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 Re: How to Bring Platelet Count Down Naturally

Tue, 23 Oct 18 18:01:47 -0700
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/23/2018

Hi Martha, the first thing that came up was raw garlic, other suggestions gingko baloba, ginseng, pomegranate, Omega 3s, see

Epsom salts baths might help with the quick out of place anger, also check out EC's anger pages.

Crushed Papaya Seeds for Parasites

Tue, 23 Oct 18 13:43:13 -0700
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/23/2018
5 out of 5 stars

When first I read of papaya seeds for parasites, I swallowed them whole, from one whole fruit, to no effect. I also ate the flesh. Well actually my BM was easier, but I could see many of those large round seeds clearly. More recently I purchased another papaya, this time I crunched up the seeds from the whole fruit (bitter, and very peppery) and I did notice my stool had a fleshy thing attached. I was surprised at this because I had been taking a parasite guard liquid extract of wormwood, cloves, black walnut. With no sighting. I will now be making my own papaya seed tincture with Apple Cider Vinegar as I know this works for me. I have digestion issues, I believe my stomach was not able to open up the whole seeds. If digestion is optimal, then may be able to swallow whole and get benefit. A note, when I was taking the wormwood mix the instructions said to take three times a day, I sometimes also put this in enteric coated capsules for direct intestinal impact. I did not get the results I saw with the one concentrated dose of papaya, and I was not expecting any because of the wormwood. Also, I should have started with a teaspoon of seeds and built up slowly, but because I had been following anti candida diet of no sugar, fruit or carbs, I believed my parasites starved and weakened, and envisioned no herx, or healing crisis, nor was there one.

 Re: ACV Safe for Viral Conjunctivitis After Cataract Surgery?

Tue, 23 Oct 18 13:41:02 -0700
Posted by Teena (Melbourne Australia) on 10/23/2018

Hi Dallas, I found this natural yet pharmaceutical eye drops including honey.

Your eye doc should be more accepting because it is pharma based. And if he accepted this I would be ok with putting raw diluted antibacterial honey in my eyes, as per the comments of

Hope this information helps you

  Re: Honey for Healing of Wound With Grit

Tue, 23 Oct 18 13:39:48 -0700
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/23/2018

Update on using honey for wound, no scar.

  Re: Worried About Grandson

Tue, 23 Oct 18 13:39:28 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 10/23/2018

Dear Marsh,

Such happy news! Thank you for sharing! Your good report brings tears to my eyes. You have persevered on a long road with him. What a blessed grandson you have.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Massage Causing Anxiety and Stress Attack for Multiple People

Tue, 23 Oct 18 13:39:08 -0700
Posted by Melissa (Ms) on 10/23/2018

My guess is the massage caused some detoxing. Lymphatic ..

  Re: Candida Questions for Bill Thompson

Tue, 23 Oct 18 09:40:23 -0700
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 10/23/2018

Hi Becky...If you have a fungal infection in the ear then this could just be an external symptom of systemic candida(infecting your blood). So you should continue with the anti-candida protocol.

You could also perhaps try using 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Fill a dropper with 1% HP and squirt it carefully and slowly into the infected ear. Tip your head and massage around the ear lightly and allow the HP to go deep into your ear passages. And yes, it will tickle and fizz which is proof enough that HP is killing the pathogens in your ear. If you can, keep the HP in your ear until the fizzing greatly reduces or stops. When you're finished just tip the HP out of your ear into the sink. You should use this protocol for both ears -- at least once a day until the infection disappears.

You should not really eat sweet fruit or honey of you have candida. Most sweet fruits contain fructose which is a favourite food for candida and other pathogens. So you should really try to avoid avoid sugar, carbohydrates and fruits as best you can if you have systemic candida issues.

You are also right -- I did eat fruit in the beginning when I took my protocol but eventually gave it up to good effect. Don't forget that was over 11 years ago -- I know a heck of alot more about candida now than I did all those years ago.

