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  Re: Yeast Infection in Dog's Ears

Fri, 24 Nov 17 10:23:05 -0800
Posted by Sarah (Ontario) on 11/23/2017

Hi there

Ask your vet for a product called surolan. My dog has had reoccurring yeast infections in his ears (Seasonal Allergies). For the first year (I know omg) I used the wrong stuff! I thought it was ear mites and was using ear mite drops... Same symptoms. And the "tissue test" which involves smearing a mite on a tissue with water. If it turns red it's a squished fully gorged ear mite. Well. What they didn't say was if you accidentally do the test with a SCAB it looks the same. Anyways his problems went away (from seasonal changes) and I thought it was the ear mite lotion. When it came back more aggressive I couldn't figure out why the drops weren't working anymore. So to the vet we went, and lo and behold it was yeast! SUROLAN drops did the trick. On his check up two weeks later he was totally cleared :)

It only cost me 42$ CAD

Not sure where your located, but I would call and ask your vet, they will probably want the dog in for a scope first. (You get to see the yeast up close an personal on the monitor... If it wasn't causing my dog so many problems I would say it was cool)

Good luck!

  Re: Colostrum, Quercertin for Pug with Pyoderma

Fri, 24 Nov 17 10:09:53 -0800
Posted by Andrea (Texas) on 11/23/2017

What is Quercertin and where do you buy it? I'm familiar with the term Colostrum such as in breast milk.
Where do you find it?

EC: Hi Andrea,

Both supplements are sold at health food stores and online.

Apple Cider Vinegar Helping Dog With Allergies

Thu, 23 Nov 17 10:15:49 -0800
Posted by Trish (England) on 11/23/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I am 2 days in to using raw apple cider vinegar for my french bulldog who has allergies (not food related) she is currently on 16mg of apoquel a day I have reduced her tablet to 8mg, and giving 1 teaspoon twice a day in her food as she does not drink much water. so far so good, she has practically stopped chewing her feet, can't believe it hope it continues. Her weight is 18.90 kg so she is on a diet as well, I have also made up some kefir which I will include in her food starting today.

I will keep her on 8mg of apoquel for a week and gradually start reducing it, say every other day to see what happens.

  Re: Activated Charcoal for Kidney Disease

Thu, 23 Nov 17 10:12:53 -0800
Posted by I. Kennedy (Usa) on 11/22/2017

P.S.: Since some people are new at this, I should of mentioned that you should mention not drink tap or distilled water, but spring water for you and your beasties. Tap water has bromide/ fluoride/chloride that is largely responsible for the low thyroid epidemic in the U.S., and distilled water, since it has zero minerals, will leech them out of your body over a period of time. My city gets fined every year for poor quality water, and it is easier/cheaper to pay the fine than to fix the problem. Now that my kitty feels like a "thunder kitten"(nick name) I'm considering giving her half a capsule every other day; I haven't decided. Sometimes you have to try different dosages, depending on size of the beastie and severity of the disease. I'm done now.

  Re: Black Salve for Stubborn Wart on Dog

Thu, 23 Nov 17 10:09:35 -0800
Posted by 4paws (Ontario, Canada) on 11/22/2017

Hi Kristen,

My Pootese (poodle/maltese) was 13 years old and the wart was also bleeding. The black salve is a paste and you apply it sparingly. I applied a piece of gauze over the wart when the black salve was applied and then wrapped her head in the elastic/sticky vet wrap to make sure she didn't bother with it. She left it alone. I would speak directly or email as they were very helpful every step of the way.

Here is the youtube video that gave me the courage to use this product as I, like you, was scared. The results are phenomenal!

It has been 4 months and she is perfect! There is no scar and the hair has grown over. I think this was not only our last option but our best option. You will be amazed at how quickly and safely the wart completely goes away for good! Our girl is a lot happier without that wart!

Be brave! You can do it and help your baby!!!

Love and light

 Re: Urgent Help Needed for Constipated Great Pyrenees Who Lost 10 Pounds

Wed, 22 Nov 17 08:52:09 -0800
Posted by Wood Butcher (Salmon, Id) on 11/22/2017

Thank you Theresa, I think you're spot on. It hurts to go. She has taken Greek Yogurt for about 3 days. And I should have mentioned that she had a dose of colloidal silver the evening before her mouth went South. I know it couldn't be the silver, but I had to stop just in case. Both vets said to go back on it. I know she may have whooped the infection by now with the colloidal- but I couldn't chance it without knowing for sure. Now we know that those sulfur infused drugs have caused many reactions before.

Her diet is better than mine (not saying much) premium no-grain and no people food except meat occasionally as a treat.

And to you personally- please keep doing what you're doing. It is so needed until the pill pushers lose the strangle hold they have on medicine/health. Must be a lot of people you'll never hear from who need EC and all it's contributors desperately. I thank God for all of you.

