Prurigo Nodularis Remedies

Jan 06, 2018

While prurigo nodularis is somewhat difficult to treat, many natural treatment options have been identified as effective. Bath soaks, exposure to sunlight and certain dietary changes offer relief from outbreaks of the condition. Certain natural oils, such as emu oil, are effective for softening and relieving the skin.

What is Prurigo Nodularis?

Characterized by firm, itchy lumps on the skin, prurigo nodularis is a progressive skin condition. Lumps generally range in size from 1 to 3 cm in diameter and have a raised, warty appearance. The condition often begins as a somewhat small, red , itchy bump that spreads to include more lesions. The cause of the condition is unknown at this at this point but scratching does exacerbate the disorder.

Home Remedies for Skin Lesions

Eliminating infection, minimizing itching and reducing inflammations are all important factors in treating prurigo nodularis. A variety of home remedies have been identified as effective for treating the condition. Salt baths, sunlight and dietary changes are among the most effective treatment options available.

Salt Bath

A bath in sea salt or even a trip to the ocean is an effective treatment option for minimizing prurigo nodularis. During a soak, the salt water penetrates the pores and is absorbed into the blood stream. This salt helps remove accumulated lactic acid in the body, eliminated infection and dries out sores.


Exposure to the sun also has a rehabilitating effect for treating prurigo nodularis. When exposed to the sun, the skin releases a compound called nitric oxide, which helps stimulate blood flow and lower blood pressure. This compound also functions to remove toxins from the blood as it enhances blood filtration.

Dietary Changes

Dietary changes are another component used to manage this skin condition. Identifying and eliminating trigger foods is the goal for treating the condition through diet. Many individuals benefit from limiting soy lecithin, artificial sweeteners and gluten.

Nodular prurigo is an aggressive skin condition that manifests as very itchy firm lumps on the skin. While it is a condition that is relatively difficult to treat, many natural options offer relief of the condition.

Alcohol Treatment  

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Posted by Anelissa (Brisbane) on 07/01/2015
5 out of 5 stars

A home remedy that inhibits nodular prurigo virus inside skin.

I am careful to write "inhibits" rather than kills, because my current experiment is just four to five days old, and can be considered as an effective treatment, not an actual cure until such time as when I might report that all of my lesions have gone and no further lesions form in the next three months. A friend gave me a bottle of vodka brandy after I told him I might try drinking a few Brandy Alexanders to see if any change occurs with my skin lesions. I barely drank any cos I am not really a drinker. So the bottle sat around for past four months. until four days ago when I decided to dab some on to my scalp where I had been plagued with recurring plaques for the third time inside two years. This last phase beginning last christmas til now.

To cut a long story short, I am overjoyed to be able to tell you that my scalp feels totally rejuvenated. there is still one tender spot to touch, but in the space of less than four days, all plaques are gone from my scalp and now I am dabbing the alcohol on the several spots on face plus a couple on left shoulder. After two days these areas already look so much better. also I bathe mob once a day. Use aveeno. One does still need to pick clean the area, but it works easier after annihilating the virus.

Replied by Richard Murby

Hello, I'd like to try this treatment, but I'm not sure what "Vodka brandy" is. Is it just a mixture of the two? or perhaps a type of clear brandy similar to the French "Eau de Vie" or the italian "grappa" ie, a spirit made from grape pulp after wine fermentation? I've tried to find it on the net, but all I come up with is a cocktail using a mixture of Vodka and Brandy.

Replied by Patti
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hi, my mom has this horrible condition. I'm inquiring as to whether your case has subsided. Thanks.

Replied by Keith
East Yorkshire U.k

Could you please give me more details. I've had 5months of maybe 2 hrs sleep and get more of them every day. I've been taking 100mg azathioprine for past 4 months with no results. Whole body apart from my face is covered. I would be eternally grateful if you could even offer the slenderest hope. I've had it jut over a year, diagnosed 5 months ago and been unable to work for last 4 months. Best Regards, Keith

Replied by Mac

It would be nice to receive a reply from Anelissa because I too cannot find anything at all concerning Vodka Brandy.

Replied by Molly
Sonora, Arkansas

I do not think she is going to answer the very important question of "What is Vodka Brandy". You all are right. Vodka Brandy does not exist. I guess trying one or the other and see if that works. Isn't brandy that sweet stuff that is derived from wine? I am going to see if tequilla works. I do not think it is a good idea to "pick the nodule clean" because the nerve ending increases 3 times in size every time you break the skin.

