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  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Cured Itchy Skin on Dog

Fri, 10 Feb 17 19:07:51 -0800
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 02/10/2017

To Lisette: do NOT give dogs chips!!! MUCH too salty for them. "Your dog may even vomit, have diarrhea or seizures. These are all symptoms of sodium ion poisoning." There are numerous posts here on EarthClinic about how to add organic Apple Cider Vinegar to a dog's diet. Look under the Pets/Remedies section. Here is just one of many links:

  Re: Need Help for Cat With Tumor

Fri, 10 Feb 17 19:06:46 -0800
Posted by Sam (Sa) on 02/10/2017


Finding it hard to write my own post. Please I am in need of desperate help for my cat. He is around 9. I have written on here before. My boy was diagnosed with lymphoma back in Nov 2016. After being misdiagnosed with an URI I started him on Essiac tea after a while was pretty good and his coat looks the best it has ever been.

Anyway 3 days ago his right third eyelid covered most of his eye and he went back to being lethargic and not eating. Took him to a vet and he is on antibiotics. She said it maybe a cyst behind the eye or a tumor. Also I may have to get his eye removed if it doesn't respond.

One I really do not want that and two after $1700 for the other treatment it's too much of a strain.

What can I do? If I do castor oil will it grow the tumor/cyst and then his eye pop out. I'm terrified of what can happen.

I've come home to give him his antibiotics and he is hiding. This scares me as it is what happened to my 8yr old soul kitty and I lost her to cancer.

Please help me please

  Re: Seizures in Dogs Can be from Toxins in Compost

Fri, 10 Feb 17 12:47:38 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/10/2017

Hello Heather,

I can only add that you might want to dose activated charcoal and betonite clay to help with the detox. Also raw, organic garlic - crush a clove and let it sit for 15 minutes before feeding - can help with detoxing the bowel as well.

  Re: Seabuckthorn Oil for Tumors

Fri, 10 Feb 17 12:45:13 -0800
Posted by Katie (Jackson, Ga) on 02/10/2017

Hi everyone. Are you all giving your dogs the seabuckhorn oil in their food or water? I had read that you can apply it directly on the tumors which I have been doing on my dog since November, but its not working that way. I'm desperate to try something else at this point!

  Re: Castor Oil for Tumors

Fri, 10 Feb 17 12:41:24 -0800
Posted by Sam (Sa) on 02/10/2017


What about a cyst or tumor that is behind a cat's eye causing his third eyelid to cover have his eye with a slight buldge up on top of head?

I'm desperately seeking help.

Thank you


  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Cured Itchy Skin on Dog

Thu, 09 Feb 17 21:40:41 -0800
Posted by Lisette ( ) on 02/08/2017

Hi Virginia. Ho do you add the ACV? do dogs mind? when I ate chips with vinegar admittedly probably much more concentrated than you would use, they weren't keen on the few I shared with them. any tips? and do you add it to their water? at what rate?

  Re: Ear Infection Issues in Dog

Thu, 09 Feb 17 21:33:46 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/09/2017

Hey Tania,

I use 1 cup of olive oil and press 2-3 good sized cloves of garlic into it and let steep overnight in the fridge. I pour off a small amount that I am going to use, and put the rest back into the fridge to continue steeping; when I run out of oil I toss the lot and make a new batch. I am not aware of a garlic:oil ratio - it sounds as if your approach with the small jar is about the same as mine with 1 cup and 3 cloves :). I make sure I warm the oil up before putting it into the ear, and I make sure it goes deep down by massaging the base of the ear until I hear it squishing around - way more than 10 drops! I think the ears flushing red is normal - blood rushing to the tissue because it is being stimulated. Once the ear begins to heal and the skin is not all scratched and open and raw I might use a water based product or home made solution to flush the gunk out. I like Eoi-otic and PhytoVET ear products that I can buy online. I have no problem using home remedies and they work great especially in a pinch, but for chronic problem ears these veterinary formulations that are now commonly available online are superior particularly in terms of pain control. If pain is not an issue, I like 1/3 cup each water, hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl OR water, white vinegar and isopropyl. When you combine vinegar and hydrogen peroxide you create paracetic acid which is very harsh on the skin, so avoid mixing those two together for use on tender ear skin.

 Re: Would Astragalus Help Dog With Allergies?

Thu, 09 Feb 17 21:30:06 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Celina, Ohio) on 02/09/2017

Would like to know what spray You make to put on your dog scratching. Thank you.

Seizures in Dogs Can be from Toxins in Compost

Thu, 09 Feb 17 14:37:13 -0800
Posted by Heather (Reading, Pa) on 02/09/2017

My healthy and lively 7 month old Lab Lily approached me for her daily egg for watching over the chickens and ducks for the day last night when I noticed her shaking so bad she could hardly stand up. I brought her inside and I thought she was definitely having a seizure. Her eyes were blinking constantly, she couldn't stand, was panting heavily, had uncoordinated movements, the whole nine yards. I have always done things as naturally and holistically as possible, but I knew this was a vet moment. We arrived at the emergency clinic 30 minutes after it all started. She was getting worse. They rushed her into the back and it seemed like hours (because it was! ) when we finally learned she had Mycotoxicosis. She had a fever of 104.5. Hours later she was still convulsing. Mycotoxicosis is the term used when your dog is poisoned from backyard compost bins or areas where decaying matter can be found (e.g., forests, gardens, etc.).

I know people may already know this can happen, but I did not, neither did any of my friends in similar situations. For twenty years my dogs have been in the compost bin from time to time, and a couple times I recall a wake up call in the night to go outside from them eating it.

We could have lost her to this. It required IV fluids and flushing the toxins from her system. I can do a lot at home, but I am not skilled enough to administer IV fluids. Without this she may have died.