I must also admit that I do eat fruit now for breakfast depending on seasonal availability -- sometimes yellow mango or carabao mango, native pineapple (not Del Monte), pomelo (grandfather of the grapefruit), dalandan (small, sour native orange), rambutan (a bit like lychees), apple, lanzones, soursop (like graviola), grapes, calamansi (like small lime -- used in hot or cold sour drinks and dips), mangosteen, tamarind fruit(unprocessed), coconut water. Always fresh and never in excess.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Headache

Tue, 23 Oct 18 09:38:08 -0700
Posted by Katy (New York) on 10/23/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Well as I work at computer all day I tend to deal with neck and shoulder/upper back tension. I'm working on that but in the meantime I often get tension headaches. I woke up with one this morning and was determined to not take anything. (I'd been getting 1 or 2 a month due to Menopause off and on also and just wasn't willing to take anything just yet).

So thinking I know everything lol I've been suffering through it all morning and now it's lunch time. I decided to come on Earth Clinic and look up headaches. Well! Since I keep a smaller bottle of ACV on my desk to keep UTI's away if needed I saw the high rating for ACV for headaches.

Nothing to lose so I took a cap-full in about 3oz of water and followed it with a bit more water. OH MY - honestly I don't think it was even 20 minutes. Headache GONE. I may take another dose in a bit just because.

Granted I still have back tension that I need to at least do some stretching for -but that nagging uncomfortable headache is gone. Thanks everyone here and mother nature for providing yet again! :) :)

 Re: Group B Strep in Non-Pregnant Woman

Tue, 23 Oct 18 09:33:33 -0700
Posted by Kat (Santa Maria) on 10/23/2018

What remedies can I use to treat group B strep in the bladder? I’m not pregnant. thank U

  Re: Bill Thompson's Candida Diet Protocol

Tue, 23 Oct 18 04:30:20 -0700
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 10/23/2018

Hi Sidney...Regarding your question -- how long do you have to stay on the anti-candida protocol -- my answer is always as long as it takes until all symptoms are gone and you are healthy again. And the best person to judge that is you. How long you you stay on the protocol is really dependent on the extent of not only your candida infection but will also depend on the extent of all your other bacterial, viral and parasitic co-infections that are always part of the candida syndrome.

Now a caveat. You should never rush to come off a protocol against such a tough pathogen like candida. Don't forget that candida is capable of hiding and hibernating which helps it to avoid anti-fungal drugs and your immune system for long periods. Candida can also hide in your body for years before it erupts again perhaps because of a lowered immune system. And, as you found out, if you have systemic candida then this fungus has the capability of infecting every single organ and tissue in your body -- including your bones, brain and heart.

When I took my own protocol to cure my own systemic candida problem all those years ago, I remember feeling cured after only 6 months. But I stayed on that protocol for just over a year because I didn't want the candida to hide and then come back any time in the future. That was my fear. I wanted to make sure...

If you read anyone's blog account of them trying to cure their own candida problems you will read the following outcome, time and time again: "I took this protocol for three months and I thought I was cured and felt great. But six months later my candida suddenly came back with a vengeance and now nothing works!!! Absolutely nothing!!! What can I do...?? "

And so my earnest advice to you is please be patient and make sure.

 Re: Bell's Palsy

Tue, 23 Oct 18 04:28:34 -0700
Posted by Gina (South Carolina) on 10/23/2018

Thank you for the tip, I’m assuming you apply to the face in the affected area?

  Re: Supplements for Essential Tremors

Tue, 23 Oct 18 04:27:39 -0700
Posted by John (Suffolk, England) on 10/23/2018

Hi Denise: When you mention a spitfire temper, it sounds like the sort of thing that occurs in my own family as a phenomenon. I would describe it as Vulcan, explosive, pyroclastic, astonishing rage. Thing is, I never, ever direct it at people. It tends to come with frustration, when too many little things pile up and it will take one more little thing for an explosion to happen. I put it down to being Aspergers INFJ, the 'spectrum' being inherent in our family. There are abnormal spikes of activity in the amygdala. I've found that the theanine does calm, though, doesn't altogether get rid of these. My brain doesn't like conflict of data, and, when someone is asking me to do something that, in all rationality, can't be achieved, doesn't make sense, the best thing I can do is walk off, especially if they haven't thought things through or seem incapable of it. The adrenaline surge is incredible and fast. I think it is being an INFJ that is the limiter. Being a communicator and a creator is a very efficient braking system and people have been extremely complimentary of my character with them and I remember someone saying to me that they had thought that they had really annoyed me because I had frozen them out. He said that they really must have because I was the friendliest person he'd ever met. The braking system, thankfully, appears to work very well. I was astonished! However, keeping the sides of my character, the nervousness, the temper and being 'the nicest person' is extremely exhausting, has led historically to several nervous breakdowns and lengthy depressive episodes in which I just have to isolate myself from contact. As you say Denise, sometimes it is better to be by yourself. I would have loved a relationship in my life. I just don't think it's possible and after being a carer, which was almost an impossible strain to endure, a retirement with meditative painting and drawing seems paradise. Which is why I am so thankful to Soazburrolady's post on the anti-ET maintenance.

