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Dog Just Diagnosed With Kidney Failure, Any Remedies to Help?

Fri, 02 Feb 18 13:42:12 -0800
Posted by Barbara (Stone Mountain Ga ) on 02/02/2018

HI my dog Snoopie is at the vet being given IV for hydration. The vet just diagnosed him with Kidney Failure. We don't have the money to take him to a facility to get the 3 day hydration and flush. So she is going to give us some things to do at home. I really need to know what I can do to try and help him.

  Re: Diet For Dog With Heart Murmur

Fri, 02 Feb 18 13:33:09 -0800
Posted by Blessedmama (Ramona, Ca) on 02/02/2018

It is so wonderful to read all your positive and encouraging posts. Can anyone list the supplements they give their dogs and the dose amount? This would be for my 11lb doggie. Thank you in advance and God bless you!

Apple Cider Vinegar, L-Lysine for Feline UTI and Respiratory Infection

Fri, 02 Feb 18 11:53:50 -0800
Posted by Cat (Austin) on 02/01/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Could not afford a $300.00 vet bill for possible feline-flu, UTI and respiratory infection that led to one miserable, 11 year old kittycat. After much research, I did the following and healed my cat 80% in 24 hours:

rubbed neck, chest, body with 1-1 ratio Organic ACV & water (cotton ball);

dipped front paws in ACV/water mixture;

Put a 1/2 bottle cap of ACV in drinking water bowl (holds 3 cups water);

Mixed crushed 500mg cap L-Lysine and 1/3 small dropper of silver hydrosol in wet (grain free/milk free) food.

I will continue the procedure daily until he is 100%. Then, I will cut the silver hydrosol and L-Lysine down to once monthly. I was also told that putting a tsp. of VCO on his back (weekly) and allowing it to melt down, then massage it in helps with flea control. Our 11yr old tabby-baby is cuddling once again. Also, I caught the flu myself and fast-tracked my recovery by taking 500mg L-Lysine twice daily.

 Re: Remedies for Dog With Cancerous Mast Cell Tumor

Fri, 02 Feb 18 11:44:07 -0800
Posted by Faith (Duluth Mn) on 02/01/2018

Can you tell me if this worked for your dog with mast cell tumor. Mine has one on her back leg and I have been trying lots of things, including ip6, chinese herbs, artimenisen, dmso gel along with cooked diet with lots of meat and brocolli and liver and cottage cheese, fish oil and its still growing. I would appreciate knowing if this works. Thank you very much.

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey for Pyometra

Thu, 01 Feb 18 09:47:11 -0800
Posted by Chel (Philippines) on 02/01/2018

Hi Ms. Lani,

What brand of vitamin c did you use? I'm currently giving my dog a vitamin c from pet store (pet express) it's in liquid form and an immune booster as per box. Do I still need to change her vitamin c? or I can still continue the one that I bought from the store? Last year, my dog was diagnosed with pyometra and was advised by her vet to take an antibiotic for 2 months. And currently, she's ok now but her vet advice us to continue monitor her since there's a possibility that my dog will experience it again unless she'll go to surgery. So I started giving her manuka and vitamin c for these past few weeks and hopefully it would help her. thank you for all the stories I've read in this site which is so encouraging.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog With Skin Allergies

Wed, 31 Jan 18 16:52:48 -0800
Posted by Lyndsey (California) on 01/31/2018

Hi, I have the same thing happening to my Dalmatian. Have you found anything to work yet?

Thank you!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog With Skin Allergies

Wed, 31 Jan 18 13:01:52 -0800
Posted by Lyndsey (California) on 01/31/2018

Holy Moly, you just described the exact thing that is happening on the underside of my Dalmatians belly and inner thighs. She has an awful rash that has turned into dark patches. She has been on many different antibiotics for it. When we go a long time without antibiotics, it gets so bad that a yeasty smell comes from her belly. Will the ACV application help with this? She just had a 3 weeks of antibiotics and came off of them 2 days ago. I'm so worried she is going to get this awful rash back again. Thanks for any help!

  Re: Garlic for Heartworm

Wed, 31 Jan 18 13:01:03 -0800
Posted by Melody (Dallas, Tx) on 01/31/2018

I rescued a labrabull 3 yrs ago off the street..took him to the vet last year to have multiple tests done on him and he has heart worms and dermatitis...I cannot afford the treatments for either one, so was looking for natural treatments I can do at home. coconut oil has been helping with the dermatitis, now looking to get rid of the worms, but I dont know how long he has had them, will crushed garlic really work???

