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Posted by Amelia (Limerick, Ireland) on 02/06/2011
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I take Cayenne pepper in a small amount of cold water then drink warm water. I then take a spoonful of Honey. The burning is gone in half a minute.

Posted by Frank (Charlotte, Nc) on 08/27/2010
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Dr. Christopher says that you should use warm water when taking cayenne because the warm water opens your system up and allows the cayenne to get into your system faster than using cold water. I took cayenne capsules several years ago and quit. Because of type 2 diabetes, my feet had become numb and I have pain and burning to the point that I had to stop my 30 minute daily walks.

I started taking cayenne (1 teaspoon in 8oz warm water three times a day) about two weeks ago for my heart and high blood pressure. To my surpise after 3 days of the cayenne, I suddenly noticed that my feet didn't hurt like they had before. After almost two weeks, I am just about completely free of pain and numbness. I am actually wearing shoes today that I could not walk in a month ago. I read today that cayenne will kill prostate cancer cells. Is there anything this herb won't do? I plan to make my cayenne regimen a part of my daily life from now on.

Posted by Cristy (Dallas, Tx) on 07/07/2010

I have had much success with taking two teaspoons of cayenne pepper in a small cup of juice or beer (beer works really well--just about 3 ounces of it! ) but I have had unbearably bad side effects with cayenne *capsules*. About 15-20 minutes after taking the capsules I get terrible, sharp stomach pains, cramps, and gas that last for a good 30 minutes and have me doubled over in pain. It feels like I swallowed a bomb! I have read that cayenne should always be taken straight because digestion begins in the mouth, and the sharp spicy taste prepares the stomach to receive the pepper. For those fearful of the spicy taste, I vouch that I have a low "spicy-tolerance" and that when shooting the cayenne in a couple of ounces of liquid, the spiciness only lasts for 20-30 seconds and disappears completely. Not at all that lingering, intolerable burning we all know from eating Mexican food! Plus, drinking it straight gives you a pleasant head-rush and wave of energy. Cheers!

Replied by Kim
Houston, Tx

Cristy, you crack me up with your 3 oz of beer! From one Texas chick to another - YOU GO GIRL!!!

Replied by Teelight

Cristy I got the same exact reaction also after swallowing the cayenne capsules. 15min after taking, I started sweating buckets (yay! That part's ok) and debilitating stomach pain (not ok -- at all). But the episode passed after about 10 min. I came on here looking for answers and it makes sense that digestion begins in the mouth and our stomachs need a warning signal for spicy substances. No more hiding the cayenne in capsules, I shall open them up and dissolve in water. This makes much more sense, and seems to be the solution, thanks a bunch.

Posted by Wanda (Memphis, Tn) on 07/02/2010
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Cayenne Pepper suggestion: I started using cayenne for weight loss but love the way I immediately feel energized when I take it. I like covering it with cottage cheese but have stumbled across another way to take them by making my own cayenne pills. I bought empty Gelatin Capsules at a health food store and filled them with cayenne. The easiest way I found was to line up capsules on painters tape then, put another piece of painters tape on top of the capsules. This will keep them straight but you can fold them. Hold them over a pyrex dish and pour the cayenne all over them. You can tap them down several times and pour more until they are full. It's pretty easy to get the tops of the capsules on and beats trying to fill one at a time. Watch out for breathing the dust. You might want to use gloves or just be careful to keep your hands washed between working with the capsules.

Posted by Cecilia (Atlanta, Georgia ) on 03/06/2009
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In order to avoid severe coughing while gargling with cayenne pepper (red pepper) in tempered water you need to breath deeply, hold your breath, take a sip of cayenne pepper, gargle, spit the mix and breath normal.

Gargling this way you avoid breathing through your mouth when you are sipping the mix and the dry cayenne powder doesn't get into your through.

Also, when the throat and larynx are irritated it is better not to swallow a lot of the mix so just swallow what is left in your spit after spitting the mix. It has worked wonderfully for me!

