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Activated Charcoal for Parvo

Tue, 03 Jul 18 16:32:27 -0700
Posted by Phyllis (In) on 07/03/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I literally only used activated charcoal caps from Walmart with 1 cup Pedialyte and 1 cup bottled water. My pup tested positive for parvo yesterday but showed symptoms since Saturday. Charcoal had her back to normal overnight. Got meds at the vet but haven't given them yet, no diarrhea no vomiting or anything since giving charcoal. Poop is normal now, eating and drinking fine no iv or special diet just charcoal and Pedialyte.

Basset Hound With Large Tumor in Lung

Tue, 03 Jul 18 15:55:51 -0700
Posted by Matthew (Or) on 07/03/2018

Seeking help with large tumor in lung of Basset Hound. Any remedies?

  Re: Osteosarcoma in Dog

Tue, 03 Jul 18 15:51:49 -0700
Posted by Teena (Melbourne Australia) on 07/03/2018

Hello Danemom,

Good on you for getting rid of the kibble, but wouldn't raw pastured meat be better than cooked (carcinogenic) meat? Particularly the raw organ meats, especially liver. For the Budwig diet, please ensure you emulsify the mix well, and hopefully you are using flax oil that you bought refrigerated and keep it so, as unrefrigerated it is rancid and you are introducing toxins when you do not want to do that. Ted always said to get rid of any sugars when fighting cancers, however I understand you are following a protocol and you have researched this. First thought I had though, was lugol's iodine, and after perusing some old thoughts of Ted, you may further research applying topically Iodine with DMSO and for extra strength, clove oil, if she licked it she is unlikely to do it again, as LI tastes pretty foul, and many have taken li and DMSO internally. Best to you

  Re: Pyometra

Tue, 03 Jul 18 15:50:46 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 07/03/2018

Hey John,

Have you taken her temp? Does she have a fever? If you are not sure, my advice is to see the vet, quick before the holiday emergency rates kick in. At the very least you should have a blood panel run to see the white count/check for an infection. If you cannot afford a blood panel, running a temperature over 102 is usually a sign of infection. Vitamin C is always a good idea, and 1,000 mg and higher can be indicated for infections - with or without the use of antibiotics. Manuka honey, the GOOD stuff, is expensive and in the long run the vet might be cheaper. You are the only one who knows your budget and the condition of your dog - please let us know what you do.

  Re: Pyometra

Tue, 03 Jul 18 10:08:11 -0700
Posted by John (Oakland) on 07/03/2018

I have a 2 year old dog named Bella who I believe has pyometra, I got her while she was in heat a couple of months ago and there has been a discharge for a little while but now she doesn't want to eat and she doesn't have much energy. Do you really think the vitamin C tumor in Manuka Honey will help her or should I bring her to the vet immediately? I don't have much money so I'm not sure what to do.

  Re: Osteosarcoma in Dog

Mon, 02 Jul 18 09:05:16 -0700
Posted by Tim (Georgia (Rep.of)) on 07/02/2018


According to National Prevention of Cancer (NPC) trial MethylSelenocysteine decreased the incidence of total cancer and death. Gambogic Acid - dried resin of Garcinia morella/ or hanburyi, is tested as RECK (cancer reversing factor) activator. Both are available online.

God bless You!

Ivomec for Ear Mites in Pets

Sun, 01 Jul 18 21:06:41 -0700
Posted by S.F.Hyde (Deridder, La.) on 07/01/2018
5 out of 5 stars

IVOMEC is awesome stuff! For EARMITES, two to four drops in the ear canal, gently massaged in for good coverage. Wait a week, gently clean the ear. Any brown stuff should be considered ear mite waste and may be full of viable eggs, so be prepared. Have a folded paper towel or a zip lock waiting to catch the used Q-tips or whatever. After cleaning, reapply IVOMEC same as before. Wait a week & clean. Was there any brown stuff in the ear canal? Yes? Treat again. No? Your probly clear, but should treat one more time to be confident any hatchlings get killed. Check ear canals weekly for six weeks for any signs of the "Tell Tale" brown waste. Always check your pets ears at least monthly, even if they are not acting distressed. Why make them suffer when we can prevent it?

