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Apple Cider Vinegar for Cat's Urinary Infection

Sat, 27 Jan 18 10:52:53 -0800
Posted by Teresa C. (Winona, Mo) on 01/25/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Our 17 year old cat showed signs of a UTI. She is an indoor/outdoor cat. First she soaked the rug at the door with urine, so I knew she wasn't blocked. Then she began squatting randomly, peeing just a little, with some blood. I googled natural cures for feline UTI, and was delighted to find this site.

She has been on a raw chicken diet for 5 years, which has been a lifesaver. Before we switched, her fur was thin, she had no energy. Since feeding the raw chicken, her coat is silky, and she acts like a kitten. Not really sure why she would get a UTI on this diet. There was a spell last summer when we didn't have time to make the raw food, and just fed dry for about 10 days. She started squatting on the floor depositing blood. Since then I never give her dry food. She is very obsessive about water. Whenever she hears water, she comes running and howls demanding fresh water in her dish. Possibly diabetic?

I followed the advice posted by Darlene on 6/2015.

"Used a 1.0mL syringe and gave her 1mL over a 15 minute period. I wouldn't give it to her all at once because it was strong! I gave about 1/3 then waited a few minutes. I gave her the second 1/3 then waited a few minutes. Then I gave her the last 1/3. One hour later she was symptom free but I repeated the 1mL dose again to make sure she would be fine through the night."

She was, and didn't wake me up constantly during the night wanting to be let in and out. She was much calmer, her usual self. Purring and rubbing on everything. I followed the maintenance dose for 2 days, and then skipped 3. Symptoms reappeared, so I repeated doses. She would not eat it on her food, so I used a syringe, wiped the foam off her mouth, and gave her a little tuna and liquid. Guess I'll have to stick with this, and will try the topical approach.

Thanks so much for all the tips on this site!!

 Re: Cancer of Spine or Stroke in Cat, What Is Best Natural Remedy?

Sat, 27 Jan 18 10:06:50 -0800
Posted by Antonia (Oakland, Ca) on 01/27/2018

Dear Theresa,

Thank you so much for your post. Yes, I thought the same because of the sudden inability to use the back legs. And I did rush the cat "Mutzi" (honey in german for feral cat) to the next ER at 2 a.m. in the morning when I noticed the back legs are kaput. After an MRI the next day the Neurology Vet thought it was cancer and not a stroke. Somewhere I could not believe it. They told me to go ahead with radiation last wednesday even one back leg got so much better. I gave Prednisone for cancer. Then on wednesday evening, the same day the Neurology Vet said it is cancer, she told me after speaking with other Neurology Vets, that indeed it was a stroke. Mutzi's potassium was extremely low at the last blood test in August, but the Vet said it was o.k. That was probably the problem. Today saturday, after 3 weeks, the fourth back leg is somewhere moving, amazing. I need now immediately an internal medicine Doctor to regulate the potassium, otherwise there could be another stroke. Thanks again for your kindness sharing your thoughts with me. Antonia

 Re: Cancer of Spine or Stroke in Cat, What Is Best Natural Remedy?

Sat, 27 Jan 18 10:06:15 -0800
Posted by Antonia (Ca) on 01/26/2018

Thank you so much for your advice. Your knowledge is very impressive. Yes, Mutzi's Potassium levels where very low in the last blood test in August. But at that time the Vet did nothing. Now after an MRI, they thought it is cancer in the spine, bone cancer and I gave prednisone. After 2 weeks Mutzi could walk on 3 legs, still the Neurology Vet was sure it is cancer. She suggested me last wednesday to go for radiation. Later the evening she called me and told me now she changed her mind, after speaking with other Neurology Veterinarian, it was indeed a stroke. But now as you write it was maybe not at all a stroke, it was the very low potassium level. I need to find now immediately an internal medicine Vet to regulate the potassium. Tonight Mutzi began walking on 4 legs, a miracle. Thanks again for your post and advice, I would wish you were my Vet, you are amazing.

