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Baking Soda for Toenail Fungus

Wed, 21 Feb 18 17:27:27 -0800
Posted by Craig (Albany, Oregon) on 02/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

For nail fungus, I found that making a baking soda paste and letting it sit on your toes for 10 minutes each day does the trick. Make sure that you clean your toes afterward.

I also found that washing your toes before bed each night really speeds up the process.

In the past (per Earth Clinic) I tried vinegar and tee tree oil, but experienced no results.

  Re: Borax Side Effects

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:43:22 -0800
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 02/21/2018

I've been reading a lot on this topic this year and boron also lowers copper. People can be toxic copper and low copper at the same time. Toxic copper is improper storage and unusable but causes symptoms of overload while the body is starved of copper for utilizing in collagen and elastin and brain health, and zinc balancing. Boron lowers msm and c. Vitamin C lowers copper also.

 Re: Seeking Remedies for Rectal Prolapse and Fecal Incontinence

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:30:22 -0800
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 02/21/2018

I have researched this for pelvic prolapse level four. I am improving but take a lot of things. A core ball helps to sit on and get movement in muscle, memory foam chair and bedpad for comfort. Keep bowels emptying daily with magnesium citrate . MSM and vitamin C for the pain, B vitamins for gut health and eat kefir, for gut flora. If it's toxic gut and bowel use activated charcoal at bedtime. I only add a few things at time. Hate misery. The skin health reflects how well we keep our organs in place. I have linked Ted's help on that topic. I wish you WELL.

Seeking Help for Smouldering Myeloma and Suffering Ligaments

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:29:12 -0800
Posted by Ron (Virginia) on 02/21/2018

This is to Ted or anyone else familiar with myeloma cancer.

I have smouldering myeloma, well below the level for "treatment" with chemo and the like but still with some real challenges. There is no bone pain per se but I do have compromised ligaments which does lead to some pain. The lysine Ted recommended for lowering sugar for cancer helps ligaments too. I am vegan for decades and so don't get the collagen from meat but take glycine and lysine and it helps.

Any other ideas?

Borax Side Effects

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:26:53 -0800
Posted by Thijs (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) on 02/21/2018
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I started supplementing 3 mg of boron multiple times a day with food together with iodine. Initially I was seeing many Improvements but after almost a week I started feeling worse and worse. I initially dropped the iodine because I thought the lugols was the reason for the symptoms. I developed a smashing headache on the right side of my brain. Increased anxiety, fatigue and general malaise. Pain in my neck and shoulders etc. This is when I realized the boron could be the culprint. I have a history of candida symptoms and I expected a die off. After stopping the boron the symptoms went away within 24 hours. Just saying go low and slow.

I will introduce the boron again soon and will keep the dosage low for a while. Molybdenum can help to get rid of acetydehyde from the candida die off.

Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sulphur Helping Rosacea

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:25:17 -0800
Posted by Natnmargie (Washington) on 02/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Rosacea: Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sulphur Excellent Results!

Rosacea has been my biggest issue for long time now. I still do some of the ACV on occasion, but for the past 6 months, I have been doing the following:

After cleansing my face, I just a facial lotion that has "sea buckthorn oil" in it as one of the ingredients, boy, does this work...pustules are way down, as is the redness in my face.

I also use a sulphur powder prior to putting on my mineral makeup. (it has a yellow-ish, green cast to it)

I believe between the sea buckthorn oil and the sulphur, that it has made all the difference to my rosacea.

I am at 10% of my worst with rosacea.

I am quite aware that what works for me may not work for you, but I thought I would share.

Lecithin for Colitis

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:22:58 -0800
Posted by June (Cincinnati ) on 02/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Lecithin cures colitis? Google it. I used sunflower lecithin. Some research says eating it won't work (because you need some patented drug! ). Others say it does work. In any case, eating it with yogurt worked for me!!!!! Hope this helps someone.

  Re: Borax

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:22:06 -0800
Posted by Dean (Mw Mt) on 02/21/2018

Have you looked into DMSO for your scleroderma? In the book, "DMSO The Persecuted Drug" there is some good info on using it for that disease.

  Re: Fix Frozen Shoulder Easily with Chin Up Bar

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:21:46 -0800
Posted by Flora (Rsm) on 02/21/2018

My mom has frozen shoulder on both shoulders for a long time. I hope this works for her! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! 👍🏻🌺

 Re: Seeking Remedies for Child With Inguinal Hernia

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:19:56 -0800
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 02/21/2018

I have a gut hernia and was just reading that hernias are from a mineral deficiency ...the topics I was reading on were borax soap and copper in walter last web site. Don't know what dose any one else would use. They both fight candida and cause die off symptoms.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Hemorrhoids

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:19:19 -0800
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 02/21/2018

Try witch hazel to shrink them (put cotton ball with it on there and let sit a bit ) and then coat after that with some coconut oil to lubricate the area so no tearing.