  Re: Milk of Magnesia for Yeast Infection in Dog

Wed, 31 Jan 18 12:56:25 -0800
Posted by Bd (Canada) on 01/31/2018

I have been going through the same thing with my Pugzu. I have changed her food to that prescribed by the vet and that doesn't help at all and is so expensive.

Is there. Particular brand of food that you find work better for ongoing yeast infections? I'm feeling so frustrated. I will definitely try the milk of magnesia as hers has spread down her legs from her belly and now in her little armpits. Skin is turning black and the receptionist t the vet asked if that was bruising! I couldn't believe it! Any help would be so appreciated for my little girl.

Rabies Vaccine in Cat

Wed, 31 Jan 18 09:26:44 -0800
Posted by Marissa (New York ) on 01/30/2018
0 out of 5 stars

Well, my baby girl October she's 2 and a half. About a mouth ago I got her rabies vaccine because it's against the law here if they don't have it and the vet wanted it done as well. About a week and a half later I found a lump ( January 11th) I was scared. I went to 2 vets As I explained to the vet she received her rabies shot and it was there after. She told me to wait about 4 to 6 weeks before coming back because most of the time it goes down. But it's now the 30th of January and it's still there. It seems to feel different smaller in ways. I feel it every day because I love her dearly. I'm hoping it will get smaller as the days go on. It worries me a ton because there's many side effects to this shot why is it a law to get them if we have a chance of losing our bestfriend. I hope my cat heals. Reading everyone's comments saddens me because I don't want to lose my baby. It feels like it's our faults, all I ask as a loving human being of all animals is to make the rabies vaccine safer. Safe enough for humans because animals life are just as important. Think about if you would give this shot to your kids, because a lot of people cherish their animals as they would a child. Please make vaccines safer. I love my cat more then anything and I would do anything to keep her safe but doing the right thing for her shouldn't be a disunion to think twice about. Your reply would be nice. If not I hope you find safer ways for vaccines and I hope my cat will be okay as well as all the other animals going through a hard time as well. Thank you.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Bladder Issues in Cat

Tue, 30 Jan 18 09:43:26 -0800
Posted by Carolyn A. (Chester Cheshire, Uk ) on 01/30/2018

If you don't trust your vet you should get another one 'coz that's what I did when I didn't trust a vet I had, the vet I'm with now is terrific, if your cat has an infection you must see your vet to get that cleared up first, my cat Tom had to have antibiotics to get rid of the infection he had I now use cranberry treats that I get from pets at home and ACV and up till now he is clear of any infection or crystals thank goodness 'coz I love him so much.

  Re: Aloe Vera for Constipation in Pets

Tue, 30 Jan 18 09:32:30 -0800
Posted by Mike (N.b.) on 01/30/2018

I've taken aloe every day for years is gods medicine and repairs alot of problems in the body...I cant see why it wont work on a pet as well as it has treated my hepatitis...After 40 years with hep "c" my liver enzymes are still normal..

Goat Milk Kitten Formula for Cat Refusing to Feed Kittens

Mon, 29 Jan 18 09:59:05 -0800
Posted by Mira (La) on 01/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Kitten Formula from powdered goat's milk

2 scoops meyenburg powdered goats milk + 1 egg yolk

Run just enough boiling water over yolk to sterilize. Blend or shake in a jar according to ratios listed on can. Don't make it too watery and let it warm up to room temperature before serving. Kittens are temperature sensitive. Refrigerate.

My ex didn't get his beautiful queen spayed after the first litter. She had been a great momma to her first litter and let them suckle up until 4 months! At which point, couldn't stand the sight of them any longer and spent all of her time away from the house.

She gave birth to her 2nd litter somewhere outside and finally brought them to the house after a few weeks, starving and flea infested. Her nipples were dry. She wasn't as interested

I tried A LOT of things until I stumbled on to the goat's milk recipe. They say not to feed kittens cow's milk, but then why is the kitten formula cow milk based? Anyway, the powdered goats milk has folic acid added. That's a good thing.

If they don't like the egg, try it without.

I also fed my kitten probiotic plain yogurt and little bits of butter. I splurge on milk products and get the best I can afford, grassfed, organic, and raw if possible.

She was the sickliest, the runt of the litter (I wasn't even sure she would make it) and at five months is doing great!

Black Spot On Bulldog's Back Is Growing, Please Help

Mon, 29 Jan 18 09:46:32 -0800
Posted by Alex (Atlanta, Ga) on 01/28/2018

Hello. I am hoping that you may have some ideas on what this could be. My dad noticed a spot on our American Bulldogs back about months ago. It was around the size of a quarter. It seemed to have scabbed over and turned black. Maybe a month ago we noticed it is the size of a 50 cent piece. We've tried a honey ointment, lavender EO. I don't know what it is or what to do. Any suggestions or thoughts are welcomed.

