Cayenne Cures and Health Benefits Revealed


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Posted by Sharon (Boston, MA) on 11/06/2007
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I just discovered that ACV, baking soda, and cayenne produces an almost instantaneous state of euphoria! I have been taking acv for years, more recently acv and baking soda, but never with the cayenne. I always felt very energized from acv, but didn't feel like it was adjusting my brain chemistry. This remedy does. This is going to sound strange, but it makes me feel closer to God. I don't know how else to explain the sensation.

This is what I do:
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar,
1/8th teaspoon of baking soda and
5 shakes of cayenne pepper
in a glass of hot water.

Be careful not to stand too close to the glass after adding the cayenne or you will inhale it, especially once those acv and baking soda bubbles get activated. Sip slowly, stirring the cayenne every so often. When the drink cools down, add more hot water. Drink on an empty stomach, if possible. I usually take it in the late afternoon, when I am feeling sleepy.

I hope others will try it to and let me know if they are experiencing the same results. It might also be a very effective PMS remedy, I don't know. Will send an update later on in the month!


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Posted by Kyle (kyle32085/@/ on 03/26/2007
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Hi I just wanted to tell people two great ways to avoid frostbite in such cold conditions. I have found that putting cayenne powder or pepper in your shoes or socks can help prevent frostbite and warm up your feet. Also I have found that aloe heals the burning faster.

General Feedback  

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Posted by John1974 (N. Ireland) on 03/04/2015 38 posts

hi everyone. I just bought some cayenne pepper and I am looking to start using it but not quite sure of the amount to take and what to take it with?

I was also told that it is very good for clearing the arteries? and its good for over all health. Any info would be great. thanks

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear John 1974,

Did you buy cayenne powder? One thing you can do is just put some in a pepper shaker and add it to food. Over time you will increase your tolerance and be able to add more.

Another option is to add 1/4 teaspoon to some juice (4-6 ounces) once or twice a day. I use a straw when I drink this otherwise the cayenne can burn the lips.

Cayenne is awesome to have on hand for a sore throat. If used at the beginning of a sore throat (or cold that begins with a sore throat) gargling with it every few hours for a day or two will often knock out the infection. It also helps a lot with the pain. I add 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne and 1/4 teaspoon salt to 4 ounces of water and gargle. (Put some chap stick or something on your lips before gargling to avoid burning the lips.) It is super spicy but wow, it works so well.

Cayenne is also awesome if you get a cut that won't stop bleeding. After cleaning the wound you can pack it with cayenne. A friend did this with a bad cut and went to the hospital to get stitches. The ER doctor wanted to know how they got such a bad cut to stop bleeding! It stings at first but that does not last and often helps with the pain.

And yes, cayenne is great for the circulatory system and for the heart. When my husband would have arrhythmia problems, he would take a couple of capsules of cayenne, hawthorne and ginger and it would always help.

Cayenne will also help to warm you up. You can take it in juice when you are cold.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by John1974
N. Ireland
38 posts

Thanks mama for your lovely reply. Yeah I got myself some and I have put some of the powder into capsules. I've been taking it for 4 days now. Heart condition runs in our side of the family and I'm trying to avoid such illnesses.

Posted by Brendan (Thailand) on 10/17/2014

Would appreciate if someone could clarify if any chili pepper would do as well as cayenne or does it need to be cayenne in particular? Thanks

Replied by Joy

Hi Brendan re. Cayenne pepper.This is available all over Thailand and I buy mine dried in the markets or in Makro Tesco and most stores; hope this helps as chilli is ok but not quite the same as the lovely red large cayenne.

Replied by Raniya
Ny, US

No, they are completely 2 different things

Posted by Mellisa (Madison Wi) on 08/24/2014
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My experience with cayenne in my twenties at 6 capsules per day was that my veins started protruding out of my arms it looked as if I was a body builder even though I had no excercise regimen. My complexion skin color went from a white to a more cinnamon tone. My eyes looked much brighter. I'm taking the same amount 6 capsules per day in my fifties now for a chi blockage. Diagnosed by an acupuncturist. The acupuncturist did not prescribe cayenne. I'm taking it because I crave hot spicy foods and think that's just what my body probably needs.

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 05/06/2013

I always use the stuff from the spice isle at the supermarket. Otherwise you could grow some in pots.

Posted by Mtusa007 (Missoula, Mt Usa) on 11/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I read where everyone is mixing with drinks etc, trying to kill the heat and taste or taking pills. I just cover my food with cayenne and love it. You get used to the heat very quickly and I use it at every meal, at least a teaspoon if not tablespoon, it's great in latte, red beer etc. If anything I over use it but I feel great, I always have a shaker of this pepper handy in my car, my suitcase, at work and camping.