Replied by Mina

Dear Molly, do you, or any of the doctors you have seen, relate PN to nerve endings? It is very important to us because the doctors we have seen so far (in Spain) offer no treatments rather than steroid creams, light therapies, thalidomide, cyclosporine and so on, and refer to PN as an autoimmune desease, which is an extremely generic definition. Also, regarding "picking the nodule clean"... How exactly did you guys do that? What my mom who has PN does is like a brutal home-made surgery.. the itchiness and the overall condition drives her to do that. She has been suffering for more than 11 years already.

Thank you very much


Replied by Art
290 posts

In reply to Mina (Spain),

You don't say how bad your mom's PN is, but the following abstract suggest that Capsaicin (the heat in chili peppers) can clear some cases. Having used capsaicin previously, I can tell you that you have to be very careful when using it that you wash your hands well after applying it to problem areas. I made the mistake of rubbing my eye because of a slight itch and it burned for quite awhile afterwards! In the study abstract, they used capsaicin that was .025 to .3%. Here in the states we have one commonly available strength level of capsaicin cream, .1%. Higher percentages are available by prescription.

This is stronger than the lowest dose that was used in the study, but lower than the highest dose. It may be possible to dilute this product further by adding it to a basic cream if you want to get to the lowest dose used in the study. A pharmacist can help you find a basic cream as well as the capsaicin cream as well as mixing directions to dilute it down to the lowest study percentage (.025%) or you can look for this one:

The higher the strength of the dose, the greater the chance to feel the burn of the capsaicin!


J Am Acad Dermatol. 2001 Mar;44(3):471-8.

Treatment of prurigo nodularis with topical capsaicin.

Ständer S1, Luger T, Metze D.

Author information



Prurigo nodularis is an eruption of lichenified or excoriated nodules caused by intractable pruritus that is difficult to treat. Therefore the antipruritic efficacy of capsaicin seemed to be of particular interest because this alkaloid, extractable from red pepper, interferes with the perception of pruritus and pain by depletion of neuropeptides in small sensory cutaneous nerves.


The aim of this concentration- and regimen-ranging study was to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and practicability of capsaicin in the topical treatment of prurigo nodularis in a large series of patients.


A total of 33 patients with prurigo nodularis of various origins were selected to receive capsaicin (0.025% to 0.3%) 4 to 6 times daily for 2 weeks up to 10 months. The consecutive follow-up period was up to 6 months. In 7 patients, skin biopsy specimens were taken before, during, and after therapy and investigated histologically, immunohistochemically, and ultrastructurally.


All 33 patients could be evaluated for efficacy. After cessation of the symptoms of neurogenic inflammation, such as burning sensations or erythema, all of them experienced a complete elimination of pruritus within 12 days. In addition, capsaicin largely contributed to the gradual healing of the skin lesions. After discontinuation of the therapy, pruritus returned in 16 of 33 patients within 2 months. At the ultrastructural level, no degenerative changes of cutaneous nerves could be found during or after capsaicin therapy. Depletion of substance P was demonstrated by confocal laser scanning microscopy thus confirming the specific effect of capsaicin in vivo.


Topical treatment of prurigo nodularis with capsaicin proved to be an effective and safe regimen resulting in clearing of the skin lesions.





[Indexed for MEDLINE]

Replied by Allison

Mina, I have had it for 11 years too. None of the above treatments worked for me. Alcohol made it worse. Order homeopathic medicine Argentum Nitricum 30 online for your mother. Get her to take it three times a day. Eat it when you haven't just eaten or before or after coffee/tea to get the maximum effect. Argentum Nitricum is made from silver nitrate. It soothes the nerves that have been excited. Take the 30 dose for 3 months and then switch to Arg Nit 200 to take every other day or until you don't need it. You can order Emuaid to put on her skin to speed things up. I believe it has Arg Nit in it too. Eat whole foods. I do not eat gluten, bread, crackers, chips, pastries. That helped 60%.Then I gave up all milk products. I am healing! Once you heal, you can probably eat them. Goat's milk is a good replacement.

Anti-Viral Medication  

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Posted by Amy (Florida) on 09/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered with Prurigo Nodularis for 5 months. I was given steroids, shots, antibiotics. I found a forum in the UK that said to try Valtrex. I had sores all over my body. The first wk on Valtrex I saw fast healing, by 2 wks my face , back, chest, arms were clear. 4th wk legs almost clear the last thing to clear were my feet and they were awful looking. I suffered for so long and I have scars everywhere if only I took Valtrex first! I just want to spread the word! I took 2 500 mg a day for 4 wks. I hope I can help someone else.

Replied by Chad

I'm very anti pharmaceuticals but this ongoing battle with NP would change even the hardest critic like myself if it worked. I've tried everything and was losing hope until I came across Dakin's Solution.

You can make it with 4 cups of water, 2 teaspoons of Baking soda and 1/4 cup of "regular" original bleach.

