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  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Urinary Tract Infection in Cat

Tue, 19 Sep 17 14:49:27 -0700
Posted by Lynn (California) on 09/19/2017

Cats are very sensitive. Forcing any treatment that has a bad effect on them should stop immediately. Some antibiotics cause the same reaction. Dogs, cats and kids alike, fight pink amoxicillin. I'm not a vet but I have had good luck with a few drops of apple cider vinegar in wet food 3 times per day. I've had better luck with extremely diluting the antibiotics in the water that I add tuna juice or low-sodium broth to. Small batches

  Re: Ted's Mange Remedy Helped But Problem Was Hypothyroidism

Tue, 19 Sep 17 14:49:06 -0700
Posted by Laura (Lawton, Ok) on 09/19/2017

Hi Debbie,

Thanks to you, I just had a light bulb moment"! My terrier mix (6yrs) has been itchy since Feb. The steroid shot was the worst for him and didn't last. So, your comment about your dog being stinky was the bomb!!! Even after a bath, my dog was still a stinko dog! I have been treating him with the ACV for 8 days now and seems to be a bit better. I will have him tested for hypothyroid as well treating for yeasty skin. ( orally and topically). Thanks for sharing all your info.


  Re: Ear Mite Remedies

Tue, 19 Sep 17 09:56:15 -0700
Posted by Annie (Philippines) on 09/18/2017

CY Gabriel soap is very effective for most skin problems including scabies. We also treat the affected area with warm coconut oil. Dip a piece of cotton in the oil and swab on the affected are start from the outside boarders. We make our own coconut oil so I'm not sure if supermarket bought vco's will work the same.

  Re: Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Mon, 18 Sep 17 09:23:19 -0700
Posted by Kim (Sc) on 09/18/2017

Hi there- can you please tell me how you helped your kitty overcome dry FIP? My kitty was just diagnosed and I would love to help him holistically!

  Re: CHF in Dog

Mon, 18 Sep 17 09:22:06 -0700
Posted by Linda (Willowick, Ohio) on 09/18/2017

Hello, I see this thread is pretty old but I am looking for any advice or suggestions. I have a 13 year old, 8 pound chihuahua that was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and put on Enalapril 2.5mg ( 2x a day), Furosemide 12.5mg (2x a day), and vetmedin 1.25mg ( 2x a day).Not only did I not want to have her on medications that cause side affects but I felt bad because it did seem to help her but caused her to urinate so much I had to confine her to a dog crate. I ended up buying Heart Hardy and waited about two weeks and just wasn't seeing the result we needed to see and one night she cried out and stretched out in pain and fell over and struggled to breathe. I honestly though she was about to die. I read how someone had used Heart Hardy in combination with CoQ10, so I tried that, she seemed to manage but again just wasn't where I wanted to see her, still struggling to breathe right and making clicking and wheezing sounds when she would breathe. Finally I added Hawthrone and very recently Dandelion root. I looked into all this and am giving her the recommended doses for her weight.

Again she is managing and has not fallen over anymore (she had done that several times) but she does look labored to breathe often and often times I still hear the clicking or wheezing sound. Please any advice or suggestions are so needed right now. She is able to stay out of her crate since I've gone the natural route and wags her tail and wants to be playful, she goes in and out mostly on her own too. I am hoping to balance her out and make her more comfortable so she can hopefully be with us a little longer. Our Nessie has been with us since she was just a puppy and she is our little world. Thank you!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Bladder Stones

Mon, 18 Sep 17 09:16:57 -0700
Posted by Angelique (Fl) on 09/17/2017

Hi my dog has 11 galbladder stones. How much Apple Cider Vinergar did you give her?

Like how many drops of ACV on how much water, and how many times per day?

How would you know if all of them are gone? My dog also got high levels in her liver. They gave her 21 days of antibiotics and perscription diet Royal Canin SO.

