How You Can Support Earth Clinic

Believe it or not, Earth Clinic receives less than $300 dollars in donations each year. Nope, we are not kidding! It's been this way since we started Earth Clinic in 1999.  Because Earth Clinic cannot survive on donations from our readers and because we don't want to get into the challenging business of selling supplements, Earth Clinic relies on two things; ad revenue from Google's AdSense program (which continues to decline rapidly due to the ad blocking apps on iPhones) and, more recently, commissions from Amazon Affiliates program. (See our Affiliate Disclosure here.).

Affiliate Links to Amazon

If you would like to support our endeavors to keep the world's largest database of natural cures cooking well into the future, kindly consider clicking on this link to You can also click on the Amazon logo that appears under each post on the site as of February 21, 2016. When you click on an Amazon link and then end up buying something on Amazon, Earth Clinic may receive a small commission from your purchase. Commissions generally range from $.70 to $1.44 per purchase.

If you would like to send Earth Clinic a Paypal donation, well, we would appreciate it very much!  Your donation will help us with some of the enormous expenses associated with running the Earth Clinic site (i.e., programming and web designing fees, web server hosting fees, editorial assistance, etc).


Medical donations to our genius contributor Ted from Bangkok to help pay his hospital bills after a debilitating stroke in June, 2015 were paused on 11/25/15. Learn more at