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Apple Cider Vinegar for Fleas Stops Working When Smell Dissipates

Sun, 05 Nov 17 13:38:30 -0800
Posted by Elwy (Atlanta) on 11/05/2017
3 out of 5 stars

I tried ACV and although it did repel the fleas as soon as the smell was gone the fleas came back. My dog is on Lufernuron, it's a capsule that destroys the waxy material (Chitin) flea coat is made out of. Once the Chitin is destroyed the fleas are exposed then you can easily kill them. I also use Nitenpyram the generic of Capstar (money is tight) these kill the fleas in 24hrs, I will use 1 tablet a week until my infestation is gone. Along with that I have been vacuuming along with other products for the carpet and furniture.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog's Bladder Infection

Sun, 05 Nov 17 13:27:51 -0800
Posted by Cathy (North Carolina) on 11/05/2017

How did you guys get the dogs to eat it - I just put it in a bowl for my girl and she will not touch it!!!!

EC: Try the topical application method... explained here:

Feline Leukemia Vaccination Reaction

Sun, 05 Nov 17 13:18:00 -0800
Posted by Connie (Nc) on 11/04/2017
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I purchased a purebred male Russian White feline, DOB 3-26-17. Brought him home at 8 weeks old. Beautiful, extremely energetic, playful and very affectionate. Gave him the recommended vaccines at 10,12,16 weeks. I separated the Rabies to give it by itself as well as the first feline leukemia vaccine, 2 weeks after rabies. All vaccines before the FeLV seemed to agree with him. About 1 hour after the first FeLV shot on Aug 21st, he was lethargic and just plain didn't feel good for about 36 hours. Then 3 weeks later I let the vet give him the booster. He quit playing, just wanted to sleep and be held. Then, about 2 weeks later he developed severe diarrhea, had blood in the stool, and vomited several times and virtually stopped eating. After numerous attempts to find something he would eat, he seemed to feel really hot, so I took him back to the vet on Sept 21st and $2200.00 later, I still had no definitive diagnosis of what was wrong with the little fellow. He still, at 6 months old, didn't weigh 5 pounds yet and was getting worse. Vet wanted to send me to an internal medicine specialist so they could "do more tests" when I knew in my heart that it was a severe reaction to the FeLV. Things were way too coincidental with the timing of the vaccines. I agreed to take him to the internal medicine specialist, first available appt was for Nov 9th. I took him to a second vet in the meantime on Nov 1st, thinking he was constipated since his little belly was very distended. This vet did an abdominal tap and found fluid and blood in the peritoneal cavity. Not a good sign. Gave rectal enema for some relief and low dose steroid shot. I tried everything, even water with baby syringe. He got weaker and weaker. He died Nov 4th before I could get him to the specialist.

If you are thinking about giving the FeLV for your indoor only cat, I hope my experience will help you make your decision easier.

White Vinegar for Yeast Infections in Dogs

Sun, 05 Nov 17 13:09:51 -0800
Posted by Sharon Marshall (Clearwater, Fl) on 11/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Jean!! You are absolutely correct. (Jean from San Marcos, Ca on 03/15/2012)

My veterinarian told me that my dog would have problems for the rest of his life with chewing on his legs and infections. He also has very stinky ears and the vet prescribed antibiotics!! So then his body and ears smelled terrible due to the yeast infections. We did out internet research- gave him a bath and sprayed him down with the white vinegar with water rinse that you leave in (50/50). The white vinegar has worked so very well it's amazing. I thought he was going to smell terrible with the vinegar but the vinegar smell quickly went away and so did the yeast smell and he is so much happier now!! I'm not too happy with my vet but glad your baby and mine are doing better! 😊

 Re: Remedies for Dog With Cancerous Mast Cell Tumor

Sun, 05 Nov 17 13:05:51 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/04/2017

Hey Linda,

The site is very much alive. There are no new posts in the topic you are viewing since 2015 for any number of reasons, but the site is very much alive!

