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 Re: Struvite Crystals From Alkaline Urine

Sat, 22 Jul 17 09:40:07 -0700
Posted by F (Select) on 07/21/2017

Use boneless sardines.

  Re: Insulin for Diabetic Dogs

Sat, 22 Jul 17 09:26:46 -0700
Posted by Priscilla (Missouri) on 07/22/2017

I would like to state human insulin does work on cats. I had a cat on it for years and he was very well regulated on it as well with a proper diet of Hills Science diet W/D that is formulated for managing glucose. Its very definitely not saw dust. He even reverted back to not being a diabetic a couple times but couldnt hold it there.

  Re: Colloidal Copper and Aspirin for Dog's Cancer

Sat, 22 Jul 17 09:26:18 -0700
Posted by Patsy (California) on 07/22/2017

I also would like to know about the amounts to give to a 10lb dog, I have it but am afraid to use it until I know the amounts to

use. I don't want to hurt her.

  Re: Rabies Vaccine Side Effects

Sat, 22 Jul 17 09:18:35 -0700
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 07/21/2017

Before going for any vaccinations please put the animal on vit c one week before; helps to cope with side effects, I don't vaccinate after 2.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Allergies in Pets

Sat, 22 Jul 17 09:17:43 -0700
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 07/21/2017

Try rooibos tea topically and internally. Just make up tea, let steep 30 mins add half cup mix in meal ,use rest topically.

 Re: What Can I Do to Help My Dog That Might Have Addison's Disease?

Fri, 21 Jul 17 15:46:12 -0700
Posted by Cheryl (Colorado) on 07/21/2017

Hi Tara,

I notice this is an older post and was wondering about your dog and the outcome of the test. My dog has Addisons. He was diagnosed in May.

  Re: Will Borax and Peroxide Treatment Help Demodectic Mange in Cat?

Fri, 21 Jul 17 07:08:26 -0700
Posted by Marina (Texas) on 07/20/2017

My 16 year old diabetic, stomatitis cat was diagnosed by her veterinarian with demodectic mange. Will Ted's solution work on this type mange? I don't want to traumatize her with a bath unless I know it's going to work. We did the lime sulfur dips the last time she had this and it was VERY traumatic for her so will only do that again as a last resort. Any other tried and true treatments for this type of mange? Thanks for your help!

Turmeric, Baking Soda and Aloe Vera for Cat's Skin Cancer

Thu, 20 Jul 17 09:56:38 -0700
Posted by Nicola (Bath & North East Somerset) on 07/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have a remedy that has worked for my cat. She's a elderly kitty she is my sweet soulmate. Shes been very patient but it was tiring her out all this treatment . So its taken a matter of few months of patience I will say to finally cure heal her skin cancer. Also her mites on her nose to make it even more stressful have come over the last week on her nose and in her ears. I was at my wits end praying for help. She is a fighter of the age of 19 years she is still holding on now well now. She has the sqaumous carcinoma on her ear tips. I noticed lots of posts on it on the nose but none on the ears. So like to be the first to help other beloved cat owners in the world.

I applied first turmeric for one month. It was a messy process but helped it calm down on her ears after 1 month. It was the golden paste: mix turmeric, olive oil and a bit of spring water heated up and cooled in fridge, then applied with a make up brush brushed on. Then after that it started to inflame up bit again when I stopped it.

So second month I applied bicarbonate of soda, just a tiny bit mixed with the purest aloe vera gel. It was very soothing for her and she didn't lick the ear at all this time anyhow. So it was safe to put on skin I researched it but not to lick it off. So to be careful that kitty cannot lick at it.

Well after a few weeks her whole skin has improved the red sore has gone. At the end of ear scab. just scabbed over for a week red inflamed. I kept going and then finally now by my amazement new fresh skin is growing now. Finally pink but that's new skin so I am v pleased relieved so far.

Red skin cancer gone new skin growing.

So to help others if your cat gets it don't give up, keep going if used twice a day small amount pasted on you will beat kitty's skin cancer naturally no operations.