Alfalfa for Hip Arthritis in Dogs

Sat, 27 Jan 18 10:03:58 -0800
Posted by Me (Vista) on 01/27/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Best thing for arthritis is alfalfa.I used alfalfa capsules wrapped in cheese and gave it to my chihuahua and it healed the arthritis in her hip.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Urinary Crystals in Cat

Thu, 25 Jan 18 20:32:45 -0800
Posted by Sam (Sa. Australia ) on 01/25/2018


Did you work out what the white foam was?

I just tried last night the ACV and then again today and my boy just froths this white bile up it is like he can not swallow. Any advice asap please?

  Intranasal Bordetalla Vaccine Dangers

Thu, 25 Jan 18 19:54:51 -0800
Posted by Djo (Woodside, Ny) on 01/24/2018
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My 13 year old Lhasa Apso had his regular check up. He hasn't had vaccinations, since he developed liver disease 4 years ago. He received the intranasal Bordella vaccination. 5 days later, he had issues breathing and I rushed him to the hospital. His lungs were filled with fluid and he passed away within 4 hours. I truly believe the vaccinations contributed to his demise. We're so devastated.

Rabies Vaccine in Cat

Wed, 24 Jan 18 16:39:30 -0800
Posted by Angie (Denver, Colorado) on 01/24/2018
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My 14month old cat just got his yearly rabies vaccine and his eyes are showing some swelling. Is that normal?

Coconut Oil and High Quality Food for Cat with FIP

Wed, 24 Jan 18 11:53:31 -0800
Posted by Chris (Oregon) on 01/23/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I recently rescued a kitten. 6 months old and such a love. It was immediately clear that she had health issues, after the 2nd emergency visit to the vet she was diagnosed with FIP and given less than 30 days to live. I was devastated & heartbroken, but committed to giving her the best quality of life possible for her remaining days.

There is not a lot of info about FIP out there & most of it reinforces the idea that it is an untreatable, incurable and fatal disease, but I womdered if strengthening her immune system might help to at least improve her quality of life, so changed her diet to a very high protein, grain free wet food b/c she was very dehydrated (I use Blue Buffalo b/c she loves it & I can make a gravy to increase her hydration.)

I then stumbled on to coconut oil by accident, because she was too weak to clean herself she had dried catfood all over her face that was impossible to get off despite my daily ritual.of cleaning her, so I tried the coconut an attempt to clean her face & sooth any sore spots.

To my amazement she immediately perked up & started eating it from my fingers as I was applying it.

Being given a dire diagnosis I though we had nothing to lose & she inhaled it like it was something her body was both craving & needing, so every day we would do our little ritual where I would snuggle her while cleaning her little sweet face & I let her eat as much coconut oil as she wanted (usually about 1 teaspoon) b/c it's really high in.good fat, so she didn't overdo it, she just stopped when she was done.

Not sure we're totally of the woods yet, but the change has been dramatic. She's grooming & is once again able to walk, get herself in & out of the litterbox & she's got SO much more energy, exploring & playing with her toys for the first time and she's eating like a tiny little horse.

Her coat is once again shiny & beautiful and she hasn't had a seizure since we started with the coconut oil & high quality diet, nor has she required subcutameous fluids for the dehydration.

I was resigned to go with whatever happened and to do everything I could to prevent her from suffering, but now I am hopeful that maybe this wasn't the death sentence I'd been told about.

She's outlived the prognosis by more than a month & she appears to be growing & thriving.

  Re: Powder to Help Keep Dog's Ears Dry?

Wed, 24 Jan 18 09:52:10 -0800
Posted by Kiyanna (Co) on 01/23/2018

What powder would I use?

  Re: Diet For Dog With Heart Murmur

Wed, 24 Jan 18 09:43:59 -0800
Posted by Dianne (Ga) on 01/23/2018

Can you please post a few recipes for a raw diet. I have a 10-year-old, 17 lb. chihuahua. He has a 2.5-grade murmur, he coughs a lot and his breathing is labored. I give him Hawthorne, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, and Burdock, 1 capsule of each 2 x a day. He still has fluid build up also. I am going to add COQ 10 and need something for the fluid, any ideas? Thank you.