I use a water bottle to spray my legs and itching ceases immediately, the dark hype-rpigemented skin halo is returning to normal skin each week of use and the lesions are shrinking and drying up. Its incredible and highly suggest this as I literally tried everything from iodine, turmeric, 35%h202, glycolic acid, coconut oil, vicks, licorice extract, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and much more.

Replied by Marcita

Amy, when you begin taking Valtrex did you still itch? When did the itching lessen for you? or were you using Valtrex in conjunction with something else?

Replied by Afreen Mumtaz
New Zealand

Hi Chad,

How often do you use the Dakin's solution?

Replied by Michele

Did you have to stay on Valtex to keep the PN away?

Anti-Viral Medications  

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Posted by Barb G (Naples, Fl) on 06/17/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My PN started with 31 squamous cell cancers over a period of 3 years. Got rid of those with surgeries, radiation and scrape and burn. It stopped for a year after I took Soriatane for 4 months...had to stop that med because my hair started falling out. But no more cancers for a year. The next 7 biopsies came back as PN. I tried a lot of remedies I found in this forum. Got depressed and went to a psychiatrist who gave me amytriptoline and klonopin for the itching and depression. The next visit he said he researched PN and prescribed Valtrex as most of the PN was on major nerve lines and thought this might be a virus related to shingles. First 1000mg then 2000mgs per day the next month. Eureka! No new PNs and all the rest of the 39 I had are shrinking, drying out and turn white and peel off. Most are gone but the larger ones are white and peeling off.

I truly think this is viral. That's probably why tea tree oil helped some people.

As background...I also had MRSA from one of the squamous surgeries...and pseudemonas Aer...something after a MOHs surgery with a skin graft. One Doc gave me doxycycline IVs and I think Vancomycin for one of the infections. I noted several people online had MRSA and had one or two of these drugs. Maybe they set you up for PN...?

Another thing that helped was a chemo liquid for skin cancer called 5 only kills abnormal skin cells and helped stop the itching of PN and dried out the sores.

I recently had a painful reaction to the 5 FU on a fast growing bump. I had it biopsied and it was squamous cell cancer. This happened before I took the anti viral meds. A new dermatologist is going to try acutane next month for the prevention of any new cancers. I hope this helps someone.

Replied by Anelissa

Thank you for recommending valtrex. I will ask my doctor to prescribe that for me, as I have been thinking it is virus related. Eliminated bacterial cause by using three different antibiotics. Virus makes total sense to me.

Replied by Anelissa

I just want to kiss you Barb G of Naples.

I have made an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to receive a script for Valtrex. Let you know how it goes.

Replied by Samantha

Good afternoon Anelissa, I was just wondering if you were able to meet with your doctor and have started on the Valtrex RX? Can you provide any feedback from your experience?

Replied by Anelissa
Brisbane, Australia

Hi, I have completed 2 packs x 30 tablets,

2 x 500mg per day, and after 1 month of use, my NP has reduced by at least 60percent on upper body, and by 70percent on scalp. Continuing the script for another 14 days. Looking very promising. Cheers, Anelissa

Replied by Ng
California, US

So apparently I went to 2 doctors that thought the bump on my elbow was psoriasis. Well it wasn't! It was prurigo nodularis. Steroids creams were ineffective after use for about 3-4 years. Finally went to a good doctor and he used a injection at the site for itch (good for about the month). Within a week...the bump became smooth/flat and it's starting to get better! Wish I knew earlier. I've also been using palmers cocoa butter...which offered amazing itch relief (even better than steroid creams! )..and I felt like it stays in the skin longer.

Replied by Valencia
Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much for posting. I have been using a topical steroid for my Pruigo Nodularis and have developed severe skin damage -- yet another skin issue! I will talk to my doctor about Valtrex immediately. I have been taking Prednisone on and off for the last year and that provides temporary relief. As soon as I come off , I start the burning and itching again. I am also taking 150 mg of Imuran since the middle of August. I don't see any difference.

Replied by Scott
Naples, Fl

I also have PN. It started 15 months ago and has not improved after months of mirtazapine to reduce itching and soaks followed by Triamcinalone application. You have mentioned "5 FU". I am wondering if you are referring to Efudex. Please clarify this for me. Thanks.

Replied by Mary
Naples, Fl

Hello Barb G. I have an almost identical situation; multple MOHS and I had a Staph infection which preceeded a bad case of PM. I have tried everything my Dermatologist has recommended though I haven't tried Valtex. May I ask if the Valtrex continued to clear up the PM? I have had this for over 18 months now and will try almost anything. Thank you.