  Re: Prednisone for Asthma in Pets

Sat, 04 Nov 17 11:08:50 -0700
Posted by Debbie (In) on 11/04/2017
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My cat has bad asthma. The vet gave him prednisone for about a year. It was the only thing that worked and it was great because it was so easy. Maybe a total of 6 injections every month or every other month. Guess what? At 15 years of age he's been diagnosed with diabetes because of that. I took the risk, gambled, and lost. Two weeks ago an angel of a cat I rescued died from diabetes complications.

If you move forward with this, be prepared for your cat to get diabetes. My cat dropped 4 lbs in 2 months and is very bony, but because I was caring so much for the other cat with diabetes I didn't notice so much. I've seen the horrors of what diabetes can do to a furry sweetie you love so much.

Please consider alternatives other than prednisone. I'm trying coconut oil, which seems to work. Serrapeptase works for me (I have asthma too). I also go to the doctor for inhalers, and give it to my cat to breathe in via an Aerocat-type inhaler (Space Kitty's is much better and cheaper off Amazon).

  Re: Cat with Glaucoma

Sat, 04 Nov 17 11:07:36 -0700
Posted by Jennifer Lo (Los Angeles) on 11/03/2017

After stumbling on this information (searching for holistic remedy for glaucoma for my cat) I'm so excited. I went to CVS they were out, Vons they don't carry it. I can order on Amazon but I can't wait. I"ll head to whole foods in the morning and start treatment for my cat poor guy's eye is so bulgy and the 3 drops a day are a)not improving b)hell to get him to receive and 3)medicine.

I found much more positive reasons for humans to take glycerin as well such as increased water binding in our cells (= hydration) and skin healing psioriasis.

 Re: Remedies for Dog With Cancerous Mast Cell Tumor

Fri, 03 Nov 17 20:16:34 -0700
Posted by Linda (Ontario) on 11/02/2017


I know this is an older thread!!

This is what I found when searching! ..

Can someone post---so I know this site is still alive?


(I see just 2015)

  Re: Pet Vaccines

Fri, 03 Nov 17 20:09:54 -0700
Posted by April (Surprise, Az) on 11/03/2017

INDOOR Cats only need 1 shot (a Modified Live Virus shot is best, vs the killed virus and only requires 1 shot). It is the 5 in one FVRCP shot and wait until the kitten is at least 3-5lbs. It has been proven cats immune system remember very well, and produce antibodies the rest of their lives. When adding another member to a family of cats, make sure the new cat is sequestered and vaccinated and wait two week before integrating. This avoids the other being exposed to any new virus from the newcomer. It's nothing but a money making thing to give animals shots so often. The initial suggestion was not to give shots ANY MORE OFTEN than 3 years, it was never, every 3 years. Poor dogs get them annually! NEVER give a cat a rabies shot, ever...not even if they go outside occasionally, unless you live in the woods....not needed and this shot as well as Fel Leukemia shots which should never be given either are the worse ones to cause sarcomas. What a scam to get office visits and dollars in the vets pockets. Also, be aware that heart worm meds now contain IVERMECTIN, deadly to fleas, ticks, worms and also your animal if you aren't careful, because it can cause kidney and liver damage. Use lemon wipes to keep mosquitos off your animals if they go outdoors.

  Re: VRM2 For Heartworm

Thu, 02 Nov 17 19:57:40 -0700
Posted by Brenda (Ca) on 11/02/2017


I was the original person that brought VRM-sm to this forum. I am not going to claim I am an expert on the dosage, but I have always said that doing the instructions on the bottle is not designed for dogs, but for humans. Things got so out of hand on here (exaggerated info.) that I pulled most all of my posts a year or so ago.

There are people that have called the manufacture and really-they have not done studies on animals and are not qualified to suggest dosage to a dog. I had a small dog of 7 lbs that was stage 4 with heart-worm and the vet (thank goodness) said they would kill her with their treatment of the (poison) arsenic shots because of how far gone she was and her age. They told me just to take her home and watch her suffer to death. (not in those words, but they implied that) I went home and gathered all the info I could, much like you and wrote down a list of things to get at the health food store like black walnut, woodworm etc. I just got lucky and went to the right place because the woman there recommended VRM2-sm. Her supplier (who has long passed) said to do a run for 14 days (no more) of a half capsule (for a 7lb dog) She also suggested a heart support at a half capsule. So, I mixed this into a very small bit of wet food and gave once a day (better in the eve) for the 14 days. She was cured. You know they are cured when they are that sick and I did not bother to get a blood test. The vet thought the dog was 16 years old when I found her, but she lived another 7 years and died of old age.