 Re: Need Remedies for Tumor in Pet Rat

Wed, 24 Jan 18 09:33:48 -0800
Posted by Brandon (Syracuse Ny) on 01/24/2018

I just found this forum. I hate the fact that no one replied rats are a great pet my favorite and insanely under rated.. the only thing that helps prevent Tumors in female rats are to get them spayed what she has on her neck looks benign. Does it feel kind of squishy and slightly detached from the skin? There are tons of "remedies" but they are proposed by people who are not scientists such as flaxseeds, shark cartilage and so much more but who knows you could try.. The thing on her foot looks like a cyst im 80 percent sure which you could take care of yourself thats up to you again I'm not a vet but I have alot of experience with rats.. I hope the little guy is doing or did well :/

Licorice for Addison's Disease

Tue, 23 Jan 18 15:17:46 -0800
Posted by Nothy (Ancaster, On) on 01/23/2018
5 out of 5 stars

My dog is in the midst of being diagnosed. He has the symptoms an d the vet agrees it is Addisons but we are running more tests. I tried the licorice and I notice he feels better. Food stays down and no more diarrhea. The online sources I consulted said no more than two weeks without supplementing for sodium retention. Again You have to get the regular licorice not the deglycerized one which will not work for Addison dogs. I only used this for two weeks as suggested and I saw a big difference in my little guy.

  Re: Essiac Tea for Cancer

Tue, 23 Jan 18 09:43:15 -0800
Posted by Vanessa (Las Vegas, Nv ) on 01/22/2018

My almost 12 year old Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with Squamous on his left side of his face under his eye and inside of his mouth in about the end of March 2017. The Vet didn't give him long to live and we've done no medical treatment yet out of fear he may get really sick plus it's very expensive.

He seems to be doing well...eating, drinking, playing, walks and sleeping well. I do have him all all natural and home made food, The Budwig protocol 2x per day, Vitamins for his immune system and at time have tried other things but some seem to do nothing. I've had the Essay Tea in my cabinet for awhile now and finally I think I'll try it...The only thing I can seem to get done is actually shrinking the tumor so this is investing...Please give me any other information on the Essiac. I"m following the directions on the package...Praying for a miracle

 Re: Cancer of Spine or Stroke in Cat, What Is Best Natural Remedy?

Tue, 23 Jan 18 09:22:42 -0800
Posted by Bw (Bellevue, Wa) on 01/22/2018

Although not for a sudden episode of loss of the use of their back legs, I have read that some cats need a little extra potassium when they start walking on their hocks. I can't say just how much, but his blood work should indicate if it is low. There is a company (name of R_ _ _K) which provides potassium gluconate for cats.

Another thing which it could indicate is the need for methylcobalamin B12, which you can read about at these two sites (though this was for a cat with diabetic neuropathy):

  Re: Eliminated Chicken Cured Dog's Allergy Problems

Mon, 22 Jan 18 18:54:08 -0800
Posted by Boc (Upstate, Ny) on 01/22/2018

My dog had that smell combined with itching and it was a yeast infection. I gave her baths with tar shampoo for humans and rinsed her before she was finished with white vinegar. Also, added plain yogurt to her non-grain diet. Research earth clinic animal yeast infection for more details.

  Re: Borax and Peroxide Treatment

Mon, 22 Jan 18 18:47:43 -0800
Posted by Shannon (Wi) on 01/22/2018

Will the borax treatment beharmful when they lick it off their fur?

  Re: Apoquel

Sun, 21 Jan 18 21:57:24 -0800
Posted by Marilyn (New Haven, Ct) on 01/21/2018

Hi Pauline, my 50+ pound mutt is on low dose Apoquel for the past two months. I cut a tablet into 4 pieces and use 1/4 morning and night. He seems to do well on the lower dose but I have heard that apoquel stops working after a time. However, it's done wonders in helping his skin issues. No more yeast smell or scratching.

Because I have read up on side effects on dog's immune systems when I started him on this, I give him 1 turkey tail (medicinal mushroom) capsule with every meal. Perhaps that will help build your dog's immune system. I was giving him a comprehensive mushroom support formula but it's very pricey. I think turkey tail is excellent and less expensive. These medicinal mushrooms seem very safe for dogs, no side effects... Good luck with your pooch. Sending prayers.