Replied by Maria
New York, US

HELP! I Was recently finally diagnosed w PN. although Ive had it on /off for about 18 months. I went to 5 diff dermatologists who all told me I have dry itchy skin, never diagnosed me last april I went to a derm in NY known for eczema cures, he did a biopsy found nothing. I suffer from eczema/dermatitis time to time over the years so this was caused by and eczema breakout which I believe happened due to my allergies. Now I just went to another new dermatologist, who has diagnosed me with this . All he has me doing is using to diff topical steroid creams switching every two weeks and cerave cleanser and moisturizer. I've noticed an improvement but it hasn't fully gone away. I have been put on predisnone time and time again on /off which I hate. As soon as I stopped the predisnone I had a breakout w / vengeance like not other on my upper arm this time. Before my PN was only on my forearms. Now my whole upper arm is covered, and there must be at least 20 on my upper arm. The steroids are not working that well. I've decided to try cryotherapy. Hopefully it works , my derm wants me to stay on the steroids for amonth then consider light therapy. I need to be over with this.

Replied by Anelissa

I've now seen how this virus can move around in deep skin tissue. Every so often one gets trapped inside a hair follicle, along with other debris. The follicle swells up like several times its size. And the area inflamed and starts itching. Only a bit of rubbing action is enough for the follicle to snap off at its base, and the follicle with the gunk in the follicle enclosed like sausage meat, does a neat spiraling upward trick, whereby the two ends of it are pointy like pins and can dig their way back deeper into the skin. With or without rubbing , it positions itself so that it can bring its ends together and thereby seal itself like a circular tube, with the virus nicely protected inside it. The surrounding skin now itches a lot and very quickly the tube circle becomes harder and harder, beginning to form a plaque. The tube gets rock hard like finger nails. It takes weeks to pick it out even tho its so near the surface. To make matters worse, the tube contains keratin and whatever else making it a sticky Slough inside the well or centre area of the circle that is the tube. Anyhow, what the alcohol does is kill the virus, and that lowers the inflammation immediately. But to get satisfaction you still scratch around the area to pull bits of the hardened tube out. In the absence of medication that destroys this virus and its fortifications, it's unfortunate that It requires a gauging action to get the hard tube out. perspective.(above) Next: how I have eliminated the virus from my scalp.

Replied by Hyman
Hong Kong


How's your progress of using Valtrex to treat? I really want to know your result and the details. How long does you take the pills? The dose? And does the NP come back after stopping the treatment?


Replied by Jennifer
Nipomo, Ca

Anelissa from Brisbane,

You are very knowledgeable about this. I was diagnosed yesterday and am very sad that so little is being done to understand the cause of this and solve this condition. I am wondering about the plaque you mentioned. Is it a white fibrous looking tissue that forms as the sore is "healing"? The dermatologist said it is protein?? What do I do when it is in this stage? I am currently on a topical steroid (that seems to do nothing). I heard that Emuaid works on healing the sores quicker, but does the Valtrex stop them from returning? I am so thankful that I found this site. I am sad to hear that you all are suffering from this, but glad to hear that I am not alone. I have also found that even when I get a scrape from something totally unrelated (scraped my shin on a boulder), as it is healing, it also turns into one of these white, hard scabs. It must have something to do with the way our bodies are laying down and forming new cells and tissues. Does any Brandy work or does it have to be a specific type?

Replied by Debi

Please let me know if the Valtrex worked. It's making me very sick but will be worth it if it works. I've been going to doctors for this for 3 years and they have never suggested it. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Replied by Marguerite Tideman

Anelissa from Brisbane - Thank you. This is the first time I have heard someone describe the same symptoms of this skin disease which first presented for me 3 years ago. I have never been able to explain to my GP exactly what this keratin type 'gunk' is inside the nodule, and you have described it perfectly. Even the way you say it needs removal before the lesion stops itching. Wish I could find a definitive explanation of this terrible skin disease.

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment  

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Posted by Rukhsana (Uk) on 11/04/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Prurigo Nodularis in November 2012.. Mainly on my upper back, elbows and buttocks. I've had all the steroid creams, antibiotics, doxycyline, doxipin, oxytetracycline from which I got temporary relief.. I've been to dermatologists twice ..had biopsy done, more steroid creams doxipin.. Two months ago I had a flare up, same cycle went back to drs.. This time I was given fluixillin (antibiotics) and predenisone (steroids) for a week. The sores healed up very quickly and itching went magically. After two weeks it came back with a vengeance and now it spread to my lower back and legs, scalp start peeling and all my private area .. With intensive itching day and all night. Now I got severe psoriasis and prurigo nodularis. Barely got 2 hours sleep. More steroid creams .. Its a vicious cycle...

I decided enough and rang my family who live in Pakistan.. My late grandfather was a well established herbalist (Ayurvedic). I cried and told them my situation and asked if they knew any cure .. They told me that they remember my uncle had it years ago and my grandfather treated him .