Vinegar is a bit harsh and the acid in it removes skin layers.

  Re: Hepatitis B

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:18:00 -0800
Posted by Mary (Los Angeles) on 02/21/2018

What I recommend is incorporating chanca piedra (either phyllanthus niruri, amarus, urinaria or all of them all together. you can find some good online vendors, some of which are tropilab, wholefoodbotanicals...etc) they reduce hbvdna, hbsag, hbeag (i went negative for hbeag a couple months ago after using nirruri for 4 months in a row, morning and evening as a concentrated tea). Phyllanthus amarus has the ability to also lower the risk for HCC.

Also, I recommend monolaurin. that thing is pretty good as well and has a similar function to bht. Oxymatrine is also quite good and is antifibrotic.

With all of these, also try to build your immune system. AHCC is a great example of something that can help a lot. Rebounding as well is an excellent way to stimulate lymph flow. try to reduce proccessed food, but also eat a lot of good hearty balanced foods. Practice deep breathing, positive emotions, and try to develop an even stronger personality. By doing this, we reduce tension in our bodies, which can otherwise suppress circulation and interfere with our healing hormonal responses. You can also take Alpha glucan, which improves specific immunity to hbv. Only with the right balance of hbv replication and immune system "warriors" can we develop immunity. Even if we develop immunity, there is still going to be low grade replication. So after we earn immunity, we also must continue with natural antiviral treatments such as chanca piedra, monolaurin, oxymatrine, and maybe even bht. When you combine a few things, please read about any possible interactions first.

I am currently taking 3 types of chanca piedra morning and night, 3 pills of oxymatrine, and building up to 3 scoops of monolaurin. All of these are powerful antivirals.

Only with phyllanthus nirruri treatment (and some oxymatrine, some bht but more religiously, the phyllanthus nirruri) on and off, I was able to reduce my hbv viral load of 500,000,000 to 64,000, and turn hbeag to negative (with the addition of phyllanthus amarus).

I've had enlarged spleen for years, and only now it's starting to reduce in size (related to fibrosis of the liver and portal hypertension). I did a fibroscan last month as well, and it came to a result of Fibrosis 0-1 stage. For fibrosis, I also have been using serrapeptase though. I recommend it as well ( start with very small amounts as some people will have violent vomiting reaction if they start with regular dose). Be on monolaurin with full dosage for 2 weeks before starting serrapeptase if you plan to do so. For anyone with splenomegaly I recommend red root extract or tea. For anyone with platelet issues (related to splenomegaly most likely) I recommend papaya leaf extract. with both of these, start with small doses.

  Re: Activated Charcoal for Tooth or Gum Pain

Wed, 21 Feb 18 15:17:27 -0800
Posted by Debbie (London) on 02/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I've been doing exactly the same and it's brilliant. I've been suffering with an abcess which I have used the same method on and it really helps. The only thing, which has thrown me a bit, is I've just read that the paper used for the teabags contain plastic in them! Nightmare! I've decided to start using coffee filter paper instead.

Activated Charcoal and Zinc Oxide Cream for Pityriasis Rosea

Wed, 21 Feb 18 12:14:10 -0800
Posted by Debbie (London) on 02/21/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I at first noticed a small round red mark on my chest which gradulally grew bigger, then spread. I've been working for 5 months on a horrible job with long hours so I wrongly, decided it must be ringworm as my immune system was probably not great. I decided to use ACV, Oil Leaf tincture, (which I might add sprayed on, relieves the awful itching) and Garlic cream. The ACV made it worse, the Oil Leaf tincture, relieved the itching but didnt seem to improve it and the Garlic Cream, just smelt very stong.

A week on, I realised I'd misdiagnosed it and I had in fact got pityriasis rosea, reading symptoms and looking at photos I realised it was that. I read all the advice on Earth Clinic, but not having any of the things recommended to hand, I decided to mix activated charcoal with some powdered tumeric and make a wet poltice which I put inbetween a muslin cloth and lay it across my chest and wore with an old T shirt. I went to bed with it on and amazingly, I had no itching at night and the next morning, on taking it off, the area looked so much better, less red and inflamed and no itching!

I then covered the area in zinc oxide cream (nappy rash cream) which I had read someone had used. It itched a little just after putting it on but I've now just realised I've had my first itch free day! I'm going to continue using these two things and I'm really hopeful it will get rid of it very soon. I thought I'd share this as both of these things are good at promoting healing.

