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Even though Earth Clinic is one of the most beloved sites on the internet, it receives less than $300 a year in donations. We wish we were kidding! It's been this way since we started Earth Clinic in 1999. Because Earth Clinic cannot survive on donations from our readers and because we don't want to get into the challenging business of selling supplements, Earth Clinic relies on two things to survive, ad revenue and small commissions from an Amazon's Affiliates program.

If you would like to support our endeavors to keep the world's largest database of natural cures surviving in the future, please use this link to You can also click on the Amazon logo that appears under each post on Earth Clinic. When you click on an Amazon link and then end up buying something on Amazon, Earth Clinic may receive a small commission from your purchase. Commissions generally range from $.70 to $1.44 per purchase.

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