Thanks so much :)


  Ted's Mange Remedy Helped But Problem Was Hypothyroidism

Sun, 17 Sep 17 10:54:20 -0700
Posted by Debbie (Va Beach, Va) on 09/17/2017
4 out of 5 stars

Ted's remedy helped my lab/border collie mix so much. She had yeast mange and hair loss. Her skin was flakey she smelled awful and scratched all the time. Her tail had thick black skin and hair was mostly gone. I wanted to avoid taking her to the vet because I know it sometimes is not the best way to go. I wanted natural. Teds' remedy worked every time but just didn't last. The last time she needed to go to the vet for vaccinations I asked them to do a thyroid test on her for hypothyroidism because she had all the symptoms. And that is what she had. She is on medicine and has healthy skin her hair grew back and she doesn't smell. Just wanted to share because I am so relieved that we have an answer and she is doing great! And it may help someone else that has a dog that is struggling with hypothyroidism.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Itching

Sun, 17 Sep 17 10:43:56 -0700
Posted by Nyla (Lexington, Oklahoma) on 09/16/2017

My dog is allergic to everything.

  Re: Help Needed for Yorkie with Bladder Stones and Rectal Prolapse

Sat, 16 Sep 17 16:24:35 -0700
Posted by Pam (Camarillo, Ca) on 09/16/2017

My 6 year old female Pomeranian was diagnosed with Bladder Stones last week. They said she would have to have a operation that will cost $2,200.00 and have to eat special food for the rest of her life. I can't afford the operation, I could barely afford the 500.00 vet bill for her bladder infection. I'm glad I came across this post.I will try the ACV Tonight. Thank You.

  Re: Will Ted's Remedy for Mange Work for Cats?

Sat, 16 Sep 17 08:04:17 -0700
Posted by Jeff (Il) on 09/16/2017

I used it on my 2 dogs and it worked amazingly well and now I'm treating the cats who I am unsure if they have it. It can't hurt them either way. Will keep fleas off too.

I put it on their faces with a washcloth. That is the only place I saw some mites afterwards. You really have to saturate everywhere even the face. But put in eye drops first from GENTEAL tears lubricant eye gel. Protects their eyes more because its thicker than regular drops. Do for dogs as well.

Use the microfiber towels from Costco in the car section, soak in bucket with product and put on the cats-these hold a lot of the solution and you can wring it out around their necks and legs. For cats I feel its easier to just dip them in a laundry sink or pail outside and wash them with long leather gloves if they have claws with a leash.

  Re: Coconut Oil for Matted Fur

Fri, 15 Sep 17 19:45:22 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/15/2017

Hey Sandie,

You might have better luck cutting the clump in vertical sections rather than horizontal cuts. Cutting in vertical sections allows you to work the mat out and still leave long hair behind. Trimming 1/2 inch off all the tips of the hair, or laying the scissors on its side and cutting the mat out at the roots of the hair will leave obvious bald spots. And you don't need to send your cat to a groomer. You can just commit yourself to combing your cat's coat in 6 inch by 6 inch sections each day - just 10 minutes of coming each day, and section by section you will have the entire cat combed out in short order. To ensure you get all the loose hair out so it does not stay around and cause further matting, comb it out and make sure all tangles are out, and then change direction and back comb - you may have to do this in one inch sections for the back combing. If you comb forward, and then back comb, you will get all the loose and shed under coat out, and your kitty will feel much better.

Diatomaceous Earth Ear Mites Treatment

Fri, 15 Sep 17 08:53:43 -0700
Posted by Amanda (Wichita, Ks) on 09/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Ear mites DE treatment

I've found to use a makeup brush to apply DE to dogs ears works very well, especially with animal that doesn't cooperate. Be sure to tap off brush before applying it. Doesn't take much to be effective.

  Re: Ted's Mange Remedy

Fri, 15 Sep 17 08:24:59 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/15/2017

Hey Jackie,

NOT a typo. You want to have a "saturated" solution of borax - this means you keep adding borax until it stops dissolving and you can see the grains in it. In my experience 3 heaping tablespoons does not create a saturated solution.

