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Posted by Jana (Portland, Tn, United States) on 04/11/2013

I would like for my elderly mother to try oil pulling as she suffers from severe arthritis but she has both upper and lower dentures, would this still be a viable option for her? Could she still 'swish' in the morning before putting her dentures in? I would love to be able to be able to tell her about this and for it to work for her so she would not be in so much pain. Additionally, what kind of coconut oil is best to use? Organic, extra virgin, etc? I'm new to all of this and it's all a bit confusing to me. I will be trying this myself as I suffer from chronic daily migraines as well as cluster headaches nonstop with no relief in sight and have been on massive doses of opiates to control the pain for six years now and I hate the amount of chemicals running good through my body. I and am hoping that this will help with the migraines and hopefully the clusters as well, not to mention a total body cleanse!

Replied by Dawn

I would have her start. There is still a lot of toxins and bacteria in the mouth. Even with dentures.

Posted by Debi Sunshine (Apple Valley, Ca) on 04/09/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I use 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil and I add a few drops of oil of wild oregano for immune support OR clove oil if I have a toothache. I average 5 days a week and I do it in the morning. For three years I have not had a cold or flu. I started OP because I couldn't afford a dentist and I am thrilled with the results. Whiter, stronger teeth and pinker gums. Feeling good. I learned about this from Earth Clinic then checked out Bruce Fife's book from the library. Happy swishing!!

Posted by Hollly (Algonquin, Illinois) on 12/11/2011
0 out of 5 stars

I've only been OPing for 3 days, once a day in the morning or whenever my stomache is empty. I'm using organic extra virgin coconut oil. The very first day I started, I got a wave of horrible depression. I'm continuing with the pulling but the depression now isn't getting better. I am sensitive to lots of chemicals, substances etc. so I am naturally prone to depression, but I can feel that this depression is something different.

Do I stick with it? Should I stop and give myself a break? Is depression a common side effect? :

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
2115 posts

Holly, I would stay with the pulling because the side effects are evidence that you have some type of toxin or heavy metal in your body (that needs to be out). All toxins in general are damaging to lipids, sugars, and amino acids; and as such, can have notable side effects like depression.

Also, I have had to up my oral care since O. P. because of the heavy toxin loads (no depression on my part). otc mouth wash, colloidal silver, H2O2 are mandatory for infection prevention. Also consider other types of oil ( I use Canola or Canola blend), and if you foam up quickly, reduce your pull time to 15 or 10 min.

You may need to use some charcoal or bentonite to help remove the toxins. Tyrosine, St JohnsWort, and 5-HTP will help with the depression. NAC will boost glutathione which you seem to be insufficient. Any form of magnesium will help (i use Epsom salt foot bath daily). Vit-C is also critical in detox (i use 500mg before and 500mg after O. P. to lesson my symptoms).

If your negative symptoms get overwhelming, take a few days off O. P. Try a 2 dys on 2 days off until your negative side effects disappear (depending on how toxic your body is).

Hope this helps and good luck.

Replied by Francisca
Zug, Zug, Switzerland

Come on, you don't honestly believe that swishing a bit of oil around in your mouth gives you depression, do you? I have to be honest, sometimes I think that there are people who infiltrate sites like this trying to prove that the people here are wackes and if that is the case it is very wrong. It can be that you honestly believe what you are saying, some people just have to blame anything they are feeling on what they are trying out but come on, getting depression from swishing a bit of oil around in your mouth, once a day for three days.......

Replied by Liz
Boston, Massachusetts

Well, there's a double standard if I ever saw one.

The list of potential cures from oil pulling is quite lengthy. If its curing potential is great, why is it so far fetched to believe that it could also have side-effects?

If it has the 'power' (if you will) to cure ailments, why would it not also have the power to cause some in those who have sensitivities? That seems perfectly reasonable.