Posted by Walter (Beeville, Texas) on 10/17/2011

The last 4 times I took 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a cup of warm water I vomited 3 times and one time I did not vomit. Why? Walter

Replied by Nicole
Melbourne, Australia

Hi Walter, The same thing happened to me today I took 1/4 teaspoon with a glass of water and felt like I was about to vomit so I quickly ran and got a glass of water and the feeling soon went away. Perhaps the cayenne pepper is too strong for our bodies, everyone is diferent and I am a new to eating hot spicey food so if you're the same then I guess that's why it's happening. I'm going to post and ask a few questions and hopefully someone will give us an answer soon enough and good luck.

Posted by Virgil (Nashville, Tennessee) on 08/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking two capsule of Cayenne pepper which I prepare myself. A day for 6 months, I usally eat a bowl of noodles to keep the stomach from burning, The only side affects I have noticed is a hot sweating feeling, sometimes my lips burn a little, I am 69 years old and work every day, I feel much younger.

Posted by Michelle (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 08/20/2011
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I know that the cayanne can be upsetting to those who first take it.... But read the book left for dead by dick Quinn and it is amazing the results..... Ive taken it as a suppliment for years and once I took 2 pills 180 heat units and it dilated every thing so much that I had to lie on the bed and felt sick so thats not what I ever did again... Take a pill with food and you will feel a warmth come over you but not any discomfort.

Replied by Cayenne1

HI Michelle. I highly recommend taking the Cayenne Pepper in Water rather than the pills, as the pills dissolve in your stomach, causing stomach upset. If you take it with warm water, it goes right to the heart with NO stomach upset.

Posted by Kelly (Cinti , Ohio) on 02/16/2011

Hello everyone,
I would like to hear some feedback concerning using reg cayenne from the grocery store for medicine . I tried some of what I had and it was as hot as a firecracker! So, has anyone used the grocery store kind in the large container like chefs use, with a good outcome. THANKS!

Replied by Blanche
Iberia Parish, Louisiana, Usa

Well, yes, cayenne IS very hot. The grocery store cayenne is fine. In fact, I find it is sometimes fresher than the prepacked capsules. A bright red color is good. Just don't get it into your eyes or even under your fingernails. And you may want to try a very small amount at first. Hope it works for you.

Replied by William
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Hi Kelly,
Don't use cayenne pepper from a grocery store. Odds are it has been irradiated to kill bacteria, etc. Then it is useless... Except as a spice. All the nutrition has been destroyed, like when you microwave food... Most of the value in the food is destroyed. You need to buy organic cayenne pepper. Check out this site, it will be very helpful:

Good Luck, William

Replied by Cayenne619
San Diego, Ca, San Diego
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I been using brand from Smart & Final. Which is a deep dark red cayenne 2 to 3 times a day for 4 years. My goals is not only for health benefits but to block the sciatic pain used to have from (shoulder & hip) old dislocations. The reason writing this is April 17, 2012 was involved in an electric skateboard accident. I am 48 years old and was not wearing a helmet. I hit my head at 24 mph. I hit my head 2 more times while trying to stabilize myself before EMT arrived. Yes, I know not very bright without a helmet. The hospital did a CT Scan there was no blood on the brain. I received 5 stitches in eyebrow, sprain my wrist and took a layer skin off my shoulder underneath my shirt. My shoulder healed in 2 weeks complete with a new tan, my wrist healed in 5 weeks, you can't even see the stitches in my eyebrow. I didn't even get a black eye at all. I had a little dizziness for about my last 3 weeks with nausea and feeling of wanting to vomit. I upped my dosage of cayenne along with 2 plain aspirin twice a day. Today, 5 weeks later had a severe headache located on the lower back part of my head that lasted 2 to 3 minutes. Afterwards my dizziness had completely vanished. I feel 99% healed from my post concussion accident in 5 weeks. I believe it was cayenne powder for my speedy recovery for my traumatic state.

Replied by Blwalk75
Dallas, Tx

Hello and thanks for that remarkable story, glad for your recovery results. Please tell me how you took the cayenne 2 to 3 times a day. Thanks!

Posted by Blanche (Iberia Parish, Louisiana, Usa) on 02/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

This pepper is easily grown from seed where the weather is warm. I grow my own.