Posted by Muddythewater (Vancouver, Canada) on 04/01/2008
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I have been experimenting with the ingestion of cayenne pepper. So far I have found that the easiest way is to have a drink shaker and a to ounce shot glass.

Add 1 Tbl spoon of Cayenne (maybe slightly less if just starting)
Add 1 Tbl spoon Liquid honey
Lemon juice to taste
4 - 5 ounces water

Shake for at least a minute.
This makes 2, 2 ounce shots.
you can have a glass of water or juice for a kicker, but the honey and lemon really kill the initial taste and shaking it up turns it into'more of a juice floaty spice in water that looks strange. I havent been doing this for long but I feel that the supposed health benefits outweigh the flavor factor.

Good luck! Tips and feedback would be nice.

Posted by Belina (Merida, Yucatan, Mexico) on 03/12/2008

I've read about people having problems with Cayenne, Habanero or other "hot" chilies or sauces and as a Chef who specializes in Mexican fare, plus I now live in Mexico too, I can give you a very easy and efficient remedy to ease the burning from peppers. Also, it doesn't matter if the burning is in your mouth, lips, face (from touching it with your hands after handling peppers) or hands, it works:

Put a little salt on the palm of your left hand, wet the tip of your right index finger in your mouth slightly and dip it in the salt and place it UNDER your tongue (sublingual) in the tender area on your jaw and not ON the underside of the tongue. Relief is very quick, easy to do, you can do it anywhere (like a restaurant) and works for everyone plus you can find salt everywhere.

Posted by Nina (San Diego, CA) on 03/07/2008

Cayenne pepper works, but in order to ease the hotness, I just use orange juice. Put an 1/8 of a teaspoon in a glass of orange juice, and drink it. Make sure the oj has pulp in it, the cayenne will bond to the pulp, and it won't burn your mouth at all! I have been using this method for years. And DON'T use milk to "ease the hotness" when you're sick- avoid dairy products.

Replied by Anna
Philadelphia, PA, us
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Twice a day I drink oj with pulp with 1 tbsp of acv and 1 tsp of powdered ginger (makes me feel and look great!)- I use straw so my mouth is not burnt at all - I feel it only at the back of it. Yesterday I got cayenne pepper (to increase my circulation) and came here to find hows and how much. Thanks to your post I decided just to add it to my drink! Half teaspoon, in the begining anyway.

Replied by Anna
Philadelphia, PA
5 out of 5 stars

it works great that way! I feel so warm and full of energy! (But it may be SPRING not a drink...)

Posted by Brittany (Lake Wylie, South Carolina) on 03/02/2008

I actually haven't tried the cayenne pepper yet, but am sure it will work. I'm more concerned with what people are using to take the heat away afterwards... You should use sugar. It absorbs the heat. Bread probably works too, but not as much. Milk, just like water, spreads it around even more and will probably upset your stomach, especially if you try lemon with any of the remedies. So bottom line, use sugar not milk or water.

Posted by Blue1965 (Stafford, Virginia) on 12/28/2007

To remove the burning from your mouth after using cayenne pepper or chilli pepper,take a slice of bread and push it down on your tongue & the roof of your mouth.The pepper grounds stick to the bread and come right off the skin inside of the mouth.You might have to move the bread around to get it all but it stops the burning.

Cayenne Vs. Chili Peppers  

Posted by Mkb (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 01/04/2010

Hi.we in Malayia take lots of chilly and there is so many varieties of it.The hottest chilly is the small green chilly we name it"Chilly Padi",this chilly really knock you off. My question is does all this chilly come into the Cayenne pepper group and can Tabasco be categorize as cayenne pepper,Gnc in Malaysia does not sells capsule Cayenne pepper,so i normally purchase organic Chilly powder for my cayenne dosage.Ted please enlighten me on this issue

Replied by Blanche
New Iberia, Louisiana

I'm not Ted, I hope it's OK to post an answer.Where I live we grow a lot of hot peppers, even in our home gardens. The tabasco pepper is a very small pepper, used commercially to make Tabasco sauce. The cayenne that we grow is larger (up to about 6 inches long. The cayenne is used mainly to make ground red pepper for seasoning. It is the one used in Cajun seasoning, and is used to season just about all our food before cooking.