  Re: Pets - When In Doubt, Try Colloidal Silver

Sun, 01 Jul 18 21:05:13 -0700
Posted by Sophia (Berkeley, Ca) on 07/01/2018

1 liter is equivalent to 4.25 cups. 28+ cups a week of CS? For what condition and size of animal?

Organic Raw Honey and Aloe Vera for Bee Sting in Dog

Sun, 01 Jul 18 21:04:38 -0700
Posted by Julie (Illinois) on 07/01/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I noticed my pitbull's eye was red and smaller than his other eye and immediately applied a mixture of 1 tsp of organic raw honey with 1/2 cup colloidal silver with an eye dropper, thinking he had a bacterial infection which he previously had six months earlier. He never did act as if it bothered him but I later noticed swelling on his bottom eyelid, very near the opening and realized it was a bee sting.

I slathered Aloe Vera from a plant I keep, to the swollen area outside the lid, being careful not to get any inside the eye.

Next, I reapplied the honey solution inside the lid using a spray bottle this time. The dog took a nap and about an hour later, his eye looked normal again! I had the same result two years earlier with my small terrier but his bee sting was not as close to the eye opening as the pitbull's sting. At that time, I immediately applied aloe vera from a bottle kept in the refrigerator and after reading about honey for bee stings, I applied honey directly on the swollen area within minutes of the aloe vera. I was shocked at how quickly the swelling disappeared at that time also.

  Re: Osteosarcoma in Great Dane - Seeking Urgent Help

Sat, 30 Jun 18 20:23:52 -0700
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 06/30/2018

Dane Mom, clay packs will eventually pull it out or dissolve it. And even before that, it'll get rid of pain, if there is any.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog's Ear Infection

Sat, 30 Jun 18 15:05:10 -0700
Posted by Sherry (Pa) on 06/30/2018
5 out of 5 stars

My 9 year old lab barnyard has a ear infection with inflamed ears. After reading your post. I decided to try it. I mixed apple cider vinegar to two parts water and applied it with a dropper and cotton ball. After two applications his ears are completely back to normal. Thanks Earth Clinic for saving me money at the Vet's office. I will continue to use Apple Cider Vinegar on a regular basis to keep ear infections at bay.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats - Can I Add Pinch of Baking Soda to Water?

Sat, 30 Jun 18 15:01:08 -0700
Posted by Kitty (Hengelo) on 06/30/2018
0 out of 5 stars

Hi! My cat can not have fish due to her thyroid disorder ...Medication was a problem at first but I manage to give her drops in catmilk. It's not good for her either because of iodine in milk.....but a tiny bit is the best solution so far....tablets will go in with certain brands catfood, the sticky ones..not the ones I like her to have like gourmet.I prefer to give her healthy food and raw but lately shes been so ill, this has all changed now..Raw food might even be too hard on her kidneys...I'm not sure about the apple cider vinegar..i thought I might add it to the catmilk as well but she threw it up just now...she rejects it in water, so perhaps if I add a pinch of baking soda..someone suggested it..this might take away from the acidity odor?

EC: Hi Kitty, you can squeeze a saturated cotton ball with diluted ACV (1 part water to 1 part ACV) to the scruff of your cat's neck (top, near skull) once or twice a day instead of trying to put it in your pet's water dish or food. It's a gentle and effective way to get ACV in cats and dogs. The transdermal method is just as effective as giving it to them internally.

Osteosarcoma in Great Dane - Seeking Urgent Help

Sat, 30 Jun 18 14:47:42 -0700
Posted by Dane Mom (Beloit, Wi) on 06/30/2018
3 out of 5 stars

Hello - I have been reading all entries related to bone cancer and osteosarcoma but am reaching out to find out Ted's best and most up to date protocol. My 6.5 year old Dane (94 lbs) was taken to the Vet for a limp, and after misdiagnosing for a month as a fracture turned out to be osteosarcoma. We started seeking and treating with every seemingly effective treatment I could find.

