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  Re: Ear Mite Remedies

Fri, 06 Apr 18 11:43:46 -0700
Posted by Beverly (Pennsylvania) on 04/06/2018

What a horrible, horrible and sad story. I think you just saved my cat's life, because I was just about to look for things in my med cabinet from old script to try to treat/ kill these ear-mites. I am so sorry about your kitty and about you, but he/she is alive and still has a mommy/daddy to love and take care of it. I know your kitty and I are strangers but my granny used to say a kiss on each check makes us strangers no more. So kiss her on each side for me and tell her love is on it's way. The two of you can love your way through it. So, here I go just cleaning and using more natural ways to treat my baby. I know these ear-mites are hard to get ride of but still they are OUT of here! By the way my cat's name is FIONA, MS. FIONA to the rest of the world(: I thank you for the information you've shared and will pass it on to others, I will also pray for you and your kitty.

Colloidal Silver for Distemper in Dogs

Fri, 06 Apr 18 11:41:37 -0700
Posted by Art (California ) on 04/06/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Colloidal silver has shown itself to be useful for human health issues and apparently it can be useful for dogs also according to this article. Once you get to the page, you have to click on the "PDF" download button to read the full study.


  Re: Ear Infection in Rottweiler

Fri, 06 Apr 18 08:42:30 -0700
Posted by Wendy427 (Oh) on 04/06/2018

Also (to Linda (Carey, Ohio)), mix 1 teaspoon of the organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the "mother") into her food each time you feed her. Do this all the time. Read here on EC about all the benefits of ACV for dogs.

  Re: Ear Infection in Rottweiler

Fri, 06 Apr 18 08:41:22 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 04/05/2018

Hey Linda,

Do you know *why* your rottie is getting ear infections? If you can determine the source you may be able to avoid them in the long term. Common causes are the wrong diet or a food allergy. Check out your ingredient label and if you see grains/corn/soy consider feeding a grain free diet for 6 weeks to see if you notice a difference. Avoid foods and treats with artificial colors and dyes, and avoid rawhide products entirely. You may find that by changing the diet that the ear issues are cut way down. You might also consider the Arane ear formula:

Good luck and report back!

  How Much Colloidal Silver in Water Dish for Gum Disease?

Thu, 05 Apr 18 11:05:32 -0700
Posted by Paulette (Erial) on 04/05/2018

Canine gum disease:

How much colloidal silver do I put in my dogs water to help them? They are sm/med.

  Re: Ear Infection in Rottweiler

Thu, 05 Apr 18 11:03:56 -0700
Posted by Linda (Carey, Ohio) on 04/05/2018

My 4 year old Rottweiler is fighting ear infection again. Does it help to feed her the yogurt twice a day? I just started the ACV in water today. I am tired of fighting her with rinsing her ears and putting drops in them. Saw this on Pinterest and thought I would try it but everyone is talking about bathing in ACV and it isn't her skin it's her ears. HELP!!!!!

  Re: ACV for Warts on Dogs

Thu, 05 Apr 18 10:58:14 -0700
Posted by Patty (Mascotte, Florida ) on 04/05/2018

hi, I also have a cocker that is almost 14 he has a yucky wart behind his ear, that has been bleeding off and on but I read where ACV was really good, I used it for awhile it does help to dried it out but I found where ( all natural drawing salve ) is helpings it to drain and helping it not to be painful, I'm on the 3rd day and I'm liking what I am seeing, I'm hoping it will completely make this disappear 😊

  Re: Black Salve for Stubborn Wart on Dog

Thu, 05 Apr 18 10:54:36 -0700
Posted by Patty (Mascotte Florida) on 04/05/2018

hi, my cocker has the exact same thing behind his ear, I tried the ACV but wasn't really happy with it, I am trying the black salve, hoping it will work it's been 3 days and I see some changes, he's 14 so I do not want the vet removing it, thank you for the infor

  Re: Flea Bath Linked to Seizures

Wed, 04 Apr 18 08:38:05 -0700
Posted by Tracey Allen (Orange Park, Florida) on 04/04/2018