To say; "Come on, you don't believe that swishing around a little oil in your mouth gives you depression, do you?" could be flipped to "Come on, you don't believe that swishing around a little oil in your mouth CURES pain issues, sinus issues, migraines, acne, etc. do you?"

You can't have it both ways.

There was no need to mock the poster and question their integrity solely because their experience didn't conform with your personal theory. This is a forum where sharing experiences (both Yea's and Nay's) is encouraged, not scorned.

Replied by Melanie
Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

I don't know about oil pulling - but I went with my mother few years ago to her deep tissue massage session. The therapist told me that many people start to cry, or have depression after deep muscle massage - because of the toxins that are being released from the muscles. I think the same could apply to oil pulling - if the toxins are being pulled out the depression could be a side effect.

Clinical depression lasts for few weeks with no let-up. So sad feelings from toxins being released should ease up as the body toxins decrease.

I am not a professional, but makes sense to me.

Replied by Randy
Howell, Michigan

You can experience the same detoxing results of oil pulling by taking LECITHIN. The powder form of LECITHIN is best according to Ted on EC.

Replied by Miles
New York, NY

Right seems we're moving into discussion about the practice of "oil exchange" for detoxing and healing from many health conditions. Maybe its discussed elsewhere on this amazing site! But here's a bit with few things that may be of interest:

It's said the ever-intelligent body pulls toxins and posions out of circulation by trapping them in the fat cells where they will stay for years unless detoxed. Over time the toxins accumulate, disrupt body functions and manifest as disease.

There's a number of people who've written about this:

* Udo of Udo's Oils wrote a book about how he healed himself using "oil exchange" after he experienced serious ogranophosphate poisoning (nerve agent used commonly in herbicides and commercial lawn care applications -- symptoms of which manifest as depression, anxiety, brain-fog and more. ) He says he drank up to 12 TBL of good oils daily (omega 3 like flax oil and omega 6 like borage oil) in conjunction with saunas to assist the removal of toxins.

* Dr. William Rea head of the Environmental Health Clinic, who's helped restore people to health after toxic exposures like 9/11, Katrina, and the Exxon Valdez clean-up, believes a huge percentage of "diseases" and conditions are related to chemical toxicity. Part of his protocol includes sauna to remove the toxins and good oils supplmentation, as well as PPC - phosphaytidylcholine which is found in lecithin (and naturally in egg yolks and krill oil), and is a lipid (good oil) that helps restore and rejunvinate cell membranes in the liver, instestines, brain etc. and is providing good results for maladies in these areas (like alzheimers, chemical sensitivity, Hepatitis C, cirrosis, etc.)

(See also Drs. Kane and Shoemaker who've had great results treat patients with chronic diseases using "lipid exchange" -- IVs of PPC and glutathine.)

and then

* Deepak Chopra recommends oil pulling ... which is perhaps a great "DIY" version. Curious if someone might explain how coconut oil specifically factors into this concept of "lipid exchange" for healing?

Replied by Bman
Victoria, Bc Canada

It's been awhile since Holly's post, but since people like myself use this site for relevant info I thought I'd add that depression and chemical sensitivities are both symptoms of candida (yeast) infections, and that cocunut oil can cause a die-off reaction as it kills the yeast.

A multi-year systemic yeast infection is what led me to this point. My symptoms got worse and worse as well as more and more (panic feelings, athlete's foot, jock itch, psoriasis, itching). Finally I tied together several of the symptoms through extensive research and came up with the idea of candida. But how to cure it? Everyone had an idea to sell me something, but I've been living overseas and have no access to these 'cures. ' Until I came across caproil as a possibility, and then learned that caproil is just a marketable part of coconut oil!

Since then I've been slowly adding more oil to my diet, stopping now and then when my die-off reaction became too much, and then getting back at it (insomnia, crawling/itchy skin, what felt like electrical reactions throughout my body, etc... ) I'm still only at 1 tablespoon a day, but I already feel so much better. All of my symptoms are gone or almost gone. And since I have learned of coconut oil's extensive benefits, I know its a superfood I will always be taking. I just wish somebody had told me about it earlier. It seems if there is no profit in it, we are all left to fend for ourselves. Good luck all!

