nowadays. You can't even buy it at groceries.

Now when you guys talk about CO, do you mean virgin coconut oil VCO? So are you really cooking with VCO. It must have cost a bomb. Will ordinary coconut oil have the same benefits?

And what about palm oil? Is it any good?

Replied by Ed
Oakville, Canada

It is all because of the CHOLESTROL SCAM for the past 50 years. Media and medical industry promoted Sunflower oil, Corn Oil which is zero transfat and cholestrol free.

Really, sunflower oil and corn oil are not real traditional cooking oil.

The traditional cooking oils are:

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Sesame Oil

which can be used in any amount in cooking.

In India, the medical industry persuaded Coconut is rich in Cholestrol and convinced people to use sunflower oil.

But, cocounut oil is rich in Vitamin E which promotes proper blood flow in the body, prevents oxidation and balances the cholestrol. Foods cooked in coconut oil is very delicioius when compared with sunflower oil.


Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

Regular coconut oil is fine for external use I.E. Skin, hair. For consumption, personally I am creeped out by anything except the organic VCO. You might not feel you need organic, but use at least VCO for consumption. It is going to retain more of its beneficial qualities.

Replied by Plumhappy
Eugene, Oregon

Raw VCO is best since is not processed. The cheapest I have been able to find it is $18 for a quart. It should be white not off white. A very good site to get info on VCO and palm oil is They sell both, regularily have specials and have wonderful recipes as well, many of them gluten free. Yes it is expensive but compared to drugs and doctors, its cheap.

Posted by Laura (Newcastle, Nsw Australia) on 07/11/2012

With the coconut oil, do you heat it in the microwave so it dissolves or you just melt the solid in your mouth?

Posted by Southern Bell (Marietta, Ga, United States) on 01/25/2012

I have been reading about oil pulling with coconut oil. I am taking the capsules daily, plus adding coconut oil to my morning coffee. However, the coconut oil I put in my coffee has solidified due to the cold weather. It melts in my coffee.

I would like to try oil pulling with coconut oil, but does anyone know what I could do to make it a liquid for pulling?


Replied by Laurie
Pawleys Island, Sc

There is a thread dedicated to that very topic:

Posted by Brooklyn Bridge (Union City, Usa) on 01/13/2012

The expiration date on my Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil Expeller Pressed by Jarrow Formulas is November 20, 2011. My question is if I can still use the oil for my skin? I would not take it internally.

Replied by Francisca
Zug, Switzerland

Hi, sell by date is often used to make you throw up stuff that is still good to use internally or externally! I think that you should have a good look at your VCO and decide if you think that it is still good or not! If you see no difference at all.... It is probably good! People here in Europe are throwing away millions worth of food and other things just because of the dates while most of it is perfectly alright! I wouldn't do it with meat, fish, dairy.... But then you see they are not ok anymore! Some countries are now trying to change the way food is labled to avoid such a lot of waste!

Replied by Sweetberry

Yes you can till about a year- it's not a red light, it's a stop sign to end usage.

Replied by G
Nyc, Ny

I have read that coconut oil has an indefinite shelf life. You should be able to tell by the smell/small taste whether you can trust if it is "bad" or not.

Posted by Alicia (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 12/26/2011

Hello, can someone please recommend a good coconut oil that is available in BC Canada? Does it have to be organic and / or expeller pressed ? (don't know what that means lol )

I would also really appreciate if someone could answer some questions.

I was wondering about its use as a deodorant and after reading the many posts I'm a bit confused: does the oil HAVE to be extra virgin? How to apply it on underarms, how much? Will it be greasy and leave oil marks? Does it have to be solid or runny and does it matter?

Also I have read that some are eating it for general well being, how much and how often? Should it be cold or hot and is it better than apple cider vinegar? I know I'm asking a lot but I hope someone can help me out, this site is THE best for learning natural remedies!! I love reading the posts from all over the word. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Happy New Year to everyone and thank you Earth Clinic!!

Replied by Glenn
Bay Roberts, Nl

Alicia, there is a great place in BC you can purchase coconut oil online.

Replied by Alicia
Vancouver, Bc, Canada

Thank you Glen, I appreciate you taking the time to respond, however I cannot afford upwards of 20 dollars for oil, with a min. order of 100$, plus shipping and handling. I'd also prefer to go and buy it when I need to rather than ordering online. Thank you for your input and Happy New Year!

Replied by Sharyg
Miami, Fl, Usa

Try Amazon, or Ebay. They have great prices there and they ship to Canada. You can find Nutiva coconut oil on both sides, wich is a very good brand. You can also find Tropical Traditions, which in my opinion is the best. However it is more expensive.

Replied by C.
Ajax, Canada

I'm in Ontario, I've found it in my local grocery store health section ( never noticed it before I took the time to look for it) and in the bulk barn. Was cheap at the bulk barn by $3-4. I'm not sure what stores you have in BC, but a grocery store with a good health section is sure to carry it or a bulk barn if you have those there. Here in Ontario 900ml ( appox) was about 16- 20$.

Replied by Katefeedback
Edmontoncome, Alberta Canada

I don't know about BC Superstores, but in Alberta you can buy Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in the Natural Foods section of Superstore for really cheap!

Posted by Pinks (Mumbai, India) on 12/23/2011

Hi, I luv this site. I have started oil pulling, but wanted to ask if I can use parachute coconut oil that everyone uses for the hair to ingest it. We have a whole variety of coconut oils here. They all say they are pure. They are but have never drunk them. Waiting for your feedback. Thanks

Replied by Tina
Princeton, New Jersey, Usa

Hi Pinks! I don't if I would use Parachute oil for OP. You need to use organic coconut oil for optimum results. Do you have a company called Mother Earth in any of the Mumbai malls? I bought organic coconut oil from them in Bangalore this summer- Mother Earth had a large store in Meenakshi mall. I use coconut oil as a moisturizer as well, and this was so good that I stocked up. Try Fab India too, they often carry a range of organic oils. Hope this helps!

Replied by Baldev
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
177 posts

Hi Pinks, This oil is ok for oil pulling but is not recommended for taking it internally. For internal use you should have extra virgin coconut oil which is cold pressed and not processed.