It has been 6 weeks since dx:

1) 2 Tbsp Budwig Flax Oil + 2 Tbps organic cottage cheese + ground walnut/apricot-seed/pumpkin-seed/sunflower-seed. We would do this twice daily

2) diet change - zero kibble now, we simmer meat or foul and add supplements such as seaweed calcium and moringa powder For the past 2 weeks we have added:

3) 1/2 tsp blackseed oil + 1/2 tsp honey

4) Essiac tea twice a day 4 oz each ////

Although she seems healthy, the growth of her leg has not reduced and has slightly enlarged. She limps heavily. I've been told it grows rapidly, typically, so maybe only a small increase is good. BUT, Ted, I need help and know that time is not on my side. Please, I am looking for a protocol - even hope for a cure - and have nothing but negative information from doctors and limited solid information from self research.

Some days she turns her nose at all food except the honey+blackseed. Most days she has a good appetite though.

EC: Dear Dane Mom,

We're so sorry to hear about your Great Dane. Unfortunately our brilliant contributor Ted had a stroke 3 years ago and has been unable to correspond with Earth Clinic readers since then. Hopefully one of our other wonderful contributors will have some ideas for you.

  Re: Mange Remedies

Fri, 29 Jun 18 09:19:17 -0700
Posted by Hb (Houston Tx) on 06/28/2018

Head and Shoulders. Full of all kind of sulfates.

  Re: Turmeric for Tumors on 14 Year Old Dog

Fri, 29 Jun 18 09:13:24 -0700
Posted by Katydid (Texas) on 06/29/2018

Dear Om, I normally agree with your advice, but not in this. This is why you SHOULD add black pepper to your turmeric. The piperine in the black pepper is essential for absorption of the curcumin that turmeric contains. If it doesn't allow the link to post, look up "piperine, study, turmeric, NCBI" in Google. Tumeric alone is not nearly as effective! Black pepper increased human bioavailability by 2000 percent. (That is not a typo. Two THOUSAND percent.) I am not saying that turmeric alone will do nothing. I'm saying that obviously adding the black pepper 1.) isn't going to hurt anything, and 2.) allows for far superior absorption.

  Re: Curcumin Helping Cat With Large Liver Cysts

Fri, 29 Jun 18 08:56:50 -0700
Posted by Anon (Uk) on 06/28/2018

Thorne meriva is likely to be toxic to cats-even in really tiny doses if given repeatedly-curcumin is such a potent blood thinner it can make red blood cells fall apart-so be aware, this may be very dangerous. This lady, after all, is talking about less than a week, there is no follow up.

  Re: Dog Suffering With Extreme Allergies, Don't Know Where to Start

Thu, 28 Jun 18 10:06:52 -0700
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 06/28/2018

I believe you mean baking soda, not baking powder.

  Re: Milk of Magnesia for Yeast Infection in Dog

Wed, 27 Jun 18 16:09:37 -0700
Posted by Kclifford (Tallahassee, Fl) on 06/27/2018

How long do you leave the MOM on and how often should I apply it?

  Re: Reducing Allergens for Cats

Wed, 27 Jun 18 16:03:05 -0700
Posted by Altamont03 (Western Nc) on 06/27/2018

if your cat has allergic asthma (most common), a more neutral compressed paper litter like Okocat paper or Exquisicat fragrance-free paper litter are a much better choice than pine. Neither of these litters are dusty. My cat is using Flovent with an AeroKat spacer. I plan to try the coconut oil. I have not confirmed the claim that it disrupts cell membranes of viruses and bacterias, but asthma is not an infection but an immune response gone wrong.

Borax and Peroxide Bath

Wed, 27 Jun 18 15:59:40 -0700
Posted by Meredith J. (Louisiana) on 06/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

When we got Loki he had a few tiny red bumps on his belly and he had a faint odor. We automatically thought fleas and he needed a bath. We gave him a bath in Dawn and picked a few fleas but not many and the odor returned a few hours later. As the days rolled by the bumps got worse and became rough. Loki's odor became more pungent and he started itching a lot. Found out that Loki had mange. I came across Ted's Remedy!!! Very affordable, convenient, easy and our pup loved the frequent attention from both of his fav peeps. The 1st photo is of our pup Loki after 1st B&P bath. 2nd is after the 3rd bath.

This really works. Thanks.