Posted by Joe (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/03/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I'm on the start of my 4th day of Oil Pulling. I use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I have already seen improvements in my teeth & gums - teeth are whiter and my gums don't hurt like they usually do.

I have been doing OP three times a day for 20 minutes each time. I use about a teaspoon of coconut oil.

The downside is that I seem to be feeling quite depressed. I guess it is a detox reaction to the OP.

I normally feel quite fine, so I assume this is a reaction to the OP. I am also taking Apple Cider Vinegar (1 tablespoon twice daily) but I haven't increased the amount recently. I drink plenty of water every day.

I think I might reduce the frequency and/or the duration of my OP sessions. Hopefully that will reduce the intensity of the detox reaction.

Any suggestions on what to do?

Posted by phogallen1 (Peoria, AZ) on 07/02/2009

Hi all i just started using coconut oil last night and i used 1 tablespoon and swished and held in mouth for about 20 minutes. All went well but i did noticed that right after i spit it out that my gums were like a transperant white around my teeth. I felt great but i looked a little strang. Also when i spit out the coconut oil it looked milky in consistency. I guess i was expecting something different dont know if that worked or not. I went to the dentist today and my mouth is a little sore. i am wondering if i can continue with the oil after just having my gums cleaned under the surface which was done today...........thanks phogallen

Posted by Denise (Atlanta, GA) on 06/09/2009

I have had chronic mucus build up for more than 15 years due to food and environmental allergies and have been using over the counter sprays and guifenisin tablets like Mucinex several times a day. I tried oil pulling for the first time this morning (for 20 minutes) using 1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil. After 20 minutes I spit out the oil and it was still white, not yellow. Based on all of the information I have read, if the oil has removed the toxins it should have turned yellow after 20 minutes. I am still congested, should I continue to use the coconut oil or switch to a different type, oil pull for longer than 20 minutes or simply give the oil pulling more time to work. Please advise. Thanks

Posted by Valerie Wright (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 09/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was advised to use CERTIFIED Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for eating - and CERTIFIED Organic (not virgin) for cooking. Of course, the later is less expensive. I find I can take it by the spoonful, though I will also put it on my hot buckwheat cereal. This product, together with Oil Pulling has improved my health markedly. Am thrilled.

Organic Vs. Regular  

Posted by Healthy248 (Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada) on 01/17/2011

Need to know if coconut oil is only found in a solid state, what I found is Organic, in a jar and its white with a texture like soft lard. Its good for Med/High heat frying, baking, and for body use as well. Is this the right product, does it have to be Organic or anything else special? Thanks in advance

Replied by Elizabeth
Nashville, Tn

It's best to use Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil. Walmart sells a brand but it just says Organic coconut oil. I have bought it before and it doesn't really have a coconut-ty smell. I went back to my regular oil and feel like it works better.

Replied by Lisa
Marrakech, Morocco

That sounds like the right kind of coconut oil, but I agree that organic is best. At cooler temperatures it is a solid like you stated, but as it gets warmer it will turn to a clear liquid and that is normal.


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Posted by Cindy (Woodland, PA) on 02/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking coconut oil for the last 2 weeks 1 teaspoon every morning and also cooking with it. Today, (this may sound gross)I had a pain in my back just around the rectum and after using the toilet I looked and found a dead worm in the toilet. YUK! I can't believe that came from me. So it must be killing off the parasites I have. Hopefully it gets them all.

Replied by Faithinhealing
Forest Park, Ohio, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

I've been detoxing for a few months, I added the two tablespoons of coconut oil to my detoxing program, in addition to raw plant aloe and have also seen more liver flukes and tape worms! This combination seems to be working better than any I've tried!