I am not telling you to give a half a capsule for every 7 lbs either. The max amount is 2 capsules for an adult human a day so if your dog is 75 plus lbs, I think 2 capsules will be ok. I am just worried about the people on here that are misinformed and would give a 10 lb dog 2 capsules a day in the 3 cycles like on the bottle.

The reason that humans do for 3 cycles is because of possible parasites in the colon and getting the upper and lower colon etc. from what I remember reading. Heart-worm adults live in the heart and in the later stages block the blood flow. The dog coughs frequently, sleeps a lot, and looses weight until the heart is completely blocked and the blood will actually be forced to flow backward destroying the kidneys and liver and killing the dog..

So, since the original dosage that worked for me was one run of 14 days for a 7 lb dog with a good heart support, maybe you should try the same. The dosage will be up to you on what you think for your size of dog, but I think up to 10 lbs (half a cap) 10-30 (one cap) 30-75 (1 and a half) 75-up ( 2 capsules) Give or take and do what you feel more comfortable with.

It is all natural and you will see your dog light up within 3 days and be more playful and alert, but more is not better. If you are determined to get a blood test, it is recommended to wait for 3 to 6 months for all the residue from the heart-worm to leave the system or you may get a false positive. Take care and this product really does work!

 Re: What Remedies Can Help 13 Year Old Lab Who Lost Appetite?

Thu, 02 Nov 17 17:52:08 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/02/2017

Hey Trish,

The best advice I can offer is to take your dog to the vet for a diagnosis. Sudden changes in behavior warrant a vet visit, and with a senior a proper diagnosis is crucial in determining the next steps to ensure the comfort of your pet.

  Re: Question about Mange Protocol

Thu, 02 Nov 17 17:47:56 -0700
Posted by Tammie (Nm) on 11/02/2017

My question is; Am I supposed to shampoo her between the application of the solution each day?Or am I supposed to keep applying and applying and applying the solution to wear it builds up? I'm confused about if and when do I ever wash the solution off of her?

Thank you Ted

Apple Cider Vinegar Helping Feline Respiratory Disease in Cats

Thu, 02 Nov 17 10:51:25 -0700
Posted by Donnamarie (In) on 11/02/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Tonight out of desperation I started looking for a natural remedy for my sweet lil man, MoMo. Poor guy likes to play indoor outdoor where am I now and the first night it got really cold and dewyey here he oops-ed up and got stuck outside ll night. within 24 Hours he started sneeing and weezing. I checked his nose for any signs of "anything being wedge up his nose" all was well. Gums looked well colored. But I noticed his eyes were matty and weepy. He had a "I can't cough up a hairbone" cough.

Having just lost a beloved Service Dog of 13 1/2 years panic set in. I remembered as a akid we always treated out cats eyes with warm milk if they got yukky. So with my sweet husbnds help we managed to clen up his eyes with warm milk. AND, we also used a small infant nasl syringe and were able to suck out bit of mucous. MoMo was actually very well behaved through our series of actions. That eveniing he slept reasonably well on the foot of our bed("HIS DOMAIN NOT MY FEET!!! Lol) But the next morning same thing again......

Fast forward tonight... my husband and I have tried coaxing him to eat since yesterday nothing not even his favorite treats. Then he did something very strnge he walked to the water bowl and started swatting the water around and attempting to dunk in and drink only to immediately return to swatting it. He wasn't able to drink. so that brings me to now.