  Re: Coconut Oil for Matted Fur

Fri, 15 Sep 17 08:24:13 -0700
Posted by Sandie (Queens, Ny) on 09/15/2017

My cat is only 5yrs old. His fur is a little longer than the average breed. He had 1 matted clump on his back right before his tail. A spot he can't easily clean. SO I combed him and was astounded by how much fur just kept coming. Anyway..2 days later he now has 4 clumps of matted fur. I really can't bring him to a groomer. SO I'm gonna try cutting maybe 1/2 inch on the tips and work some coconut oil in it. Wondering after should I try combing the fur again...helping to pull it away with the coconut oil...or just leave it and see what happens in the next few days. I worry that these clumps may irritate his skin therefore causing infection.

  Re: Ted's Mange Remedy

Thu, 14 Sep 17 18:10:40 -0700
Posted by Jackie (St. Louis) on 09/14/2017

Theresa- you said you use 1 cup of borax compared to Ted's 3 heaping Tablespoons. Was that a typo? That's a big difference.

Also, does the mixture need to be prepared right before using or can it be made days in advance?

  Re: Milk of Magnesia for Yeast Infection in Dog

Thu, 14 Sep 17 15:14:50 -0700
Posted by Amanda (Liverpool ) on 09/14/2017

What is mom please?

EC: Mom is milk of magnesia, available in drug stores or pharmacies in the over the counter section where remedies for diarrhea and constipation are found.

  Help Needed for Yorkie with Bladder Stones and Rectal Prolapse

Thu, 14 Sep 17 15:12:47 -0700
Posted by Sofi (Nj) on 09/14/2017

I just have a question my yorkie is 7 years old and she went to the Vet on Monday they did an xray and showed she has 3 large stones in her bladder. They recommend operating which is very expensive $1500-$3500, they gave me a Prescription for the Hills Diet Urinary Care which she doesn't want to eat. Will ACV help her in breaking the stones down? she is peeing but strains from anal and her rectal comes out?

 Re: Help Needed for Cats with Tiny Flies in Ears that Bite

Thu, 14 Sep 17 10:41:35 -0700
Posted by Deanna (Atlanta) on 09/13/2017

Hi, are you putting the DE on the outside of the ears or the inside? My cats are getting bit on the outside of their ears, we just moved into a new home and both of them are getting bit like crazy. I put coconut oil on the ears and that seems to help but it doesn't last. And when I vacuum I notice a lot less biting but a week later and it's back.

I did put DE all over the carpet, I didn't notice much of a difference with that. I also sprayed the carpet with vinegar and water.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Yogurt for Yeast Infections

Thu, 14 Sep 17 10:32:01 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 09/14/2017

Hey Darlene,

How bizarre to get xrays for a skin ailment. Please remember that you can say NO to any treatment you do not wish to have -and if the vet or tech pushes you can pick your dog up and leave. As to the itchy skin, the cortisone shot wears off in about 5-6 weeks. If the reason that caused your dog's itch is not remedied, the itch comes right back when the cortisone wears off. Ted's Mange Remedy can be used as a nice skin cleansing dip that can address itching and bring immediate relief. But you should look at underlying causes for your dog's recurring skin issues. Places to start would be the ingredient label on your bag of dog food. If you see grains or corn you might consider switching to a grain free diet as grains have been directly linked to skin problems in dogs. Same for any treats or chewies - do not feed your dog artificial colors or ingredients or rawhide chews. You might also consider Ted's Borax Protocol for dogs as well as alkalizing your dog's drinking water to help stop the itching from the inside out.

  Re: Oral Glycerin for Glaucoma in Dog

Thu, 14 Sep 17 10:31:10 -0700
Posted by Larraine (Northamptonshire) on 09/14/2017

Oral glycerine is used in icing for cake decorating. So wherever icing is sold, you usually can get glycerine.