I am going to give this a try. Ty for this tip. I too have tried everything you have mentioned and no significant relief noted. I to had used the Apoquel for my doggies. It became very expensive and wasn't always available for purchase. I have two 19 pound ShihTzu's and I was wondering if the 4 mg tablets is acceptable for their weight as well?? Once again ty for this tip, and I will let you know how's it work she for my babies. Tracey

  Re: Reducing Fatty Tissue Tumors in Dogs

Tue, 03 Apr 18 23:34:44 -0700
Posted by Diana (Florida) on 04/03/2018

You can give her some colloidal silver for an antibotic, and infection, put some coconut oil on it even if she licks it won't hurt her.

  Re: Tumors in Dogs

Tue, 03 Apr 18 23:34:18 -0700
Posted by Diana (Florida) on 04/03/2018

Put some colloidal silver on the wound, if you can some hydrogen peroxide for the infection the silver is for infection and bacteria, coconut oil is good too. Good luck

  Re: Echinacea and Goldenseal for Pyometra

Tue, 03 Apr 18 23:32:53 -0700
Posted by Fatmah (Honolulu) on 04/03/2018

Saw your comments. one capsule each of the Echinacea and Goldenseal root 225/225mg? My dog is about 20lbs.


  Re: Rabies Vaccine Side Effects in Cat

Tue, 03 Apr 18 17:37:14 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 04/03/2018

Hello Tina,

I am very sorry for the loss of your Mayhem :(

If your 4 year olds have had their kitten shots, they likely do not need any more vaccinations - ever. The vaccination protocols are changing. If you Google "new veterinary vaccination protocols" you can read up and determine for yourself if you should bring ANY of your kitties in for vaccinations for the rest of their lives.

 Re: Help Needed for Cats with Tiny Flies in Ears that Bite

Tue, 03 Apr 18 10:17:47 -0700
Posted by Sherrie (Dallas) on 04/02/2018

Dear god!! You are ringing a dinner bell with the vinegar in his poor Ears! And it’s very burning to their delicate thin skin... get out of his ears w that!! YOU are drawing the flies to him!!! Poor angel kitty....

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects in Cat

Tue, 03 Apr 18 08:38:13 -0700
Posted by Tina (Bernville) on 04/03/2018
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Seizure and death after rabies vaccination

My cat Mayhem went in for his routine check-up and rabies vac yesterday. I had his sister Mischief as well. They asked if I wanted 1 or 3 and said 3. Put them in the carrying case; paid; and headed for home. They are 12 years old, 13 in Dec. About 2 miles from vet they both started vomiting. I pulled into the church parking lot and checked on them. Mischief was crouched down and Mayhem was having a seizure. I had to put a blanket between his stomach and his back legs because he was convulsing so bad that his paws were hitting the sides of his body and pulling out hair. I shut the crate and made a dash for the vet. Got there, took him out of the crate and covered him in the towel to take him inside. In the towel he defecated and peed and in my mind I knew that was it. When they go, that is the last thing they do in this condition. I still gave him to the vet and they tried to do what they could but it was too late. My previous Mayhem was gone. It is now about 12 hours later and I am like in disbelief that my baby boy is gone. His sister has vomited a few times today and I am keeping a close watch on her. Mayhem had a heart murmur and IBD and I suspect that due to the IBD he had an allergic reaction. He has had the vaccine since he was supposed to get it and never reacted like this. I will not take Mischief in for anymore shots. Distemper or anything. I am done with vaccinated her. I have two 4-year old cats that go in next week for their shots and wellness visit and am seriously thinking about not taking them. I know they recommend all these immunizations but I am really nervous now about them doing more harm them good. I am so incredibly sad right now over the loss of my boy.

ACV and Yogurt for Itchy Skin

Mon, 02 Apr 18 11:26:06 -0700
Posted by Karen (Hamilton, Ontario) on 04/01/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I too read and used the suggestions here. I used a solution of 1:1 vinegar to water to soothe my basset hound's irratated skin on contact. This seemed to take the itch out for a few hours. I apply as needed.

