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  Re: Zymox for Ear Issues in Dogs

Sun, 15 Apr 18 10:29:05 -0700
Posted by Tina (Cumming, Ga) on 04/13/2018

Don't feed her anything with chicken or carbs, such as potato and rice. Right now I'm trying Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet, I'm also going to try a rinse after bathing that consists of apple cider vinegar, peroxide and distilled little 6 pound yorkie is covered with a yeast infection so I constantly read hoping to give her relief. Good luck

  Re: Essiac Tea for Cat With Tumors

Sun, 15 Apr 18 10:05:05 -0700
Posted by Janice (Ontario Canada) on 04/13/2018

Hi Stacey: My cat has just been diagnosed with lung cancer (large mass + some small ones + enlarged lymph gland neck). How did you do with the essiac? I'm ordering a tincture of that and some of the Hoxsey formula herbs. I hope your kitter did well. The vet prescribed prednisolone but I don't want to give that to her. My fear is, if she's gone too far and may need the steroid + essiac etc. What were you prescribed? Many thanks

 Re: FIV and Gingivitis in Cat

Sun, 15 Apr 18 09:56:18 -0700
Posted by Josy (Brasil) on 04/15/2018

Hello! Some weeks ago I thought I'd lose my cat with this disease. His vet prescribed okra with coconut water ( 200 ml mixed with an okra). I keep it in the fridge but he doesn't like it too cold so I wait a while and give it to him three times a day in a syringe. It also helped my sister's dog to deal with her tick disease. The other thing I'm doing twice a day is to clean his mouth with a wet path with baking soda and coconut oil. I wish your cats get better soon. 😊

  Re: D-Mannose for UTI

Fri, 13 Apr 18 09:57:28 -0700
Posted by Beag (Vancouver, Wa) on 04/12/2018

I plan to use the d-mannose for my cat in her raw chicken cat food. 1/8 tsp d-mannose twice a day. Late this afternoon I noticed her urine was pink (she missed the box once) plus she has been visiting the cat box a lot today. I read online that d-mannose works great against cat uti's. I also made a tea from nettles, dandelion leaf, red clover, chamomile, marshmallow root that I plan to put in her chopped raw catfood too -- a little at a time.

If she keeps having trouble, I will administer the tea with a syringe. Part of the problem may be that I started giving her a small amount of food grade diatomaceous earth in her food. I think maybe it irritated her urinary tract. She is getting to be an old cat and might not be able to handle the DE at this point.

  Re: Benadryl and Prednisone for Bee Sting in Dog

Thu, 12 Apr 18 16:18:42 -0700
Posted by Rc (Los Angeles) on 04/12/2018
5 out of 5 stars

My puppy had a bee sting last night, not sure why he loves messing with bees? This was actually the second time he has had this reaction. Anyhow, when I called my vet they said they would probably just give him a benadryl shot and a steroid. I had benadryl and Prednisone at home, so I gave him one benadryl (he is 50lbs) and (half) of a half of a prednisone, since I know they can be strong. It completely took away the swelling in his face and in the morning he woke up normal and happy. I, of course, could not sleep and kept waking up to check on his progress but this did seem to do the trick. I always use a small dose of any medication and go from there.

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey for Pyometra

Thu, 12 Apr 18 16:17:56 -0700
Posted by Cheryl (Michigan) on 04/12/2018

Pyometra? I have a 3 year old Maltese that whelped a week ago. 3-5 weeks into her pregnancy she started showing a dark discharge. She delivered normally without complications and is entering 3rd week of nursing and still has a discharge. No fever, no distention, no change in personality or appetite.The discharge is not profuse but is concerning. I am considering treating her with the turmeric, vitamin C and Mauka but am concerned about the effect it will have on her nursing young. Feedback anyone?

  Re: Garlic for Fleas and Ticks

Thu, 12 Apr 18 09:54:49 -0700
Posted by Sharlena (Capable, Ca) on 04/12/2018
3 out of 5 stars

I have been using garlic tablets for about a week and fleas are still on them... how long does it take to start working?

  Re: Ear Infection Remedy for Pets

Thu, 12 Apr 18 09:53:59 -0700
Posted by Wendelin (Pennsylvania) on 04/12/2018

I would like to know how much did u use?

  Re: Melatonin and Flaxseed Helping Cushing's Disease

Wed, 11 Apr 18 11:16:38 -0700
Posted by Cindy B. (Minneapolis) on 04/11/2018

I am just learning about Cushings - and I believe my 11 year old havenese Bella has the disease. The et has not been real encouraging to test her, as the Tests they say are inclusive. I want to start her on Flax and Pumpkin pancakes - can you share the recipe with me? Also, do you use melatonin? Thanks for your help! Cindy

Epsom Salt, Silicia for Anal Gland Issues in Dogs

Tue, 10 Apr 18 11:45:14 -0700
Posted by Diane (Pennsylvania, Usa) on 04/07/2018
5 out of 5 stars

My dog recently had an anal gland issue, constant licking, swollen gland. It was the weekend and I was at a loss for what to do. A groomer said since the gland was swollen I should take her to a vet, and since it was the weekend, that meant emergency vet with an astronomical vet bill, as well as hours of travel.

