Cayenne Cures and Benefits


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Posted by Pat (Coos Bay, OR) on 07/22/2007
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thanks to this site i started cayenne pepper as a treatment for my hypothyroid issue. its been a few weeks and my metabolism has improved, my acid reflux and more energy. so glad i found you. thanks


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Posted by Vania (Clarksville, Tn) on 08/29/2010
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I live in Middle Tennessee, so I suffer from chronic sinusitis and sinus infections, which trigger asthma attacks and Acute Asthmatic Bronchitis. This spring (2010), I was desperate for relief (I never want to get Acute Asthmatic Bronchitis again! ), so I tried a nasal spray which contains Capsaicin pepper. It is found in the Nasal Spray section in drugstores. The label warns that you will feel a "strong sensation" on initial use. This is true. I have put off using it at times, for fear of the strong burning sensation in my sinus cavities. So then I will get a mild infection. But when I use it, it is amazing. Sweet relief! The price is off-putting, at nearly $15.00, but it lasts me several months. And I have not had a severe sinus infection since I started using it.

Posted by Vince (Philadelphia) on 12/13/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Cayenne pepper has cured all the infections I have tried it on, even sinus or intestinal ones. Some people seem to be more sensitive whether on their skin or internally. I saw a guy on a travel show and ate hot peppers in Mexico, and 2 hrs later he said he was still burning.

Only problem that hot pepper gives me is that I will hiccup if it is too hot, or I eat too much at once. It must send my esophagus into spasms, but they don't last long and eating bread will stop them or the burning in my mouth. I was really concerned when I wanted to try it up my nose for completely blocked sinuses, but I was desperate, so I diluted it a Lot more than I would gargle with, and had the phone handy to call 911, to call the fire dept, to have them put a hose up my nose.)) I thought hard about the risks, but never heard any warnings, even for putting in the eyes for eye problems. It will burn, and I have gotten some in my eyes, but the burn doesn't last. Inhaling the dry, powdered pepper will make you sneeze like Never before.

Anyone worried about using hot pepper should do a search. There is a lot of info and products for sale, even for the sinuses. I even cured a urinary tract infection in 2 days. There I boiled the cayenne and salt which I always add to the mix, and think it helps, and it Tastes better.) I boiled the mix to get whatever does the curing, capsaicin, oils, or what, into solution, since I didn't think the pepper particles would get to or go through my bladder.

Whenever there is a problem whether infection or pain, just try to figure how to get the cayenne to the site, or even like the bronchial tubes. It will draw heat to the site, increasing blood flow and blood and the lymph fluid in us carries white cells, that does healing. They sell Mustard plasters that do the same things, and they have been around for ages. Vince F

Replied by Gary
Altamont, TN, USA
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Cayenne: I just found your site and am responding to a message from 2006 about cayenne for the sinus. I have chronic sinus problems, it got so bad once that I was desperate. I usually put 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a large glass of warm water and snuff it up my nose. Well, I added a pinch of cayenne to the saline. I snuffed it up my nose, and it burned for about two seconds, then the burning quickly subsided. Yes, it stopped what I suppose was a sinus infection. Any way I felt better for a long time. Gary

Inner Ear Infection  

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Posted by T (Brooklyn, NY) on 03/09/2009
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Cayenne Tamed Symptoms from Inner Ear Infection:

I have been suffering with an inner ear infection/disorder for the past six months - vestibular neuritis - and if you've ever had to deal with this or viral labyrinthitis then u know it is incredibly debilitating. I have brain fog, vertigo (my sense of movement/motion feels like I'm walking on a rocking boat all day), joint/muscle/nerve pain, weakened vision....and the list goes on. About 3 months ago, I started noticing how my heart was racing and that sometimes I'd experience this incredible head pressure (it felt like someone put a vice on my head!) - when I took my BP - my reading was 145/96! I'm only 30 and my pressure has never been this high. Well, I happened upon earthclinic one night and was amazed by all the testimonies from people praising how cayenne helped lower their pressure. Seeing as I've been trying everything under the clear blue sky to not only get rid of this devilish infection but bring my pressure back to normal - I tried the recommendation of 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water. Not knowing if it'd work - I was floored when I realized how immediate it did!! The head pressure went away almost instantly and my heart rate normalized! Before cayenne - BPM was 91 - after: BPM 73!! I will never stop this remedy!