Then I added ac vinegar and yoghurt to his dinner...1 part Apple Cider Vinegar to 2 parts plain yoghurt. My dog ate it but was hesitant in doing so. I guess he smelled the avc. Three days in and I see less and less scratching. I dont know if this a cure but it is definitely a big help.

Vaccine Side Effects

Mon, 02 Apr 18 11:07:30 -0700
Posted by Anonymous (Wa ) on 04/01/2018
0 out of 5 stars

I begrudgingly get my fur babies vaccinated. I see how sensitive they are afterwards and the lumps they develop in their necks and think the worst. My family vet had always used the Virbac Canigen brand. It was 3 vaccinations at 8,12 and 16 weeks. I did some research and discovered vets using the Ingleheim Boehringer Protech brand only administered 2 needles. All this paranoia because some idiot says you can't take your dog out until they've had all their shots. I chose to swap to the Protech vaccine for my newest pup. It's been an unmitigated disaster. She's riddled with allergy. And I know it's all my fault ☹️

Spread vaccines out as much as as possible. I had always been on the late side of getting my other pooches vaccinated and never had such long term issues.

I cant express my regret enough.

  Re: Milk of Magnesia for Yeast Infection in Dog

Mon, 02 Apr 18 11:03:09 -0700
Posted by Shepdog (Tallahassee, Florida) on 04/01/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I saw great improvement within 24 hours, but it took about a month to totally clear up.

  Re: Is Turmeric Dangerous For Constipated Cat?

Mon, 02 Apr 18 10:57:36 -0700
Posted by Ann (P.S. Ca) on 04/01/2018

Hi Ron, please do not use castor oil or molasses on/for your cat (or any animal). Cats are missing an important enzyme for detoxification, Glucuronosyltransferase (sp?) it is a major phenol detoxification enzyme. Most cats become lactose (dairy) intolerant when they have stopped nursing. Things given may seem fine at the time however down the road you end up with your cat in renal failure, a build up of toxins in their kidneys. Molasses has lots of sugar and that is bad for cats & dogs. Most of the OTC hairball treatments have petroleum jelly used in it, would you eat petroleum jelly? Milk of magnesia is not safe as you need be extremely careful with magnesium and cats, very low dose can be helpful but more could be toxic, how would you know how much to give.

Mama to Many, I like much of the advice you give, however I just had to step in (respectfully) this time. I do work with cats and I keep learning so much as time goes on. Please do much needed research before giving anything to your pets.

With that all said, coconut oil (1/4 - 1/2 tsp.) is safe and for most also effective, give it time, also pumpkin (for both constipation and diarrhea) work for most (1/4 -1 tsp.) and plain, no sugar added or anything else not needed in plain yogurt (organic) in small does (upto 1 tsp.) a few times a week to help gut flora. Yogurt when cultured has broken down the lactose and is fermented and full of good enzymes for the intestinal flora. Always start low dose. Hope this helps you Ron and anyone else in need. Keep up your good work Mama to Many.

Organic Coconut Oil And Holistic Grain-Free Diet for Cat Mange

Sat, 31 Mar 18 10:06:09 -0700
Posted by Kelly (Ca) on 03/30/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Just recently, I took in a stray Tuxedo cat, whom I named Max. Max had a nasty case of mange when he first showed up. I wanted to help him get well, and tried a few natural home remedies, none of which he took to. Then I remembered that I had a jar of organic coconut oil in the house. I put on a disposable glove, dipped my fingers into the jar of coconut oil, and rubbed my fingers together to melt the oil. I went outside on the patio where Max was and rubbed the coconut oil onto his mangy spots. I did this twice a day. Within days, the mange began to clear up. I'm telling you, organic coconut oil is a miracle from God!

I also fed Max a diet of holistic, grain-free cat food. He is getting stronger and healthier everyday, and now there is fur where the mange used to be. He is not 100% cured yet, but he is doing so much better than before. I highly recommend this remedy for anybody who has a pet cat with this problem, or anybody who finds and takes in a stray cat with this problem. It's truly a lifesaver.