I finally found a YouTube video by Deca Khalsa, entitled "Anal Sac Problems and Anal Gland Infections". She said to that there is a 99.9% chance that her suggestions would clear, detoxify and heal the anal glands, so what did I have to lose?

For those who don't have a fast internet connection, her instructions were this:

One tablespoon epsom salts in a half cup or one cup of warm water. Soak cotton balls or cloth in the solution and apply to dog's anal area and glands, for about 10 minutes if possible. This pulls toxins out of the anal glands while healing the tissues. Do this three times a day for a few days up to a week.

Also, give the dog silicia 6x three times a day for one week, then twice a day for for the second week. Insert the silicia in the dog's cheek pouch on the lower lip and let it melt, away from food. This will help the anal sac to empty and heal.

Much easier and so much cleaner, if you know what I mean, than many of the other suggestions I found, and the results were amazing.

  Re: Treating Anxiety and Stress in Dogs

Tue, 10 Apr 18 08:43:55 -0700
Posted by Mary M. (Kent, Wa) on 04/09/2018

Where do you get these?

EC: Online and health food stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.

  Re: What Kind of Vitamin C for Pyometra

Tue, 10 Apr 18 08:40:23 -0700
Posted by Felicia (Texas) on 04/09/2018

What brand of vitamin c did you use?

  Re: Pet Vaccination Side Effects

Tue, 10 Apr 18 08:34:54 -0700
Posted by Ronda (Colorado ) on 04/09/2018

Our dog is exactly the same right now. Please tell me what happened with your dog.

Turmeric and Castor Oil for Tumor in Pet

Sun, 08 Apr 18 22:47:47 -0700
Posted by Kawaihau (Kapaa, Hi) on 04/08/2018
3 out of 5 stars

Need help! Have a 15 year old pit/lab mix that has something on top of his toe that looks exactly like this except his is a dark purplish color and the fir is gone. I talked to my vet and he is to old for surgery. I have been giving him turmeric and apply castor oil, but I haven't seen much changes a little improvement. He does not want to put weight on the foot. Because he is older I am trying to look for natural ways to help him. Advise please!!!! .

  Re: Remedies Helping Cushing's But Need Help With Excessive Hunger, Sleep

Sun, 08 Apr 18 22:42:05 -0700
Posted by Lori (Georgia) on 04/08/2018

My Shi Tsu had this also (he passed from it last year). I don't know of anything to cure the hunger, I used all the stuff you listed also but I also added blended frozen cranberries into his food for the vitamin C and gave him melatonin right before bed which usually helped him relax? (some good nights and some bad nights ).

  Re: Arsenicum Album, Diatomaceous Earth, Phosphorous for Parvo

Sun, 08 Apr 18 16:21:28 -0700
Posted by Rochelle (Olympia Wa) on 04/08/2018

I am a little confused about the AA and the eight sprizers on the hand before each dose. Can it be used with collidal silver for parvo. Im wondering how to administer the Arsenicum. Thank you so much

Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas

Fri, 06 Apr 18 23:07:44 -0700
Posted by Celia (France) on 04/06/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a massive flea problem with cats and dogs in the house and I used diatomaceous Earth. It's messy but it works. There is lots of information on the internet about it and it is available to buy on Amazon.

  Re: Heart Murmur and CHF

Fri, 06 Apr 18 23:06:50 -0700
Posted by Sandra (Nc) on 04/06/2018

My Female English bulldog has a heart murmur and had CHF. She is on meds. She takes Lasix, Spironolactone and Benazepril. She has fluid on her tummy and her hind legs were swollen but not now. Her right side of the heart is very large. Severe tricuspid valve regurgitation and severe right atrial enlargement. Bo is les than 3 years old. SHes had her heart murmur from birth. She had ECO, no fluid around her heary or in her lungs.

What can I do natural to get rid of the fluid in her tummy?

It's pretty big!

What can I give her to help her live a longer life and not suffer?

She weights about 35 pounds. Need help as soon as possible. Thank you

Remedies Needed for Sick, Feral Kittens

Fri, 06 Apr 18 16:36:38 -0700
Posted by Marilou (Phoenix Az) on 04/06/2018

At where I work, couple of kittens were sick. Watery eyes and congested nostrils. Please, is there possibly I can do for them without pulling money that I don't have. This are homeless that I have been feedings.

  Re: Ear Infection in Rottweiler

Fri, 06 Apr 18 11:46:41 -0700
Posted by Wendy427 (Oh) on 04/06/2018

1. If the infection is bad (inside of ears very red and inflamed), and your Rottie is in pain, GO TO YOUR VET and get a prescription to heal them. And, do NOT use ACV if the ears are red/inflamed because it will sting.

2. If the ears are yeasty, smell bad try the "Arcane" recipe posted on this site, and follow the directions EXACTLY: - This recipe can be used to get rid of a yeast/bacterial infections, and can also be used as a preventative.

3. You may need to really look at what the dog is eating. Check the ingredients on her food. She may be allergic to something in the food. You may need to change the protein source of the food. If it's chicken, she may be allergic to chicken. Even people food or dog treats can affect the dog's ability to fight off infections.