Other benefits from drinking it initially at 2x/day - regular bowel movements, reduction in joint/muscle pain, ear congestion went away, vision got better (only slightly) and lymph node under my right jaw (right ear is infected) began to slowly shrink. Granted I take a lot of antioxidants so I don't know if the synergistic effect plays a role. Only thing now is - the infection is still there - I still suffer w/ the vertigo and am mainly managing my symptoms until I can get more conclusive answers. Last Ear doc I went to told me there was nothing he could do for me. How depressing.....any advice on how to get rid of this "thing"? A co-worker recommended colloidal silver. If I could just get my balance back........I'd be ecstatic!! Your thoughts are appreciated! Great site this is! :0)

Replied by Karen
Los Angeles, CA, USA

To: Better But Not Cured (and I'll add...yet!)

I'm not sure if this will help but I notice that when I use a Netti Pot with Sea Salt (must be sea salt, not regular salt) for my sinuses it opens up my ears as well. Also, at this site for cancer: one person wrote: "I've got a lump about the size of a quarter in the back of my neck. It's been there 2 years. It seems to be located at the bottom of my ear canal. I've been putting sodium bicarbonate mixed with water down my ear canal for a few days and the lump is shrinking. The doctors I went to wanted to cut it out and biopsy it. I said no thank you, I don't want it to spread. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. S. M." I've learned that are bodies need to be the proper pH. Perhaps this will help you. Good luck. Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful benefits of cayenne that I'm just learning about. :)

Replied by Anonymous

go to youtube and check out Epley maneuver for vertigo. would grapefruit seed extract help in the healing process? please don't use as ear drops!

wishing you well

Kidney Issues  

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Posted by Cheryl (Bakersfield, California) on 12/01/2009
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Kidney help

Years ago, in 1998 my son was sent home from the hospital, on a friday, after one week, with a very swollen abdomen and swelling in his ankles. He has had a disease called Nephrotic Syndrome since he was fifteen, and he was then twenty-four. At that time he had been hospitalized over forty times for this awful disease. This hospital that had had him for a patient for nearly ten years, lost his medical file! So my son told this new doctor that when he is in a swollen state that Lasix in pill form will not make him urinate. He told him that the only treatment that would get the fluid off of him at that point was lasix given intraveinously. Well, the doctor refused and kept on trying to give him pills. When I told the patient advocate about the problem the doctor sent my son home the next day with about two gallons of excess water still inside him. He was unable to urinate more than an inch of urine that contained blood and pus. Well, I made him a bed on my couch and tried to make him as comfortable as I could. I knew that it would be nearly impossible to find a kidney specialist
on the week-end. So I went in my bedroom and closed the door and laid across my bed and cried and cried. And then I remembered something I had read in a little book titled: '10 Top Herbs to cure big diseases' It said that cayenne pepper unblocks any blockage! So I thought to myself it is worth a try. I looked in my kitchen cabinet and I had it in my spices. I thought I would put some in soup, and then I told myself 'No' because that is just more liquid in him he doesn't need right now. So I dumped out some big capsules and filled up four or five of them. I gave them to my son and within a four hour period he urinated three long times! After that his pills kicked in and began working! He remained in remission for about eight years but it always flares up when he gets a cold or flu, or under to much stress.

I hope this helps.

Liquid Cayenne  

Posted by Jerry (Davis, Il) on 02/04/2013

I'm looking for liquid cayenne 250,000 heat units.

Replied by Peter
Los Angeles, Ca

American Botanical Pharmacy sells a cayenne tincture rated at 250,000 Heat Units. I've been taking it on and off for years.