  Re: Apoquel

Sun, 21 Jan 18 17:41:19 -0800
Posted by Pauline (Texas) on 01/21/2018

My Westie had lost all his fur a year ago, so I found a vet that would prescribe Apoquel (I knew the possible side effects, but it was that or permanent sleep). 16mg daily because his condition was chronic, according to the vet. A little over a year later, the Apoquel became ineffective, his eyes, face, ears, loaded with the yeast. Changed vets, new meds, his eyes are clear, fur growing back on his face, however as a result of the Apoquel, his immune system became compromised, so I am now going through all sorts of treatments trying to battle this infection. I have him on Acidophilus, Caprylic acid, antibiotics, anti-yeast medication, in an effort to restore his immune system. A long process, doesnt work overnight. I will now try the apple cider vinegar treatment and start bathing him in a tree oil based shampoo twice weekly. I will also start washing his feet everytime he goes out. I need to get him in fighting condition when the heat and humidity of summer hits this region around May, or I will lose him.

 Re: Hair Loss in Cat After Being Spade

Sat, 20 Jan 18 10:51:49 -0800
Posted by April (Summerdale, Alabama) on 01/20/2018

Hi, I've had lots of kittys spayed and neutered and I notice after they shave a female for spay surgery it takes a long time for that fur to grow back, more so than anywhere else on the body, they can look necked and weird for many months after. Just make sure she's eating right and acting right, check her for fleas if she is losing hair on her back, make sure she isn't stressed because stress can cause a kitty to start losing hair. I don't know about mange in cats but I would put some spot flea treatment on her, you'd be surprised at the trouble a flea can cause.

  Re: Seeking Remedies for Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

Sat, 20 Jan 18 09:53:06 -0800
Posted by April (Summerdale, Alabama) on 01/20/2018

Yes I have seen it on YouTube also (stumplords) video is exactly the way my cat is behaving. My vet doesn't understand me when I'm describing Teagan's symptoms. We have spent over $ 700. dollars at the vet this month already because Teagan has a 2 in gash in her tail. The vet wants to dock her tail and I don't think that's the answer. My cat eats Hills food, the fleas are under control, she has no tape worm. My cat does not act like this every day, about once a week she sees her tail as the enemy, biting, hissing, growling, circling around unsettled, fast breathing, panting, skin rippling. It freaks me out when she freaks out. I feel like some medication might help but I've been offered no other solutions from my vet other than to cut her tail off. No allergy testing, blood testing, nerological testing so that we can come up with a solution that doesn't end up mutilating my cat.No mention of Feline Hyperesthesia.I don't feel like my vet cares. So what would happen if the vet cut her tail off?We didn't solve the mental problem, would she start attacking her foot, then what, cut off her foot? No, no, no!

If anyone out there has a cat with this kind of problem and has any advice please let me know. BTW Teagan isn't an aggressive kitty, she has never bitten me or acted like she was going to. She was feral when I got her as a 3lb kitten, she is an inside only cat, if she were to get outside I would probably never catch her again. She still has some feral ways, its very hard to give her medicine, she will let me love on her all day long though, she asks me for loving. Petting down her back to the tip of her tail doesn't bring on a tail fit. I have 3 other indoor cats and mostly everyone gets along, Teagan is top cat though and she is the youngest, my house is quiet, no kids, everything is usually the same, no major changes. They have toys, cat trees and windows to look out.We live in the country so there are lots of birds at the feeders to see.

Teagan has been in my big hospital crate (kitty play pen) with a cone on sinse the 9th of Jan. today is the 20th. Cant let her out because if I need to get to her she wont let me, also if she opens her stitches up again it will look like a murder occurred in my house. When she first hurt her tail there was blood everywhere, all up the walls, on the ceiling, all over the floor from one end of the house to the other, we made a midnight emergency trip to the vet.

I am a stay at home cat mom so I'm with them all day, the first thing I do in the morning is check on everybody and make sure everythings ok. To have Teagan act stressed like this stresses me out too, Ive cried and I have no answers.