I was told to stop all chemically stuff and start on herbal treatment as this will cure it from the roots and will never return.. I was willing to try anything. I was asked to source an Ayurvedic named Gandhak (detoxified sulphur). I suggest you do your own research. It took me days to find a herbalist here in UK who sold it...and he confirmed my aunt's suggestion for treating this skin disease..apparently when I researched it further I discovered this is what homoeopaths give to their patients for skin conditions too but very low doses. So patients keep going back for ages. I've seen it in a well known British store in the homeopathic section.

I managed to get 250 grammes powder from UK. My aunt told me to take one level teaspoon in morning and one at night on an empty stomach with a cup of whole warm milk that should have a teaspoon of clarified butter mixed into it.. So I put the gandhak in my mouth it feels very dry as its powder and then I quickly drink milk over it (very important to take the milk mixture with it).. I was skeptical ..

I'm on day five and what a difference, everything is starting to dry up.. The itching is still there but I was told it would take while to go down and be patient.. I have never seen it healing so quickly in the 3 years. I'm amazed. So take it for 7 days then miss 4 days then 7 days miss 4 days keep repeating this pattern until it dies down.. Shouldn't need to take it more than 6 to 8 weeks.

I was also told to take a teaspoon of evening primrose oil in morning and teaspoon of blackseed oil at night as this moisturises your body from the inside.. So does the milk and butter mixture.

It's early stages but I can miraculously see it working.. My aunt said do not have a soak in the bath as this keeps the wounds seeping, instead have a bucket bath or shower Twice a day. Final rinse should be to put 2 caps dettol into a bucket and pour on yourself (this might not work for all its to help to reduce itching). If you've got it on your scalp then pour the dettol mixture from head to toe.

Come out of shower/bath then put evening primrose oil mixed with wheat germ oil and massage it in ... I'm so relieved and shocked at the difference its made...aunt told me to remember ayurvedic medicines take longer to work but get the disease from the roots unlike steroid creams tablets which are temporary and poison our bodies.. I've also been told to purify my blood from all the toxins I. Have taken in using medicines over these three years

.. It's called neem(from a neem tree)

I got neem powder boiled 50grammes in 300 grammes of water until it halved in consistency. Sieve this and take two tablespoon in morning and two at night with loads of water as it is the most bitterest thing I have ever tasted .. It takes some getting used to..but it purifies your blood is anti fungal, antibacterial etc is the gandhak I hate taking this the neem its so bitter. But I'm going to persevere..

You are welcome to contact me through this post if I can help anyone I will and am willing to update my progress...

Please do your own research on gandhak and neem and take it at your own decision..

I felt I had to post this because of the suffering I've gone through over these three years and could see no end to it.. And hopefully it might help others.

Also lather yourself with mixture of equal amounts of mustard oil evening primrose oil , wheat germ oil and raw organic coconut oil.all over ..massage it well into the skin to keep it moist and to help with itching


Replied by Preeti

Hi, heartening to hear u found a solution. I'm suffering from last 30 years and it's been pretty severe last 5 years. Have not found any solution yet. How r u now after the Ayurvedic treatment. Should I try that..n how?

Replied by Jacks

How is the treatment going?

Replied by Shiraz
Al Manamah


Is it possible to mail you re your experience with NP- and Gandhak. My father is suffering from NP and I have a few questions. Thanks, Shiraz

Replied by Rachel

Hi thank you for sharing this. Just curious if it's this therapy has continued to help you. I unfortunately have had this for yrs and have tried almost everything with no improvement. Thank you!

Replied by Nidhi

Hi Rukhsana, Thanks for your post. I am suffering from same prurigo since last two years. I have eczema since last 15 years. But now it's converted in more horrible conditions. As you know , can't control itch. Whole day and night as well. Have tried all steroids creme, orally also. Nothing worked for me. Just want to know that is there any side effects for taking gandhak orally. I have constipation and severe acidity problems. So big worry to start it. I already have gandhak powder (yellow color) which bought it from India from Ayurvedic store. Can I start with that? Thanks

Replied by Eeti

Hi I just wanted to ask you if there is any improvement with sulphur. Please reply if you consider this treatment worth trying for others.

Replied by Martina
Toronto, Ontario

I am wondering if you have been cured.

Replied by Mary
Pinellas Park Fl

When I read this first post, I thought I was reading my own story. I have searched for a place to get the Gandhak Raysana, and resorted to buying it from India in tablet form. Is this safe or should I seek it out in the USA? I need to STOP these modules because they are appearing on my hands now and not just my legs. Please help!!!

Replied by Susan

I have prurigo nodularis. I am 67 years old and feel so down and unwell from it. Thanks for your post it helps. I do hope you have reached a peaceful stage now.