Make Hot Sauce at Home  

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 07/30/2017

Hot Peppers, King of All Herbs

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,, some think I don't post about health, but I do, if you a savvy person. Most know that caspian in peppers is what makes them hot and the herb world go round. To pull the heat out in peppers you grow, you must add olive oil. Kinda like Wild Root Hair Cream Oil of my youth, a little dab will do you. I have made pepper sauce from almost all the peppers, but never have made fermented pepper sauce. That is my project for this year. We have lots of hot peppers in our garden...... jalapeño, habanero and tabasco.

Read a recent post.... bad mouthing hot peppers as causing all kinds of grief. Wanted to tell them to research a bit more, or just go to EC's archives and read what folks say from all over the world . When you buy processed pepper stuff, you have no clue. You can make it in your kitchen in a few hours and you know exactly what you have. Hey, and you don't have to have a garden. There is a reason lazy folks have more health problems than just the lack of exercise.

Told you, I was an IRON ASS. ======ORH========

Menstrual Issues  

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Posted by Victoria (Charleston, West Virginia) on 11/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was on the depo shot for a while and it messed me up bad, I was having my periods for 6 months straight no days off, then it went to having them every 2 weeks after i stopped and no doctor could help me, so my aunt told me to try Cayenne Pepper because she does the whole herb thing, and it completly stopped my period and after I took it 4 days later I got pregnant which was what I wanted because I couldnt stay off my period long enough to get pregnant...I love that stuff now it stopped it within 2 days

EC: More information about Lupron Depot here:


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Posted by Lisa (Newton, MA) on 10/18/2007
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Hi, I started to put a bit of Cayenne pepper, along with some lemon juice into my morning tea, as an immune booster, but, I must say, I have found that I have been in an extremely energetic and jovial mood. I had not noticed this until yesterday, my 3rd day doing this regimen---just thought I would share.

Replied by Autumn
5 out of 5 stars

I found the same thing by accident. I was feeling down and a little depressed. I was eating lunch, and put a little too much cayenne pepper on my lasagne (more than usual). After about 5 minutes, I was feeling so much better ! My depression just seem to "go away" and I had a jolt of sustained energy. By the way, I was drinking orange juice at the time. It is said that the folic acid in orange juice will enhance any mood enhancing (anti-depressant) substance. I definitely will be eating more cayenne pepper.

Replied by Bow Rain
Portland, Oregon
5 out of 5 stars

I've been having the same experience for about 10 days now. I started taking cayenne to help me knick some "under the weather" feelings that were going around the office. Coworkers were feverish, phlegmy, etc and I wanted no part of it. Goodness me, my mood has gone through the roof! I seriously went to journal today because I don't remember any of the things I was so upset about, ha. It's like the pattern of inconsistent moods has been completely interrupted... My mind just doesn't go there. I don't suffer from depression but I haven't felt this consistently jovial and energetic outside of times when I was working out every single day. It's fantastic and I feel so alert and even-keeled.

Multiple Cures  

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Posted by May (Orange) on 08/16/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with bleeding hemorrhoids for a few years, plus bleeding gums. I commenced taking Cayenne Pepper daily for Heart Arrhythmia -and over the course of a few months have noticed my gums are healthy and I no longer have bleeding hemorrhoids!!! I find taking Cayenne Pepper& Black strap Molasses has helped my heart significantly, not cured, but improved very much. I also use Ylang Ylang essential oil in a carrier oil & apply to my chest after taking a shower.