 Re: Urgent Help Needed for Constipated Great Pyrenees Who Lost 10 Pounds

Wed, 22 Nov 17 08:50:08 -0800
Posted by Wood Butcher (Salmon, Id) on 11/22/2017

Thanks very much MtM, Rosie, who's the only dog, saw a new vet who gave her IV fluids and she urinated twice yesterday. Her fever had already broke. Hope she's on the mend. We have been giving pumpkin for 5 days but we're out of slippery elm and honestly didn't think of it- we used Essiac Tea for a sarcoma on our old Pyr some years back. I had just given ACV yesterday morning but she showed 7-8 alkalinity at the vet. You are most likely right that the mouth issues went right through, and I believe the coconut oil (1 tbl xday) was the remedy. I forgot to mention she had charcoal caps for 2 days (1000x1) after she reacted- at least it helped with her gas. (The x-ray showed gas) I see Theresa above, has suggested colloidal silver- I'm going to respond to her, but first I want you and all EC contributors to know that there are people like me who have not stepped up to say so, but are truly thankful for your insight/experience/enlightenment. Please keep up the good work. You are needed!

Don't ever stop.

  Re: Rabies Shot Caused Aggression in Kitten

Wed, 22 Nov 17 08:49:50 -0800
Posted by Jennifer (Minneapolis, Mn) on 11/21/2017

Hello Badseed33

I am also in the Minneapolis area and my dog is having problems after a recent 3 year rabies vaccine. I've been trying to figure out what to do myself! I will do a separate post with more details about my personal story. Hope your kitty is feeling better!

 Re: Urgent Help Needed for Constipated Great Pyrenees Who Lost 10 Pounds

Tue, 21 Nov 17 14:33:16 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 11/21/2017

Hey Wood Butcher,

I wonder if Rosie has learned that it hurts like the Dickens to pee/poo, so she is doing her best to NOT pee or poo. That is my first thought - she has an aversion to eliminating because it is just so painful. I also wonder if the antibiotic knocked out all the good bacteria in her GI tract - it would not hurt to dose yogurt, or drug store Digestive Advantage, or ideally PB8 or DDS w/FOS from the health food store refrigerated section. If you build the good bacteria back up things often start moving as they should. I ditto the advice from MTM to try ACV, and you might also consider colloidal silver. What diet are you feeding?


 Re: Urgent Help Needed for Constipated Great Pyrenees Who Lost 10 Pounds

Tue, 21 Nov 17 13:46:21 -0800
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 11/21/2017

Dear Wood Butcher,

I am so sorry about your dear Pyrenees. (I have a Pyrenees, too!)

Are you with her whenever she is outside? (Wondering if she or another dog in the family is eating the evidence?)

I am actually more concerned about not emptying the bladder.

Also, the distressing side effect to the mucous membranes of the mouth - wondering if it could have messed up something within the gut as well? Have you tried coconut oil internally? Also slippery elm is good for constipation and for healing mucous membranes. If you get a powder and mix it with water you can mix it with food. I would give a Pyrenees as much as a teaspoon of slippery elm, if she will take it. Mix it with water though so it doesn't draw water out of her body. This may help with the bladder as well.

Pumpkin is also gentle and good for constipation. A tablespoon maybe?

Have you tried apple cider vinegar for the bladder? If you can't get her to take it, you could try the paw method in the video on this page:

Could you massage castor oil onto her belly? Massage and oil may help get things moving and would actually be helpful to the bladder, too. (Unless massage in the abdomen hurts her.)

Keep us posted - I hope Rosie feels better soon!

~Mama to Many~

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects in Cat

Tue, 21 Nov 17 10:20:00 -0800
Posted by Katie (Ca) on 11/21/2017
0 out of 5 stars

My 1 year old cat just got his rabbie shot up to date and since we brought him home hes been puking and hes really confussed and walking weiredly hes really warm and hes lower back keeps twicking. I don't whats going on, this has never happened.

Urgent Help Needed for Constipated Great Pyrenees Who Has Lost 10 Pounds

Tue, 21 Nov 17 10:17:14 -0800
Posted by Wood Butcher (Salmon, Id) on 11/21/2017

Our 4yr Great Pyrenees is constipated. This morning is the 7th day. She is not showing any signs of constipation, ie. discomfort, lethargy, loss of appetite, swelling /bloating and she is not squatting or scooting. Repeated trips to the vet- x-ray, ultrasound show nothing but some feces and gas (and a very full bladder). This started with an infection where it hurt her to urinate. She had an extreme reaction to tribrissen she was perscribed. As I wiped some drool, the black layer of her lower lip came off on the towel, further, the inside of her mouth was delaminating. The vet had never seen the like. Instantly stopped the antibiotic and began salving the inside of her mouth with coconut oil. There was a huge improvement overnight. She has not lost her appetite so I can't understand where the food has gone. Her blood work all was normal. Last night our vet re-expressed her anal gland and felt soft normal feces just inside her. Not hard or dry or blocked. We are at a loss. This foggy, predawn morning, I had her straddle my knee while I patted her side so long that I had to go! She expressed only a little gas. For 6 days I've been giving her 20-40ml of electrolytes every daylight hour and D-mannose(1000mg xday) for 3 days. She last urinated 2 nights ago and by the sounds she made razor blades were coming out.