Replied by Jerushah

Hi Rukhsana

Can you tell us that does this treatment works and that your NP has cured, as we have tried everything for my cousin but no used... Please reply if you consider this treatment worth trying for others.

Replied by Mary
Columbus, Ohio

I would like to have the name of the store where Ruhksana purchased his treatment for Prurigis Nodularis. I have the same dilemma and have been through all of the steroids, antibiotics, and all the other treatments he experienced. I need help!!

Replied by Brittany
Chicago Il

Hi, thank you for sharing. I've been suffering for 7 plus years. These products are all I found for the US purchases on Amazon. Will this work the same? Do I still need the warm milk and butter. Please help.

Replied by Aamir

Assalamualaikum Sis Rukhsana, Thank you for sharing your experience and may you be rewarded for it. Is there some suggestion for psoriasis as I suffer from it for the past 16 years.. Sincerely

Replied by Carolyn
Eugene, Oregon

I'm wondering how you're doing now. Has your treatment continued to be successful?

Replied by Shweta Gupta

Hi Rukhsana, I am suffering from prurigo nodularises from last 3 years, I took thalidomide tablets which cured me but it has reoccurred now after stoping the medicine past 1.5 years, I am delighted with hope after reading your blog. Do u stay in India or abroad, are ustill carrying with the Ayurvedic treatment?, Pls get back to me, thanks, shweta

Replied by Sumit
Uttar Pradesh

Madam, I am also using your advice, please tell me is it important to massage it with oil?? because when I massage it with oil in night it produces a lot of heat due to which itching starts.

Replied by Allison
Atlanta, Ga
5 out of 5 stars

I ordered the Gandak from India. I started taking it only once a day for two weeks, but I did not take the milk and ghee... I thought it was too "complicated, " but when the disease goes on and on with no hope in sight, that is worse, so I advise those readers with prurigo to follow his advice exactly to a T.

My prurigo advanced and now is attacking my gums! It is sooo painful that I have made my own elaborate remedy, but I have to say that after putting everything together the Aruvedic way is much, much simpler!

My prurigo has improved, so here is my remedy:

1) drink a prebiotic every day to help the lactobacilus and bifidus bacteria outgrow the bad bacteria competing in your body. I immediately saw results when my coated tongue cleared up.
2) eat a slice of fresh aloe three times a day. This kills off candida which weakens your immune system and heals your intestines. It makes you regular, but it does not give you diarrhea. If you cannot get fresh aloe, you can order pills online.
3) Rub aloe on skin at least once a day, wherever there are nodules. If you don't have aloe, rinse with warm chamomile.
4) Then, drink at least one to three cups of chamomile tea, because it is a powerful cleanser.
5) And last, but not least, take homeopathy: Nitric acid 200x every other day or Lachesis 200x. It resolves that irritating stuff sitting under the skin. Washing it out with warm chamomile kills any bacteria.

So, I hope you can see why I should have stuck with the Aruvedic medicine. It has been around a lot longer than you and I! If you cannot get gandhak, you can try my method. I was going crazy, but I think I have healed 2/3rds of my nodules and I am looking forward to being node free! Whichever method you pick, stick to it religiously. It takes a long time to heal since your skin is your largest organ!

God promises that there is a cure for every illness. We just have to sleuth it out. The mistake I made over the years (11) was thinking that there was just one medicine for an answer. It isn't that simple. Good luck and never give up!

Replied by Day

Hi Rukhsana, thank you so much for sharing. I would like to know, is there any alternative to milk? I doń't drink milk. How is your skin condition now?
Thank you!

Replied by Noreen

Message for Rukhsana, to see where to purchase the same treatment. Any help will be appreciated.

Replied by Sanchitha

Are you healed now.. plz reply me I have prurigo from 1yr and I am breastfeeding I have tried many english and ayurvedic medicines but nothing seems to work and I am not sure wheather to take ghandhak while feeding or not. Plz help

Replied by Sharcai
Columbus, Oh
5 out of 5 stars

Pruigo Nodularis: A dear friend of mine has been plagued with itchy nodules for about a year and a half. The patch was about 3-4 inches wide and about 10 inches long. She'd tried several prescripton creams (steroids) and nothing helped for long. I looked at botanicals that helped others on EarthClinic and other websites and asked her if I could concoct a salve for her arm. She said she had nothing to lose! I used 3 Tbl. Castor oil as my base and added 5 drops each of three essential oils: Tea Tree, Oregano, and Lavender. I painted the lower half of her arm (that was our test area) and covered it with gauze. She left this on for about 4 hours. She said there was a noticable difference in that short amount of time--less inflamation, less itch. She continued to treat that area at least every other day. It's been about a month now and her lower arm is almost completely healed. Her upper arm, which was the worse patch of the two, and which she started to treat a little later, is considerably better. She said she doesn't have the insane itching any more. I hope this helps others who have this horrible skin condition.