  Re: Worried About Grandson

Tue, 23 Oct 18 04:24:31 -0700
Posted by Marsh57 (Colorado) on 10/22/2018

Should anyone else have a child with similar symptoms, I'd like to follow up. Our grandson has had a positive turn of events. Since having several rife & reiki treatments; a lot of prayers, omegas 3-6-9, probiotics, good multi-vitamin, drinking George's Aloe Vera juice and a few other supplements provided by the rife practitioner; eating gluten and dairy-free, coconut oil used on toast/in everything possible; stevia rather than sugar; organic. He started stuttering at the beginning of summer, then worsened. It's pretty much stopped and his sentences and pronunciation is improving. Diet still not great but we're working on it. Still a way to go, but so much better. A multitude of appreciation to all of you at EC for your suggestions.

  Re: Coconut Oil for Cracked Heels

Tue, 23 Oct 18 04:23:47 -0700
Posted by Anna (Yosemite) on 10/22/2018

Not sure if this is helpful, but I had cracked heels such as you describe some years ago. A kidney cleanse and then kidney support program got rid of the problem.

  Re: Bill Thompson's Candida Diet Protocol

Tue, 23 Oct 18 04:22:59 -0700
Posted by Anna (Yosemite) on 10/22/2018

Dear BI:

As I read more on this website, I am struck by the wonderful innate wisdom that leads us here and so grateful for the reassurance that the individuals striving towards better health provide on this site.

I think I have had serious systemic candida since infancy and am now in my 60ies.

Do you have access to Bill THompson's wonderful book " Killing so Sweetly"? It has been life changing for me, and although I have been studying it for almost three months now, I am very, very cautious about the remedies and take only minute quantities of one thing at a time until I know if it works for me or not. No - fruit or anything sweet is a no-no on this program.

If you feel like sharing, I would love to know how the candida impacted you specifically, you mention and IV to remedy this, and leg weakness - would you mind sharing more, as I had not heard of any such treatments. How did it impact your legs and was the IV the most helpful remedy you found?

I am an ardent fan of Bill T's protocols and By far the most helpful for me of his remedies, is the Virgin Coconut Oil, As posted above in my response to Sidney, this remedy alone has been a wonderful help in beating back my long term addictions to sugar, starch and even coffee.

What sent me looking for help (and was guided to this incredible website) was also head pain and constant congestion in my sinuses. I had debilitating headaches that felt like my head would crack open. When I blew my nose I could see actual mold and layers of fungus in my sputum, it was horrific and terrifying.

In the 90 days since I began Bill Thompson's protocols, my headaches are down 65%, I have lost some weight (7-10 lbs, which at my age is great progress) and most of all my energy is much better. (I do daily green drinks and fresh wheatgrass juice which seems to help a lot.

I do find some issues with my kidneys as well, but Cranberry Tea seems to help that a great deal. (It may not be exactly as Bill suggests, but I mix my salt, liquid minerals with the CranAId tea first thing in the morning.

I have also found great relief for congestion/constipation using coffe/herbal tea enemas. However, testimony to Bill's regimen, for the first time in many years, that particular problem has been alleviated immensely just in the last two weeks and I have not needed to do any enemas in 14 days (whereas before I needed to use that remedy every 2-3 days!

Just recently, I have been diagnosed with an infected dental implant now and bone loss, but have scheduled the needed surgery and will deal with it as best I can, while continuing to increase my iodine drops and alkalizing daily.

With sincere good wishes for your continued improvement and look forward to hearing more from you.

  Re: Bill Thompson's Candida Diet Protocol

Tue, 23 Oct 18 04:22:13 -0700
Posted by Anna (Yosemite) on 10/22/2018

Hi SIdney:

Surely, you have been through the mill and then some. Thanks for sharing your story and it is heartening to read of your courage and stalwart approach to getting better.