Thank you!!!

Wed, 21 Feb 18 11:27:42 -0800
Posted by Earth Clinic (Ca) on 02/21/2018

Hello EC community! We just wanted to thank you for your vigilance in identifying suspect posts on EC. We recently had a suspected "bait and switch" on one of the threads and several readers flagged it as such.

You guys have been amazing the past 10 years at flagging the posts you think are off, weird, nonsensical, mean-spirited, and etc. You are not privy to the scores of posts we have delete behind the scenes each day here and on our YouTube channel, but holy moly, they would make you laugh.

Thank you so much for helping us keep Earth Clinic beautiful.

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed day.

Seeking Remedies for Child With Inguinal Hernia

Wed, 21 Feb 18 10:51:41 -0800
Posted by Marnily (Las Piñas City) on 02/20/2018

My son is suffering inguinal hernia for almost 5 years, what is the best home remedy for his case? He is now 6 yrs.old

Apple Cider Vinegar for HS2

Wed, 21 Feb 18 10:50:31 -0800
Posted by Anicea (Springfield ) on 02/20/2018
5 out of 5 stars

So I was diagnosed with HSV 2 almost a year ago. I only use ACV with the Mother and corn starch. After using the restroom take a cotton swab or cotton ball dip in ACV then put a little corn starch to help dry it out. Usually gone within a few days. I only have outbreaks when I eat really badly, like drinking too much soda, or too much sweets.

Where to buy 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Russia

Wed, 21 Feb 18 10:49:17 -0800
Posted by Gennady (Moscow ) on 02/21/2018

Where to buy 3% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Russia

Can you please help me to find it in Russia or nearest countries like Belarus perhaps?

Is there a way to order it from another country? Will it not decompose during transportation?

Is 3% hydrogen peroxide allowed for air transportation in any country?


Multiple Remedies Helping Spinal Stenosis and Bone Spurs

Wed, 21 Feb 18 10:48:17 -0800
Posted by Nancy Lee (NC) on 02/21/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Spinal Stenosis and Bone Spurs; I was diagnosed with those on my lumbar spine. Doctors could not help me. I did some research and found several items to use. I am taking Serrapetase 80.000 spu 2 pills a day, plus Heckla Lava 5 pellets a day, Calcarea Fluor 4 pellets a day and Dr. Christopher complete bone and tissue formula.

The pain before was excrutiating and 10 days later is 80 less and I believe I am on the way to be cured. Before that I went to 2 different chiropractors and had accupuncture and did not help. Two of those supplements are homeopathic meds very good.

 Need Help for Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain Issues

Wed, 21 Feb 18 10:46:06 -0800
Posted by Flowers Mom (Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm) on 02/21/2018

Hi Reanne, I apologize for this being so lengthy.

Your symptoms sound identical to mine. I am 62 and was diagnosed hypothyroid in my early 30's. I was put on synthoid, which helped for a while for some of my symptoms, but I never really felt much better, although my lab tests would always come back saying that I was in the "normal" range. So I finally started researching on my own 3 years ago, and what I have learned has been life changing! I discovered that my hypothyroidism was actually secondary to adrenal failure. I also fought a long battle with candida, which I developed after taking steroids for asthma, which had also developed from the adrenal failure. I have had a slow metabolism and weight issues for as long as I can remember and have tried every diet and exercise program out there, but nothing seemed to make a difference. I was always cold, with a low basal body temp, cold hands and feet, extremely dry skin and thinning, brittle hair and nails. I also had difficult and irregular menstrual cycles before menopause.

BUT...after 3 years of focusing on supporting my adrenal and overall endocrine system health and healing, I have lost 40 lbs. without any exercise, and my thyroid, asthma, allergy and digestive issues have all disappeared! I am completely off all prescription medications and take only organic herbs and supplements. I am still working on restoring my strength and stamina which I do by breathing and stretching exercises and some simple yoga. I have also started walking every day, first by just walking around the house, and now by walking around the block. When I first started walking, I was so weak. I did not try to push myself, but just to move and stretch my muscles. I did not care how long it took and I rested along the way as much as I needed to. I also had the lack of appetite and had to force myself to eat. I did enjoy having a cup of warm nutritious broth as often as I wanted. And I put 1 T. of raw honey in with the ACV, and I only drink filtered water with electrolytes. I take a very good quality B complex with sea vegetables twice a day. And I take 2 T. of coconut oil every day.

Reanne, do not give up! You are on the right track and have come a long way already, but you might also want to look into the adrenal side of your health issues and see if they need extra support. You may even find that some of your thyroid issues will resolve themselves! God bless you!

Flower's Mom