I once again clened his eyes with warm milk, but the matting was so gooey and yuk that a q tip or cotton ball would not work. So I used soft ABD pads(surgical pads) once his eyes were cleaned I soaked his front paws in Apple Cider Vinegar (not organic but ACV just the same all I had) I also rubbed very generous amount around his neck and shoulders. He was not as thrilled this time about all the "manhandling", but complied just the same. He is now sitting right behind my recliner and pouting refusing to come out. However, his sneezing has almost stopped and the coughing got very intense for about 10 minutes and now has stopped. I was scared so I crawled back there with him and poor baby looked at me like "seriously mom, this stinks".

His breathing doesn't seem anywhere as laboured so praying with a few more doses and dousings he will be back to his usual King TUT I AM mood. I will post more tomorrow.

(ADDED NOTE: had not thought about the litter box, as we are a multi-cat family thanks to the poster above who mentioned it. while we scoop daily had not "fully emptied and disinfected it for almost 2 weeks(we use scoopable to save money) Also treated our little "Princess NeeNah Gray, while she has/had no signs or symptoms call it an ounce of prevention to stave off the need for a pound of cure. She however was QUITE UPSET t the stench of the acv. She is still grooming......heeeheee aka preventive treating herself.

Again KUDO's to all who hve posted previously and thanks!

  Re: Dry Food and Yeast Infections in Dogs

Thu, 02 Nov 17 10:48:18 -0700
Posted by Tabitha (Tennessee) on 11/02/2017

What did we do before the Internet, we spent tons of money at the vet.

What Remedies Can Help 13 Year Old Lab Who Lost Appetite?

Tue, 31 Oct 17 19:07:12 -0700
Posted by Trishm (Ft. Worth, Texas) on 10/31/2017

Hello. We have a 13 yr. old female lab mix. She just recently lost her appetite, going on 2 weeks. I can coax her to eat one meal a day. She gets turmeric, and fish oil daily. I started the fish oil about 3 weeks ago when someone told me it was good for the keratosis she began to get. She's just not herself. Will castor oil help with her cataracts, almost deaf, and lack of appetite? If so how do I administer the castor oil for her situations?

  Re: Kitten With Eye Infection

Tue, 31 Oct 17 09:57:11 -0700
Posted by Nanny (Ny) on 10/31/2017

My pug has a eye infection. I'm going to try the tea bag

I'm just I'm wondering what does the ACV do for the paws and the shoulder??

EC: Hi Nanny, the poster from 2008 probably meant that she was going to apply ACV topically to the area in between the shoulder blades and on the paws to treat the eye infection. Learn more about the topical ACV method here:

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Feline Acne

Tue, 31 Oct 17 09:07:09 -0700
Posted by Helen (Melbourne) on 10/30/2017

Did it wrong do you think, or was your cat OK with it.? I'm worried it will sting. My 12 year old cat has sores under his chin and around his mouth. Nearly finished 2 weeks of antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds. Nor sure where to go next. I feel so sorry for him.

  Re: How to Increase Dog's Muscle Mass

Mon, 30 Oct 17 09:09:13 -0700
Posted by Jeremy (Turlock, Ca) on 10/30/2017

I have a 12yo choc lab that's always been very active but recently been fighting a few painful issues...spondelosis and arthritis in her shoulders causing her to drag her from paws. My gf works for a vet that uses a "water treadmill" to build mass in dogs without putting strain on their joints. My dogs about to start training in it to build up mass she's lost due to her injuries. Look into that, it can really improve dogs... good luck

 Re: Any Emergency Remedies Can Help a Newborn Kitten Who is Dying?

Sun, 29 Oct 17 09:10:06 -0700
Posted by Barbara (Aiken, South Carolina) on 10/29/2017

Corn syrup or honey is an older remedy. Unless she is strong enough to nurse or you can hand feed her, she likely will not survive.

 Re: Any Emergency Remedies Can Help a Newborn Kitten Who is Dying?

Sun, 29 Oct 17 09:09:57 -0700
Posted by Barbara In Sc (Us) on 10/29/2017

Pedialyte for children may help. You will need KMR kitten milk replacement or something similar. I'm so sorry. I just went through this recently. Sometimes a kitten is not fully developed and will not be able to take nourishment.