Also I treated her mites in her ears and swarmed on her nose all over her face with colloidal silver sprayed on nose away from her eyes gently. Then I applied cats sunscreen over the site twice a day. The cats sunscreen drowns mites and is safe if using a cats special sunscreen can bye online. I really hope I help cat owners. I will update on her progress. So far so good.

Namaste. Nicky UK

 Re: Cat With Tumor

Thu, 20 Jul 17 09:50:51 -0700
Posted by Rockel (Ky) on 07/19/2017

Hi Ted,

I have a cat with a tumor under her ear that is believed to be metastatic. I`m wondering if she could do the Budwig diet, the baking soda, or peroxide in her water treatment and what the dosages are for an 8 lb cat. Ty!!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects

Thu, 20 Jul 17 08:37:38 -0700
Posted by Mary (Melrose Park Il) on 07/19/2017
0 out of 5 stars

I had my 2 13 year old maltese vaccinated for rabies by our county yesterday. One dog seems to be fine and the other was limping yesterday so I soaked his leg in warm epsom salt water. He didn't eat anything yesterday or today and has been sleeping both days. He developed diarrhea today. I gave him some peptobismol which usually makes him feel better but it didn't. I gave him a half pill of Imodium just a few minutes ago. Now he has vomited. I am pissed beyond words. I looked up reactions to this damn shot and now am so worried, so tomorrow we make a trip to the vet. I pray that he will be fine until then. They were vaccinated with the 3 year one. That's it for shots for them I say. In May my vet prescribed ear drops for an ear infection each one had. Both went deaf, the sick one now has partial hearing and the other has none. After I noticed I read the paper inside the prescription and low Andy behold, it stated at it may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Are you kidding me

 Re: Help Needed for Cats with Tiny Flies in Ears that Bite

Thu, 20 Jul 17 08:24:18 -0700
Posted by Jazzy Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio) on 07/20/2017

Hi, there is a powder called Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous earth is 100% natural, 100% non-toxic. (*treat D.E. like baby powder, you dont want to get it in you/pets eyes/nose). It will mechanically kill ANY BUG with an exoskeleton! * It can also De-worm your pet & do a restorative cleanse on your pet as well as YOU! If your pet had joint issues it helps restore joint, bone, skin, & De-Worms too!

Make sure it's food grade diatomaceous earth. The other kind is used in sugar refineries, pond scum removal, and oil spills. I've been using it since 1998, my Gran' who was an herbalist first told me about it. I hope this helps.

  Re: Flea Remedies

Wed, 19 Jul 17 14:08:46 -0700
Posted by F (Ca) on 07/19/2017

Does this only work at night or also in darkened rooms during the day?

  Re: ACV for Bladder Stones

Wed, 19 Jul 17 09:46:54 -0700
Posted by Kelly (Nevada) on 07/19/2017

Hello there, thanks for the great post.

I have 2 cats that had urinary tract problems so I've been told I should feed them special food for the rest of their concern is about any long term side effects, that could possibly get my cats. I've been feeding them the royal canin urinary tract for 2years now. I don't feel safe. My question is that would it be okay if I give them ACV and the prescribed food?

I feed my cats one meal for the canned food and the rest with medicated dry food
Thanks :)

I would've been great for me and my cats if I knew about ACV sooner.

  Re: Heart Murmur Meds

Wed, 19 Jul 17 08:12:01 -0700
Posted by Vicki C. (Ky.) on 07/18/2017

Recently I had to buy heart meds for my Chihuahua for a heart murmur and heart failure. Rather than just buying a one month supply from my dog's vet, I asked about getting a three month supply (just like I do for my own meds). It was only a few dollars more! I was surprised, and of course I bought a 90 day supply, which saves me gobs of $$$$$. Just wanted to pass this on, in case some of you may have not thought to ask about that!