Posted by Everson11 (Mt) on 12/31/2015
5 out of 5 stars

This is my general post concerning my treating of almost all issues with cayenne, despite having a history of surviving 2 heart attacks by using cayenne, after reading the story of Dr. Christopher, and my Awakening tonight... I had an extreme bout of anxiety / agoraphobia for a stretch of a week, with combined almost fainting / vertigo for 3 weeks or more... This is what happened after my nap, the first real sleep in 3 days... I woke up after drinking a lot of beers (7) and felt great, no anxiety, still had head fog but no dizziness... Went to check the mail for the CBD spray, and had no "anxiety" or agoraphobia of being outside... I drove fine, albeit just to the mailboxes and back, but still, the previous 2 days were difficult to get that distance going to the store for beer

A couple of hours later, the anxiety started kicking in, so without the spray, I did what I had to and drank beer as fast as possible, which this time only increased the anxiety and brain fog / dizziness...

For the fun of it, I searched Earth Clinic for "Cayenne Dizziness"... Being that the dizziness and vertigo was triggering the massive panic attacks, I completely forgot that Cayenne treats the ENTIRE circulatory system, which obviously includes the brain, and Arrhythmia matches all the symptoms

I boiled water, added it to about 1/4 tsp of Cayenne and drank it...

The anxiety was gone within 45 seconds or so, and I cleared several paper towels worth of mucus, clearing my lungs... I had been planting my foot in the floor so hard when under these attacks, that I literally tore a gash in my new slippers... The foot pain was intense... It's GONE now, I can feel it warm, but no pain

When I cut my finger deep and healed it with Cayenne, Adrenaline kicked in, and I ignored that it was helping the anxiety and lungs completely... Same thing with the Heart Attacks... I was hitting the prime target for the Cayenne, and ignoring the other benefits...

I guess I would have known on both occasions if I couldn't breathe, but I'm sure I could perfectly, so I had NO IDEA until now that Cayenne takes care of the lungs as well...

There is surely some adrenaline involved now because I'm able to see and concentrate etc, and it will take more experiments to figure it out, but I'm going to drink a cup every morning... Everybody should, it costs about 2 cents.

Replied by Janet S.

UR stories r awesome but could u also b a little bit more descriptive as far as amounts of like water to the ingredients, please.

Replied by Andy
Colo Sprgs

Janet, I see you are looking for a specific measured amount. I will tell you I literally just finished off a cup of my Cayenne pepper mix. I like things strong so I mix 1 cup of boiling water and a teaspoon of Cayenne with a chicken bouillon cube for taste. I know the cube isn't the healthiest but I can't bring myself to drink tea, honey and cayenne. You may want a 1/2 teaspoon.

When I first started using cayenne I would do a tablespoon, this was way too much! I use this mix for sinus problems and sore throats. It is amazingly fast. In a matter of 10-15 minutes a sore throat subsides to almost nothing. I drank it for the first time today for what I think is a migraine after looking up the remedy on here. I am very surprised, I can report now that after 10 minutes my headache is a dull throb. I actually was in such pain this morning that I was vomiting. I will take some more in about an hour or two to help knock it the rest of the way out.

Hope this helps.

Posted by Silent Prayer Herbal Center (Jamaica W.i.) on 11/23/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Cayenne Pepper is a wonderful spice, it's not only great for sinus problems

It helps to protect the heart, it has the ability to stop a heart attack or stroke instantly. this is personal experience that a friend whom I introduced Cayenne pepper to had with her older sister.

This is the experience.

One morning at the breakfast table she noticed her sister stuttering and, in a few seconds she saw her face sort of twisting one of the indication of a stroke or heart attack, she immediately ran and got some cayenne pepper put it in her mouth and in a minute or so her sister was back to normal.

She then took her to the doctor only to find out that she suffered a stroke and if it had not been for the application of Cayenne Pepper she might have died or suffered permanent brain damage.

Cayenne Pepper is also one of the best spice for weight loss, in fact this is Beyonce's favorite. It helps to reduce weight while protecting the heart.

Cayenne Pepper works real well for Arthritis: Poor circulation, High Blood pressure and more.

I have been using Cayenne Pepper for years and I can testify to the wonderful healing properties of Cayenne Pepper.

Just a few days ago I feel my head start hurting, I remembered that the Capsaicin in cayenne Pepper is good for pain, I just ran for the Cayenne Pepper placed some under my tongue and in a few minutes the pain was gone.