I've never needed to post to EC before but I thank God for all of you. Dierdre, Ted, Bill, Dave, Mama and Theresa and ORHeny! God bless you all and thank you for any help you may have for Rosie.

  Re: Need Help Diluting Peroxide in Ted's Mange Cure

Tue, 21 Nov 17 09:39:59 -0800
Posted by Maria (Kenya ) on 11/20/2017

Thanks Theresa, Now I can start the treatment.

  Re: Apricot Kernel Oil for Cats

Mon, 20 Nov 17 17:31:50 -0800
Posted by Denise (Manchester, United Kingdom) on 11/20/2017


I have a cat with Lymphoma and I was looking for alternatives medication for him. The vets have prescribed steroids prednisone which is a temporary relief, I have also tried a cannabis oil but no great improvement yet. I have ordered some apricot kernel oil but I need to check if its safe for cats.

Thanks, Denise

Lime Sulphur Dips for Yeast Infections in Dogs

Mon, 20 Nov 17 09:42:11 -0800
Posted by Pnkrckgrl (Tn ) on 11/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Yeast infections - Try sulfur dip. I used to work for a vet & had a bottle frm working there & put it on my dog & within 24hrs u could see a dif & cleared it up... I believe it was a lime sulfur dip & it's works awesome

  Re: Activated Charcoal for Kidney Disease

Mon, 20 Nov 17 09:33:07 -0800
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 11/19/2017

Dear I Kennedy,

Thank you so much for taking time to share this. I am sure it will be helpful to others. Great job!

You might find this study interesting about the use of charcoal for kidney disease (in humans)

We have used charcoal for many years. Personally, I think the protocol you have created sounds like one to continue indefinitely.

Again, great job and thanks for posting.

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Supplements for Dog With Heart Murmur

Sun, 19 Nov 17 15:45:31 -0800
Posted by Thuy Tran (San Diego, Ca) on 11/18/2017

Hi Karen, you should try Hearty heart ( google NHV hearty heart pet health- all buyers said its good ), it has Hawthron in there also and this supplement don't interfere with the medication. You should take him to the Cardiologist ASAP and its great if you could find Holistic Vet for him. I hope this can help your dog get his energy back .

Activated Charcoal for Kidney Disease

Sun, 19 Nov 17 15:39:11 -0800
Posted by I Kennedy (Usa) on 11/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Responding to a post about cat with polycystic kidney disease...

ANY ONE that has kidney disease should be taking CHARCOAL. My 15 year old kitty (after coming home from the vet) gets a half a capsule of activated charcoal once a day in a spoonful or 2 of NON grain wet cat food (blue or abound for her) with a slippery elm/water mixture in all her food) to put mucus in her bowels, and about an eighth teaspoon of wheatgrass in one of her feedings. You don't want to mix charcoal with medicines or a lot of cat food, as it will be wasted; charcoal is famous for ridding the body of poisons, and along with filtering the toxins the kidneys are unable to handle, it will also "absorb" medicines/nutrition in the cat food. It is well worth sacrificing a spoon or two of cat food to mix the charcoal with, and she doesn't notice the taste AT ALL.

A month or so later she has almost regained her weight, grazes all day long like a pony on her food, eating equal amounts of food, and water and acts like a mere 8 yr. old! Since I am new at this, I don't know if or when I will stop the charcoal. I get the kind in jello caps so I can use half a cap a day and put the cap back on for the next day. Just an opinion from someone who isn't trained in cat medicine, for what it's worth; Cats are true carnivores, who eat only protein (bugs, birds, reptiles, meat, and a little grass) and we wonder why an animal who isn't designed to deal with carbs and grain gets obese! Then were told by the vet to get another grain-gluten dry food with "more fiber".

You can now get at the grocery store ground up chicken/pork/turkey with no antibiotics and serve it raw or cooked. This is how I got her to loose weight 10 yrs. ago when the vet made fun of how fat she was, by giving her real meat, no carbs. If you think gluten and excess carbs are bad for you, what do you think it does to an animal not designed to digest carbs? Anyway with the slippery elm/water in all her food, the charcoal and wheatgrass once a day she is pooping/drinking normally and very happy. I think other remedies are good, and we have to try to see what does or doesn't work, but ANY ONE WITH KIDNEY DISEASE SHOULD BE TAKING CHARCOAL TO TAKE UP THE SLACK OF WEAK KIDNEYS, 101.

Again, I'm not a vet or close to it, but I know what it is to have a sick cat who we almost lost and desperate to find something that works, and charcoal is wonderful for fixing up digestion matters in humans. I'm a private person (no twitter or facebook for me)so I don't even like writing this, except that I think it is so important and got such good results, and I've not heard of adverse effects with small amounts of charcoal, so if other things haven't worked for you, try it.

  Re: Ear Infection Remedies for Dogs

Sun, 19 Nov 17 15:34:50 -0800
Posted by Lindia (St Petersburg, Florida) on 11/18/2017

1× a month, so I've been told.

  Re: Cancer Remedies for Cat

Sat, 18 Nov 17 10:49:20 -0800
Posted by Karen (London England) on 11/18/2017

Where do I get all of this stuff?