  Re: Castor Oil for Nasal Tumor in Dog

Wed, 19 Jul 17 08:01:36 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 07/19/2017

Hey Sigmund,

I am sorry to hear about your dobie's nasal tumor. It is astonishing what we are seeing now in such young animals :( . Certainly consider the castor oil therapy, but what comes immediately to my mind is the Budwig protocol which can be used in conjunction with other therapies. Please check out EC's page:

In addition Google "budwig diet for dogs" and explore the hits that come up. Also consider turmeric:

Please report back!

  Re: Castor Oil for Warts on Pets

Wed, 19 Jul 17 07:57:42 -0700
Posted by Aprileliana (New York) on 07/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Castor oil is perfectly safe to put on his eyelid I. I put a drop of castor oil in my eyes every night before bed to prevent cataracts. It is an Ayurvedic treatment for prevention of cataracts.

  Re: Castor Oil for Nasal Tumor in Dog

Tue, 18 Jul 17 11:41:07 -0700
Posted by Sigmund (Warwick, RI) on 07/18/2017

Our 4 year old doberman was diagnosed with a nasal tumor today. They have not done a full biopsy yet to determine what type of tumor because during the exam they noticed a heart arrhythmia. Now we need to bring him to a cardiologist to be sure he can withstand sedation for the biopsy. The specialist recommended radiation as treatment. Most of the articles I have read today concur with this treatment since surgery does not prolong the life of the animal and radiation seems to be really the most common treatment. However the life expentancy is 3 to 12 months with this conventional treatment. We are looking for alternative medicine that could help. If the cardiologist says his heart cant withstand sedation than we would not have the option of radiation since they need to specifically know the type and location of the tumor for that treatment. So, alternative is medicine is what we need. He is just a sweet and beautiful young baby and this news is devastating to us. I have read about the castor oil therapy. I wondered if anyone has used this with success for a malignant nasal tumor? Any advice would be welcome.

  Re: Garlic for Worms in Dogs

Tue, 18 Jul 17 11:36:14 -0700
Posted by Jill (Nc) on 07/18/2017

What kind of garlic did you give them?

Black Salve for Stubborn Wart on Dog

Tue, 18 Jul 17 09:04:24 -0700
Posted by 4paws (Ontario, Canada) on 07/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had tried 99% of suggestions for removing what started out as a small cauliflower-like wart on my dog's face with minimal success. This wart was stubborn and grew to the size of an egg sitting on a stem. Her blood work was normal and the holistic vet's remedies made it grow even more. The first picture below is what we started with.

I did more careful research and bought black salve. (check amazon black salve for dogs, cats and horses). They helped me with the number of applications and locations to apply salve).

Black salve was applied to the stem for 5 days and the second picture shows the top of the wart came off and just the stem was left.

Black salve was applied to the stem for 4 days and the third picture shows it is all gone!

The pictures may look disturbing but there was never any infection. The area was cleaned daily with a 1:12 dilution of calcium sulfate (better than hydrogen peroxide) to water and we waited until scabbing happened to clean off all the debris. The final picture shows a little scab (which is now gone) after the big scab fell off. The process took less than 1 month and all her hair has grown back and there is no scar!

I tried the process on myself to remove a mole and if felt like a sunburn - very tolerable. There were a few times that she was quiet but she bounced right back and soon as I mentioned food (she eats raw! ) or a walk! I know my girl and watched her and she was never in any kind of danger. She is now more amazing than ever!

Also please note, the black salve goes right to the root and gets rids of everything so there is nothing left. For some situations, you may have to do another round of black salve but not in this case. It goes after cells that are foreign to the body and does not harm healthy cells. The best thing was no surgery for my little girl! Black salve is simple, inexpensive and it works.

I hope this gives someone else the courage to take control of their animal's life. Do your thorough research and you'll be amazed how you can keep your fur baby happy and healthy! Earth Clinic is a great site!


  Wondering About Borax...

Tue, 18 Jul 17 08:48:05 -0700
Posted by Esmeralda (Great Lakes) on 07/18/2017

Borax, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, according to one study, is not acutely toxic. Its LD50 (median lethal dose) score is tested at 2.66 g/kg in rats, [33] meaning that a significant dose of the chemical is needed to cause severe symptoms or death. In fact, table salt is more toxic than borax.