Replied by Meow
Portland, Oregon

Parasite tests, in order for them to be accurate my ND told me that you need at least TEN parasite checks at different times to determine if you have parasites, because parasites hide and may not be visible they go undected. I read that 85% of people have parasites, Parasite tests are 20% accurate, some estimate it to be lower shocking 10% accurate! The best lab for testing in the states is in Arizona. I was really sick flu-like symptoms: chills low grade fever, stomach pressure, colon pain, shortness of breath my heart rate would sometimes go up The MD had me try every single thing and I had been tested three times for parasites all the tests showed up negative, well Finally my MD suggested an ND best idea she ever had! I started the ayurvedic coconut parasite cleanse with cloves, with wormwood and gse.. Dramatic decrease of my symptoms by 80% in ONE DAY ! I'm posting this because I hope this seriously helps someone!

Perioral Dermatitis  

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Posted by Cain (VA Beach) on 01/20/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I recently started using coconut oil on my skin. I have really bad acne and i tried almost every acne product you can think of and spent hundreds of dollars on medications and nothing worked. I came across some information on coconut oil and decided to try it. I started using the coconut oil two weeks ago. My skin has improved greatly. The texture of my skin is no longer dry and flaky, plus my pores are much smaller. My face looks so much clearer and I actually have been getting compliments on my skin and how healthy it looks. I want to mention that I have perioral dermatitis which in the past I had to use a steroid to get rid of this condition but as soon as I stopped the steroid the condition would come back much worse. I applied coconut oil on the affected area, and now I have no signs of dermatitis present. Coconut oil has worked for me so far.


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Posted by Sandy (Bangalore, India) on 11/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I drink coconut oil 2 teaspoons in the morning with my breakfast, and my facial open pores have shrunk completely.Sometimes I drink 2 teaspoons in the morning with breakast, and 2 teaspoons in the afternoon with my lunch.

Primary Complex (Tb of the Lungs)  

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Posted by Marites (Manila, Philippines) on 09/12/2007
5 out of 5 stars

After I read all those comments and I decided to send my daughter (2years and 3 months old) got a good results to her VIRGIN COCONUT OIL. i think its last year it was prescribed by her pedia and I hesitate I always think that if its safe to her then maybe it is safe coz it was what my pedia said....finally I gave her VCO.... last week of august until now, and I discover the daughter has a history of PRIMARY COMPLEX....her lungs is very weak....and her pedia said...try VCO she said it is good to her lungs daw....then I tried...ITS REALLY FANTASTIC...all her phlegm has been blown....she always make spit with phlegm ....before....after she got cough (a severe cough) the next will be cold...and next is fever....then I always rushed her to her pedia....and as always ANTIBIOTICS....ANTI ASTHMA....SALBUTAMOL.......CARBOSISTEINE.....what else....she always take med....thats the usual...when she had a COUGH...her hard phlegm makes her weak...then finally I found the best remedy for cough...I think ah...and as far as my daughter experience is concern... eventhough she does not have a COUGH right now....she always make spit with PHLEGM...and finally I don't heard any sounds HALAK to my child...THANKS TO GOD...because I always pray what should I do...I always think to my child for her condition and her health is so weak because of her lungs...and now VCO... is her "so called" VITAMINS.....10ml a day before she sleep and it mixed with her milk.......i always pray to GOD and I'm always thankful...for the VCO...and now I'm also using it for my face, hands and elbow so saying this as a feedback and comment not an please consult first to her doctor before taking it....thanks

Replied by Daylynn
Misamis Occidental
5 out of 5 stars

Hi! What brand name of Virgin Coconut Oil is good to use for my daughter having a primary complex.. Please help me... Ttnx

Replied by Mauee
Manila, Philippines

Hi 4yrs old son has recently diagnose with primary complex..I would like to know if you did not administer the kit that the doctor prescribe to your child, instead you use VCO? Who is your pedia so we can also visit her for my son's diagnosis..I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and God Bless!