Colloidal Silver  

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Posted by Allieb (Dublin, Ireland) on 06/20/2017
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After 8 yrs with Pruigo Nodularis (PN) I finaly came across a list of the most effective Anti-Viral natural supplements. On the list was Ionised Colloidal Silver - water that been ionised with silver particles. It can be ingested and dabbed all over. I took a capful with I opened the bottle and dabbed the solution all over every few hrs.

After 24 hrs, the difference is amazing. This solution is used for burns and all skin problems. I posted this immediately, as I don't want anyone else to suffer with this, like I have.

Good luck.

Replied by Julie
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Silver has helped me too, I also use tea tree oil and cold pressed coconut oil along with it!

General Feedback  

Posted by Linda (Texas) on 07/02/2017

Trading ideas with other victims of prurigo... cure..... I have been suffering for nearly three years.. I have gone from a cheerful, busy commercial photographer to a mostly in 'my p.j.s depressed lady in her 70s....

I have worked with my primary care doctor, my dermatologist and my allergist trying to find some relief... and for me, I have accomplished a little but, want to share it...

I take 2 Benadryl every morning, and more every six hours if I need them.. I find if I can just not begin to touch my skin as soon as I wake up, it is helpful... and the Benadryl does stop my itching.

We tried 24 hr. anti- histamines for the itching, but,,,,,, about 7-10 hours later you begin to itch and you still have a lot of medication in your body so I take 2 Tylenol or 2 Bayer aspirins to stop the inflammation and the pain'

I also have Tramadol with Tylenol if I need it for pain... so far I have not had to use it.

I live in S. Texas and I am exposed to the sun all the time.. I find it very irritating to my skin... not as a' feel better' idea

I also had my allergist with blood work, not skin patches, test for some allergies I may have in food and environment that could be irritating my prurigo infected skin and she found, citrus, ( which I was eating all the time), and tomatoes, as well as well as outside mold came up positive.. I am seeing her tomorrow because I have kept a journal of what I had eaten before a new outbreak... This is the best thing I have done... I have lowered the debilitating itching and pain somewhat.

I told my dermatologist that I knew this was not as interesting as treating and curing cancer or some other dread disease, but, that I did think it was treated just as skin sores...... I went on to explain to him, the depression, the shame ( yes, seeing yourself covered in sores has some sort of shame connected to it,,, at least by me... like a leper! ) it, the inability, especially for women to get dressed in regular clothes, bras, spanx, slacks, sweaters, etc is just short of torture...

I did read that when one scratches their sores, it stimulates the nerves, as if they are being exererized and actually cause more pain in that area as time goes on..

I do have a great tube of medicine to put on the lesions.. it must have a wax base because it stays on and also cuts off air and prevents itching,,, it is fluocinide .05..... You may have some luck with it..

and lastly if I have an open lesions, I put an otc antibiotic ointment on them and they seem to heal more quickly.

I don't think any of you will disagree with me that your friends and family, just don't '''get ''' how a few sores can be so bad..... They have not lain in bed all night trying to find a distraction to keep from just crying out from pain.

Do any of you ever feel like you have ants biting your sun broiled skin? I do..

I have never written about anything like this,,, and I don't pretend to know if any of these ideas help you....

and oh,,, be very careful with your soaps, gel, and shower supplies,,,,,,, use a s little as possible...and try to skip a shower once in awhile....and for goodness sake don't dry,,, just wrap a Egyptian cotton towel around you and '' air dry as you slather Cerave on your damaged skin.

My name is Linda and I live on the Texas Coast...

Would love to have suggestions.. never heard of this stuff til I got it....

Replied by Art
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In reply to Linda (Texas),

Below is a link to an old and obscure abstract suggesting that capsiacin cream may have profound effects on people living with prurigo nodularis (PN). In the study it was found that all patients with PN who used topical capsaicin cream were able to eliminate pruritus within 12 days! From that point, gradual healing started. In the study, they used capsaicin cream that was 0.025% to 0.3%. By comparison, this cream is .01%:

This one is .1% :

Not to minimalize the effects of this cream, but I have tried it before and it felt like it was burning. You must be very careful when handling it also as you never want to have any on your hands and then rub an itchy eye!!! It's hot stuff to be sure, but if it can do what the abstract suggests, it may be worth the effort if you can handle the heat of it. Capsaicin is known to help ameliorate pruritis (itching), but sometimes I wonder if it is able to do that simply because it is so hot itself that the burning sensation just over powers the itchy sensation??