When it is a bright red color, I pick it from the plant, then, wearing gloves, I cut it open to scrape out the seeds. Then slice the pepper in thin slices and dry on paper towels. In less than a week, they are completely dry and can be stored in a jar. Then whenever I want to add it to whatever hot drink I am making, I just add a half teaspoon or so and let it steep a few minutes. You may like to use more or less. I like this better because I get the essence of the pepper without choking on the dried grounds.

Posted by Sunrose (North Hollywood, Ca) on 09/13/2010

I would say absolutely YES on cayenne. Having worked for Dr. Richard Schulze, he uses cayenne in most every tonic, including his Deep Tissue Oil. You can buy cayenne in bulk (the hotter the better) and add to an oil base.

Heart Attack Recovery  

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Posted by Paul (Swatara, Minnesota) on 04/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had a heart attack on 1/27/2008 in the early hours which is typical as is having a stroke or heart attack in cold climates more often. I woke up soaking wet with pain in my chest and left wrist, it didn't take long to realize what was going on. I got online and checked in here to see what other people did for a heart attack and found cayenne was the key.

So I took a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of room temp. Water (use warm water if you can) and around 5 minutes later I took it again. I then went and took a shower, got dressed and woke my wife up about 3 hours after I woke up. We then drove to the hospital where I got my only helicopter ride, they were acting like it was a big deal and time was of the essence but I felt otherwise. Anyway after a week in the hospital I realized I could of just stayed home. I had no surgery, no stents put in and am on no drugs for proffit. We take vitamins, fish oil, iodine/iodide, use full spectrum salt and eat organic whenever possible. I have never suffered from one episode of angina either. I also had low cholesteral which most heart attack victims have so DO NOT buy into you needing statins, they put me on them for three days till I got home and threw them in the trash. They will damage your body and not help you live one day longer.

God bless you all

paulbren20009 at yahoo dot com

Heart Issues  

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Posted by Tiger Dunn (Jandowae Qld, Australia) on 12/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Heart attack relief with Cayenne Pepper:

The thirty second cure from the symptoms of a heart attack coming on: One level teaspoon full of cayenne pepper into a glass of hot water and stir well. when cool enough drink down and wait for some relief if symptions persist have another glass of cayenne pepper the gap should be 15 minutes. If you are not near a doctor or help this will help stimulate the system.

Replied by Mark
Newton Abbot, Devon Uk
1 out of 5 stars


CAYENNE PEPPER WARNING- My 80 year old father in law recently had neck surgery to replace 2 discs that had trapped his nerves, he was becoming paralysed, he lost his bladder control and had to have a bag and catheter fitted, on removal the doc notice that his prostrate was hard and enlarged, We recommended that he start on cayenne pepper slowly and build up over a few weeks, the hope is that pepper should improve his blood circulation which will help his nerves heal quicker as well as de-clog his prostrate that was probably blocked from the catheter and poor flow, well he loves curry and all things hot so took quite a lot from the start, after 10 days or so my wife received a phone call from her mother saying her father had had a stroke! He was ok but it had set his recovery back (from nerve damage) a few weeks, when I quizzed him about the pepper he confessed to liking it and taking a lot more than suggested, (more than tsp. 2 x daily) he just can't taste it like most do! It was a pretty hot one too, not a cheap store bought.

Any how, he has had 2 heart attacks and a quadruple bypass many , many years ago ( even though he is has never smoked and was a keen athlete! ) I suspect he is a little clogged up and the pepper acted to unblock him just a little too quickly removing all sorts of nasty stuff from his arteries and possible causing the stroke? he has resumed the pepper but at a pinch daily with the aim of increasing slowly over the weeks, fingers crossed this time, ironically cayenne is touted to stop strokes!

The lesson here is if you are just starting on cayenne pepper don't take the whole jar in one go! Build up slowly- its powerful stuff!

Replied by Kathy
Ontario, Nv

The same thing happened to my mother in law. I gave her tea with 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper and ACV and 15 minutes later she had a stroke! She is OK now but I felt and still do feel very badly.

Replied by Mark
Newton Abbot, Devon, Uk

Just a quick update with regards my father in law who had the stroke after starting on cayenne pepper (originally the ambulance staff suggested a stroke)

A week or so after my first warning post my father in law had another stroke/funny turn!, but according to the attending Dr he only fainted (on both occasions) and did not have a stroke, it makes me think the pepper lowered his already normal blood pressure even more or at the very least caused some form of extreme light headedness, this happened upon waking in the morning on both occasions. Anyhow he is recovering pretty well all things considered, he still takes a little pepper daily and he can now walk again, albeit a little wobbly.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippinesla Union

Hi Mark... Your father fainted probably because of the low blood pressure caused by the cayenne.