As to Bill Thompson's protocols, I am relatively new to the process myself and for the most part, I am supremely cautious, adding one remedy at a time and in minute quantities until I see how it goes. The Virgin Coconut Oil is amazing for me, I started with a quarter tsp x 2 a day and gradually increased to 2-3 tbspns a day (over a 3 month period). And so on.

Listen to your instincts - as you did when you called for help - even in advance of your actual heart attack. I believe that we have great innate wisdom, if we listen well.

I am intrigued by the concept of the biofilms clogging and restricting our systems, but I am also very aware of the small but very real steps towards better vitality in my own case. I find I am greatly strengthened by green drinks and wheatgrass, but that may just be me. I had a lot of deep addictive behaviors (Sugar, starch, caffeine were my worst ones) and now I have reduced sugar by 95%, reduced starch by 75% and caffeine by 90%. Slowly, slowly...., and the resultant weight loss is wonderful too, though of course never as much as I want or as fast as I would like.

I very much hope you will continue to post and I look forward to reading of your progress. With very kind wishes,

  Re: Remedies for Vulvodynia

Mon, 22 Oct 18 17:33:23 -0700
Posted by Leena (Riverside, Ca) on 10/22/2018

Please give your daughter d-mannose filled up to level with the childrens Tylenol measurement scoop. Fill it up to 10ml mark and 1 capsule of 400mg solaray cranberry 3x a day. My daughter had the same thing she got better with this combo.

  Re: Bill Thompson's Candida Diet Protocol

Mon, 22 Oct 18 17:27:17 -0700
Posted by Sidney (Northland New Zealand) on 10/22/2018

Hi Anna ... Thankx for your reply.. my next question is, would taking some of these supplements have if any long term effect on one's body?

My story started two years ago when I died for three minutes from a cardiac arrest. I was woken at four in the morning by a voice telling me to get up! I heard this voice so clearly. I got up and went to the bathroom and on my way there I said to myself, "is this it?", came back to bed and sat on the edge of my bed and again this same voice said to me, "google symptoms of a heart attack." So I did, the only symptom I had was acid re-flux.

I woke my wife and said I was not felling well and that I needed to call the ambulance. She was still half asleep as you could imagine, she looked at me and said I looked fine. Feeling the way I did, I called for assistance and it took them about Thirteen minutes to reach my home. Two female paramedics came to my aid. They hooked me up to their instruments to see what my heart was doing and they asked me if I was felling any pain!

No I said!! They then started to talked to each other. One said she needed to call for a second opinion. She went out of my lounge room and I then noticed this blackness surrounding me to where it was only the size of the head of a pin and that's all I'd remembered until I woke up staring at my ceiling.

As I began to wake, I sat up grabbed my wife's hand gave her a kiss and grabbed my old-dis daughter hand. All the mean while the paramedic was trying to lay me back down. I ask the paramedic what had happened and she told me that I had had a heart attack. They flew me via helicopter to a cardiac unit, did a bunch of tests, they also put a camera up my arm to see if I needed any stents put in but all clear.

I was in hospital for three days. They had to let me out because they couldn't find anything wrong with me. I left with a brown paper bag full of medication for my blood, cholesterol, statins. You name it, I had it.

To cut a long story short, these drugs played havoc with me. A year and a half in to taking these drugs, I did some research on these drugs and found the bad side effects one gets. I stumbled onto this site and man am I grateful. I slowly weaned myself off my meds some eight months ago, best thing I'd done. Did more research into my heart attack then stumbled on to the symptoms associated with Candida and how it penetrates into the main organs of the body.

So I'm starting to think that my heart attack was brought about and associated with a candida overgrowth due to the medical system not finding anything wrong with me..

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Drink for Sibo

Mon, 22 Oct 18 17:18:35 -0700
Posted by Kt (Usa) on 10/22/2018

I would like an opinion about adding 1/8-1/4 tsp. each of garlic powder and cayenne pepper instead of just a dash of the cayenne. I do not use stevia.

Thanks in advance!


  Re: Tired Eyes

Mon, 22 Oct 18 17:17:55 -0700
Posted by Cary (Ks) on 10/22/2018

I just saw yesterday where a Dr. said diatomaceous earth helps after chemical exposure. The same symptoms you stated.