The reason for this post is to give people info about this. Fence off your compost, or if you live near forest where your dogs maybe eating deer or other poop in the woods- they could get this, or it could be why they keep having seizures. I am not implying this is every seizure situation by any means. Most people don't watch their dogs to see what they are doing outside every minute. It will cost us nearly $2000 for this, but more importantly we almost lost our newest family member to something that could have been avoided. Years ago I knew someone that adopted a dog who was on all sorts of these seizure meds, and would have these prolonged episodes (like Lily) and now it makes me wonder if she had this. While finding info online about it last night it did say continued seizures can be misdiagnosed when it is actually these mycotoxins which are causing the issue.

I give her grain free puppy kibble, fresh raw and cooked meats & veggies, bones, coconut oil, probiotics and pumpkin puree daily. She spends a lot of time outside and is also walked daily. She is going to pull through, but it was a real scare. I hope people will share this and read more about Mycotoxin poisoning because I am sure I am not the only one on Earth Clinic composting in my yard.

  Re: ACV for Hot Spots

Thu, 09 Feb 17 13:14:46 -0800
Posted by Lisette ( Aus) on 02/08/2017

You can also apply neem to these sore spots; it kills fungus, pests etc, and is an oil, so gentle. consider cooking for your pet; save money and know what is in the food :)

  Re: Natural Remedy or Supplement for Dog With Thyroid Issues?

Thu, 09 Feb 17 11:00:07 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/09/2017

Hey Annie!

You don't mention if your dog is hyper or hypo, but the weight gain suggests hypothyroid so please take a peek here:

Grain based diets appear to be a major factor so a switch to RAW or meat based may do wonders.

While I do not normally send folks off site, there is too much info in the article to share here. Please read up and report back.


  Re: Ear Infection Issues in Dog

Wed, 08 Feb 17 17:36:09 -0800
Posted by Tania (England) on 02/08/2017

Hi Theresa,

Thank you so much for your advice. I have ordered the Zymox, I was advised by an English vet not to use a similar product as it kills off the hairs in the ear canal, but I think he meant long term regular use. May I also ask you about making garlic infused oil. I can't find an actual recipe. I read to fill up a small glass gar with garlic then top up with oil and leave for 10-14 days. I gave 10 drops in each ear, twice a day for 3 days. It has helped but I notice that her ears go red after application, she is not bothered by it but I was concerned it was a reaction or it was burning? Or could it be just the blood pumping around after the warmth of it. Can you add too much garlic to the oil? Do you know of a garlic:oil ratio please?

Many thanks again, Tania

  Re: Supplements for Cushing's Disease

Wed, 08 Feb 17 17:27:56 -0800
Posted by Diana (Raleigh, North Carolina) on 02/08/2017

Hi, where did you get the Rehmannia 11 (Chinese Herbs), Livaplex, A-F Betafood, Cardioplus?

  Re: What Can Help My Sick Rabbit Recover From Loss of Appetite?

Wed, 08 Feb 17 13:09:00 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/08/2017

Hello Velvet,

You might consider giving your bun activated charcoal. You would have to get the capsules from the health food store, grind them up and add enough water to make it easy to suck up in a syringe, and then use the syringe to your bun's mouth to get him to drink it down. Another option would be bentonite clay, administered in the same way.

  Re: Feline Upper Respiratory Infection

Wed, 08 Feb 17 12:42:18 -0800
Posted by Karen (Manchester, Md) on 02/08/2017

If you need amoxicillin buy fish mox-it's amoxicillin for fish and its the same as the prescription.

What Can Help My Sick Rabbit Recover From Loss of Appetite?

Tue, 07 Feb 17 23:04:00 -0800
Posted by Velvet Fujita (Us) on 02/07/2017

What can I do to detox my rabbit who may have eaten potato leaves? She has loss of appetite, seems weak and thinner, not her jumpy energetic self.

 Re: Seeking Remedies for German Shepherd With Potential Bone Cancer

Tue, 07 Feb 17 19:30:03 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/07/2017

Hello Nilanjana,

Read up on human bone cancer remedies on EC and consider using the same for Zeke:

In particular look at the feedback and look at Bill's protocol under the 'Ted's Remedies' portion of the page - you will need to scroll way down. You might also consider a holistic vet - Pomeroy's is very good but they are not always accepting new clients.

 Re: My Dog Has Blood in Her Urine and Blood Clot

Tue, 07 Feb 17 19:27:42 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/07/2017

Hello Reni,

My advise is to take her to the vet right now/ASAP. Get her checked out and rule in/out bladder stones. You can keep up the ACV up to and after the appointment, but you are always ahead of the healing game if you can get a proper diagnosis so you can begin the best treatment as soon as possible. What I would advise against: vaccinations of any kind at your visit.

Black Seed Oil and ACV for Older Cat with Kidney Disease

Tue, 07 Feb 17 19:16:55 -0800
Posted by Linda (London) on 02/07/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi.....My cat, Merlin is 16 and has kidney disease. I have been giving him a small squirt of black seed oil in a pipette every morning for the past 2 - 3 months when I take some myself. He immediately stopped vomiting and smelling slightly rancid. I combined that with a tiny amount of ACV in his drinking water each day and nearly all of the symptoms now have disappeared.

  Re: Borax Treatment for Dogs

Tue, 07 Feb 17 13:44:48 -0800
Posted by Colleen (Florida) on 02/07/2017

Borax is very good for animals and humans alike in the right dose. It does help arthritis - joint problems. One word of CAUTION! I started taking a very small amount diluted in water ( 1 tbsp per gallon water) I took 1 tsp of water a day. Being 2 years into menopause, no periods, I had a "period from hell". It does affect your hormones. I stopped taking it. Will wait a year and try again.