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Posted by Olivia (Brooklyn, New York) on 02/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut oil reduced my husband's swollen left testicle about 85 percent in one week of light massage. My husband is terrified of seeing a doctor. There is no negotiating with him. The answer is a resounding no. For the past two months I have been giving him a combination of saw palmetto and pygeum tablets for prostate problems. He had terrible dribbling of urine and waking up many times per night. I gave him two of each tablet twice per day and within three days his bathroom runs were reduced to twice per night from four or five times. After about six weeks was reduced to once per night. I was therefore in shock when one week ago I noticed one testicle was three times its size and hard. He had been hiding it because he was afraid I'd insist on him going to the doctor. He said there was no pain. I was terrified of the thought of testicular cancer but he said he did not care he was not going to the doctor. He is 63 and cannot remember the last time he saw a doctor. Well I prayed and the thought of massaging it with coconut oil came to me. It has been one week since I'd take some oil in my hand and massage lightly from groin to under and around both testicle area. I'd then take another generous helping of oil and cup the swollen testicle in it while praying. The swelling has gone down about 85 percent in one week. I will continue doing so even after all the swelling leaves because I am hoping for a complete cure of the dribbling, which is also much better. I forgot to mention that I also started giving him two ounces of noni juice and two ounces of goji juice per day. I was so scared that I tried everything. I think the coconut oil is key though. I give one juice in the morning and the other at night.

Replied by Leonard
Las Cruces, Nm

RE: Prostate
You should also seriously consider Small Flowered Willow Herb. A serious help for Bladder and Prostate.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Renne Caisse who used to make up the Essiac Tea formula said in a video that she saw many cancer tumors go hard and grow larger before they healed and vanished so maybe the prostate was already healing.


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Posted by Adria (Kennesaw, GA) on 05/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking coconut oil capsules (2000 mg twice daily) for 3 weeks today. It has completely cured the psoriasis I have had on my elbows for over 25 years now. I'll have to get back with you to let you know what else it has helped me with. But, so far, I LOVE IT!

Replied by Ken
Vernon, Bc CA

Hi Ken here I just read your post and was wondering if you could tell me please were I can buy extra virgin coconut oil as it helps with thyroid problems, I am also in Vernon Thanks very much, Ken

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Hello, Ken (Vernon, BC) ---

you can purchase it from Real Raw Food in Naramata where I get my supplies.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Heinz
Tampa, Florida


If you go to the tropicaltraditions dot com web site. They ship to Canada. Shipping seems expensive but I've tried others and I keep going back. The best oils are the gold and green label. They really do taste like fresh coconut. You'll love it! I don't know if there's any advantage in a larger order. I bought a gallon on sale about 9 or 10 months ago and I need to order again. When I try another brand, I'm disappointed. Check shipping cost and customs.


Replied by Bee
New York, US

It always amazes me when you speak to people about the natural things you are taking and they think you are nuts and that you have no idea how you are harming your health.. they say stay on the meds and listen to what the doctors says..

Then I say if pharma drugs worked no one would be sick and these drugs only mask the symptoms....and no one gets to the root of the disease.... so why do people believe so highly in drugs when at least we can try hundreds of remedies first.

Posted by Stephen (Cannelton, Indiana) on 03/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I decided to try Coconut Oil to see if it would help me lose some weight. It never, but I had another interesting side benefit. It has almost completely healed up my severe case of Psoriasis. It has at least taken it to the point that I can pay little to no attention to this ailment that has dogged me for almost 40 years now, since I was 7. I started off with two tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil, one in morning one late afternoon. After the short break that proved it was the coconut oil having an affect on my skin, I started using coconut oil capsules 1000mg twice a day, but had to up the dose to 2 1000mg twice a day. I have not experienced any flare ups yet and it has been more than a few months almost completely (old scars starting to fade)clear now.