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Earth Clinic’s mission is to help people heal. And that is what we’ve done since Earth Clinic first launched in 1999.  We were one of the first sites on the internet to extol the virtues of natural remedies like apple cider vinegar, oil pulling, cayenne pepper, and turmeric. 

For almost 20 years, millions of people have used Earth Clinic to find inexpensive remedies to cure themselves, their family,  friends, and their pets. Our brilliant and beloved editor, Ted from Bangkok, not only saved countless lives with his collection of brilliant remedies, but unbeknownst to him, started health trends around the world with his famous alkalizing tonics, fulvic acid posts, and borax treatment for arthritis, rosacea, fluoride poisoning, and mange.


Earth Clinic is one of the most trusted and beloved health sites on the internet, yet we have never received more than $300 a year in donations from our readers until 2018. It's been this way since we started Earth Clinic in 1999.

For over a decade, Earth Clinic was able to rely on advertising revenue to pay the costs associated with running the world's largest online collection of natural cures. Times have changed, however, and, like all publishing houses, our ad revenue has plummeted. In order to cover the costs with maintaining the Earth Clinic site and make critical updates to the site, we now must ask for donations from our cherished community.


Earth Clinic was hit by two major search engine updates, one in May 2018 and the other in early August 2018 that have significantly impacted Earth Clinic's web traffic and vital outreach in the world. 

Since September, we have been working feverishly to move all Earth Clinic content and posts to a different platform called WordPress. This is the platform that millions of companies and bloggers use and moving to a WordPress platform will prevent the constant programming glitches we have been experiencing for the past few years. However, the move to WP has been an enormously complex, expensive and time-consuming project. Please read the latest update on our GoFundMe Campaign page here.


Your generous gift will allow us to stay online, improve our technology, and ensure that everyone in the world, in every village, will continue to have access to inexpensive remedies that will help them heal.  As a supporter, you will help Earth Clinic survive this critical time.


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