Thank you,


Tea Tree Oil for Fleas

Mon, 29 Jan 18 09:38:06 -0800
Posted by Mira (La) on 01/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

i was hesitant to try tea tree oil on my kitten after having read some warnings here.

I must stress that tea tree oil must be used in low-potency!! Even one drop might be too much, and so should be added to carrier oil.

in taking any product, one should always start small and monitor the effects, and increase as needed.

My neighbor tried it first. He was the one who actually insisted. Our kittens were both three months at the time. He has a kitten from the same litter as mine, so they are the same age, but his is male and larger. He said the fleas vanished, so I tried it on my kitten. I clumsily poured a few drops from the bottle onto her and was worried to death, grabbing a rag to clean her. Then I saw her licking the tea tree from her fur and I freaked (i love my cat! ). But no sickness whatsoever. And fleas truly did disappear.

So, don't make the mistake I did! And potentially have it not turn out so well.

First try one 1 drop of tea tree to 1/4 tsp carrier oil. I used olive oil. Monitor results. If it works, then no need to increase. If it doesn't work and health is good, increase dose slowly and never pour over your animal! Unless you are sure your dropper is safe

Good luck and best wishes!

  Pets - When In Doubt, Try Colloidal Silver

Mon, 29 Jan 18 09:36:59 -0800
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney) on 01/28/2018

i am using 7 litres a week of c.s.

  Turmeric Helped Heal Cough in Cat

Mon, 29 Jan 18 09:16:02 -0800
Posted by Cindy (Sparta, Tenn) on 01/29/2018

How much tumeric do you give your cat? Sprinkle on the food?

  Re: Feline Upper Respiratory Disease

Mon, 29 Jan 18 09:15:45 -0800
Posted by Richard ( Raleigh, North Carolina) on 01/29/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar worked for our cat too but our vet told us to put our cat on a raw meat diet. we mix ground beef with sardines and to our surprise he got well. So we keep him on the raw meat all the time we mix the ground beef and sardines and make meatballs and freeze it
I understand that your vet and other people will say no that is not healthy like I did. But you have to understand that all cats in the while eat their prey raw. Not cooked. Our cat has been eating this way for seven years. Which once was a very sick cat spending tons of money to go to a different vet. Now we have not gone to a vet in seven years and this cat is the pigment of health

Pets - When In Doubt, Try Colloidal Silver

Sun, 28 Jan 18 13:41:05 -0800
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 01/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Colloidal silver is such a great pet remedy. It is tasteless and easy to dose. And it has so many applications.

I don't recall if I reported a success with a young kitten of ours. She wasn't feeling well. We gave her several doses of colloidal silver and she was fine within 36 hours.

My husband noticed that our Great Pyrenees seemed lethargic. I immediately began to add large amounts of colloidal silver to his water. He was himself in 36 hours.

Pets cant tell us their tummy hurts or they have a headache. It can be hard to know what is going on. Colloidal silver fights all sorts of infections, viruses, etc.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: FIV and Gingivitis in Cat

Sat, 27 Jan 18 18:19:14 -0800
Posted by Emmanuel (Usa) on 01/27/2018

Susan, I'm not an herbalist, but from what I have read, according to Chinese Medicine, stomatitis is caused by a combination of stomach heat, blood heat and possibly stomach yin deficiency. Yu Nu Jian is an all natural herbal formula that helps correct these issues. If your cat has weak digestion (such as loose stools), you will want to also give Liu Jun Zi Tang (sometimes Wan instead of Tang) ( aka Six Gentlemen teapills). Both of these come in tiny pills that can be easily broken into a few pieces by placing the pill in between a napkin and hitting with the back of a heavy spoon. You can then wrap some cheese or raw meat or something that your cat likes around the pill pieces to hide it. They even make pill pockets for that purpose. Mine love organic canned wet cat food that I only give as a treat. I just get a glob of the wet food and put the broken pill in it and they gobble it down without hesitation. You don't necessarily have to break the pill as they are tiny, but the cats tend to feel the ball in their mouth and be more likely to spit it out, so I break it. I get these two herb teapill formulations from Kamwo. You can simply search the site for the herb name followed by 'teapills'. The typical dosage for adult cats is 1 or 2 pills twice daily. If using both formulas, I would do 1 of each. Giving your cat a good probiotic would no doubt help as well. And I would definitely not feed any dry cat food as this further dries up the stomach fluids. They make organic canned cat food that is grain free, or you could always prepare homemade food for kitty. Hope this helps!