Cayenne Pepper is awesome, but since it also takes out toxin from the system as well hot, one must drink plenty water so as not to cause kidney damage.

Just use natural herbs and spices wisely and you'll be OK.

Replied by Becky
San Diego, CA

I just read this marvelous remedy for cayenne. .For those interested put "cayenne remedies" in the EC search box. You'll be amazed and maybe find a cure.

Replied by Donna
Santa Monica, CA

Becky, I checked out your recommendation for cayenne on Earth Clinic's remedies. Amazing! Who knew there were so many applications for cayenne and it was so good for ones heart.The testimonial by Dr. Christopher is eye opening. Thank you.

Posted by Robert (Ontario) on 08/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I took a big teaspoon of ceyenne pepper in water once daily for two days for heart palpitations. It cured my acid problem. I can now enjoy green onions again. I must have picked up a parasite in Central or South America or Dominican Republic.

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

You don't have to go to South America to pickup a parasite. Salmonella, E-coli, c-difficile are very common and prevalent in Ontario, Canada. If you just walking inside the kitchen of any restaurant or food court you can see how they maintain. Also, foods are cooked and served for more than 4 days.

Hope you heard the news about epic burger contamination in Toronto:

Parasites are everywhere.

Good Health

Posted by Ray (Blairsville, Ga.) on 01/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I did a good bit of research on the Cayenne treatments before getting it for myself and told my wife about it and she trusted me enough to say she would give it a try also. Listen up folks, she is 73 on blood pressure medicine and arthritis pain pills for lower back pain which got so bad she would sit on the couch to watch tv and use a heating pad. The pain was so bad sometimes after being on her feet for awhile she would go to tears and it seemed to take hours for the pain pills to work. I told her not to take the blood pressure medicine while trying this because it may be unsafe. Within 24 hours the pain was gone with no pills, her blood pressure which was causing her bad headaches every afternoon is still as good as it was with the medicine and no headaches. She has lost 11 pounds in just over a week her energy level us up also.

She has had stomach problems all her life and hasn't needed any anacids since she started on the treatment just a little burning in her throat which was expect from it and she takes another drink of water and it goes away. She sleeps great and gets plenty of exercise going to the bathroom from all the water she drinks. Folks she has motion sickness and yesterday she forgot to take her pills before we took a trip from Ga. To Kentucky to visit relatives on winding mountains roads part way and didn't have a single problem even though she normally throws up and gets sick to the point sometimes of throwing up foam when her stomach gets empty. We are on well water where we live but I have read how bad flouride is for you since it's toxic, look on the back of your tooth paste it says if swallowed go to the emergency room so if it's in your water what do you think. Use room temperature spring water atleast, I can't tell you how much better she has gotten in just a week. Ray

Posted by Sunita (Santa Cruz, California) on 10/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My dad used to mix 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper in home-made buttermilk, drink it after meals everyday as long as I can remember. He said he was cured of peptic ulcer, ringing in ears, indigestion, gas problems and something else I forgot. He died a healthy 67 yr old from an auto accident. I have been sprinkling it on my food every day for about a year now and have had no colds. When I stopped for a few weeks while traveling I had terrible problem with swollen feet so I noticed as soon as I began taking the CP swelling was gone. An 86 yr old friend of mine swears by it for candida, circulation, eczema and her good vision. She has taken capsules for past 20 yrs. I have taken turmeric with warm milk for acid reflux and it has worked wonders.

Replied by Helpyourself
Houston, Texas, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

I will try to clear up the confusion about Tabasco or cayenne pepper drops. Tabasco only has three ingredients: distilled vinegar, red pepper and salt. Other brands have many things added, don't like preservatives etc. Tabasco website lists cayenne pepper as the red pepper. I have tried others and the effect is not the same.

Again, the recipe is 20 drops of Tabasco in 4 oz. of water, a couple times a week, taper off and use as needed. Benefits are numerous.