Wikipedia states that the cayenne is related to the jalapenos, the bell peppers, and other peppers.

It is possible that any of the hot peppers that is grown wherever one lives will work as well as cayenne pepper. I would certainly try whatever I had on hand if I were you. (And let us know.)

Chest Pain  

Posted by Nashirah (Mahboula, Kuwait) on 04/27/2007

Cayenne Pepper is a real cure for pains on the chest. Each time I get the tired pains that spread across my chest into my neck, jaw and shoulders I immediately head for the Cayenne Pepper, take 1 teaspoon in any liquid preferably in juice or milk. It instantly feeds the heart muscle of Vit C. I would honestly recommend this to heart sufferers. It works for me and should for you! Thanks to Earth Clinic for all their advice and remedies. God bless you all!


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Posted by Joshua (Mccleary, Wa, Usa) on 10/08/2009
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I first read about cayenne pepper online and have been using for about 3 months daily. I take 2 capsules of 100,000 heat unit 3 times daily. I have had tingly dry feelings in my head and extremities for years and nothing had worked. CAYENNE PEPPER HAS HEALED ALL OF MY SKIN PROBLEMS. All of the lotions and water in the world did nothing. The problem was circulation, that's why I was suffering in my extremities. I have been taking vitamins, herbs and eating right and exercising for 15 years, and by far cayenne is the most beneficial. I get an unbelievable energy rush, better than drugs becuase the side effect is better health, not the destruction of your body like drugs. Also I have replaced most of my water consumption with green tea, for some reason water does not work nearly as good for me to hydrate. I have read a lot of remedies on this website, but felt like I had to tell people about cayenne. Cayenne is not a folk remedy, IT IS A CURE!!! It has not changed my life, it has saved it. I had a debilitating problem for 15 years and it is completely gone, please try!!

Posted by Ted (Bangkok) 384 posts

While ginger seems to restore energy in most cases, however I find capsicum powder (cayenne peppers) mixed with fresh ginger works the best as it helps with circulation. Especially works well if you are drowsy and raises oxygen level to those tiny capillaries which receives little or no blood flow. If you can find them, fresh ginger and fresh cayenne peppers (fine chopped) work the best due to higher bioflavanoid, vitamin P content, as well as vitamin C, etc.

When I need a good good circulation, I just eat the ginger, then the fresh cayenne peppers. The ratio is 50:50. Of course, I don't expect anyone will do that, so just try getting a mortar and pestle and mix the fresh cayenne peppers and ginger. Try 1/4-1/2 teaspoon for each. Then either mix them in lemon and honey. I can't be too specific about the recipes. It depends on how well you can tolerate the hot taste of peppers. Fresh peppers worked the best. If you find this too hard for the stomach, just take Vitamin B3, Niacin. That will get you on skin flushing and it works also, but differently. Cayenne peppers are more powerful and for the heart. While Niacin seems to be active on small capillary circulation on the skin. Niacin seems to reduce cholesterol and helps repair damage tissues (such as gum disease and heart circulation also).

Clogged Ears  

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Posted by Jonny (Drogheda, Ireland) on 01/12/2010
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Cayenne Pepper for clogged ear

Hi, recently I was experimenting on ways to get rid of an allergy so I tried snorting cayenne pepper up my nose to see if that works, I did this yesterday so im not sure yet however today when I was exercising at the gym I felt my right ear slowly popping and could start to feel the air coming freely through my ear! It had been clogged up for months and finally it feels so good! I use to use the eardrops the doctor gave me but they didnt work so I just left it alone and forgot about it. I reckon it was the cayenne because I only snorted through my right nostril and only my right ear freed up.