Here is the abstract:

J Am Acad Dermatol. 2001 Mar;44(3):471-8.

Treatment of prurigo nodularis with topical capsaicin.

Ständer S1, Luger T, Metze D.

Author information



Prurigo nodularis is an eruption of lichenified or excoriated nodules caused by intractable pruritus that is difficult to treat. Therefore the antipruritic efficacy of capsaicin seemed to be of particular interest because this alkaloid, extractable from red pepper, interferes with the perception of pruritus and pain by depletion of neuropeptides in small sensory cutaneous nerves.


The aim of this concentration- and regimen-ranging study was to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and practicability of capsaicin in the topical treatment of prurigo nodularis in a large series of patients.


A total of 33 patients with prurigo nodularis of various origins were selected to receive capsaicin (0.025% to 0.3%) 4 to 6 times daily for 2 weeks up to 10 months. The consecutive follow-up period was up to 6 months. In 7 patients, skin biopsy specimens were taken before, during, and after therapy and investigated histologically, immunohistochemically, and ultrastructurally.


All 33 patients could be evaluated for efficacy. After cessation of the symptoms of neurogenic inflammation, such as burning sensations or erythema, all of them experienced a complete elimination of pruritus within 12 days. In addition, capsaicin largely contributed to the gradual healing of the skin lesions. After discontinuation of the therapy, pruritus returned in 16 of 33 patients within 2 months. At the ultrastructural level, no degenerative changes of cutaneous nerves could be found during or after capsaicin therapy. Depletion of substance P was demonstrated by confocal laser scanning microscopy thus confirming the specific effect of capsaicin in vivo.


Topical treatment of prurigo nodularis with capsaicin proved to be an effective and safe regimen resulting in clearing of the skin lesions.



[Indexed for MEDLINE]

Please keep us posted on your progress!


Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Catherine M. (Greenock, Scotland) on 01/05/2018
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Since been diagnosed with Prurigo Nodularis I have tried the usual medication, I decided to try natural, so here is what I have been doing.

1 )clearing spots using Hydrogen peroxide 9% 30 vol. I use a earbud dipped in peroxide and dab each spot, this usually foams up and cleans out the spot ( the spot foams less as the spot heals ) . This can also help stop the itch. When doing this please cover your fingers with latex gloves etc as the bleach whitens the fingers, but this is painless and not long lasting

2) after cleaning out spots take coconut oil, take about a teaspoonful onto your hands, rub together to melt and proceed to massage onto where spots are. You can also use grape seed oil with camomile or lavender oil.

3) I found that I can use Apple Cider Vinegar on my scalp or skin if the itch is really bad.

4 ) it is really important to keep the skin supple and besides if you have plenty of oil or emollient so that if you do scratch it does less damage.

If by any chance I find something else I will get in touch.

There is one other thing I have done to keep myself calm and less anxious is I take some Kalms which is also natural.

Nodular Prurigo  

Posted by Anelissa (Brisbane, AU) on 08/10/2014

The home remedies you list for Nodular Prurigo are pretty useless. In fact, sunlight made my rash worse. Doxycycline dispelled the erythema, but didn't overcome the NP.

I am glad for your webpage, because I was running out of ideas and one of your posters has led me to try Valtrex anti-viral medication, so I'm feeling very excited about this. My condition was misdiagnosed by at least 5 doctors and two specialist since January 2012, only 1 GP was adamant about NP. Finally a third biopsy in March 2014 came back with NP as per Pathology Lab result. Consider if this is a virus, how it may be transmitted via blood transfusion - I'm no expert in immunology, so it's more of a query than a caution. Number of cases of NP are springing up all around me. Just saying, if a virus, then we should be so lucky as to know of one anti viral med that was a success in the cure for NP. Regards Anelissa (pseudonym)

Salt Baths, Sunlight  

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Posted by Louise (New York) on 03/21/2013
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Remedy for Prurigo Nodularis:

I have had this skin disease for years. The only thing that has worked for me is a combination of salt baths and sunlight. During the winter months, when I can't get to the beach, I put sea salt in my bath and soak in it. It clears up infected sores and dries them out and they form a crust which can be pumiced off with an emery board of callus pumice. It also helps to decrease the itching and therefore the scratching as well. When the weather gets warmer, I lie in the sun. Sun exposure is the best treatment. I have gone from approximately 200 sores on my arms and legs to about a dozen.

Replied by Cathydinmo
Blue Springs, Mo, USA

I've had Prurigo Nodularis 27 years now. I had read something interesting. Have or do any of you had throat or tonsil conditions?

Replied by Mm
Virginia Beach, Va

I seem to have this skin condition. I have hyperthyroidism. I went through a very stressful situation when I started getting the itch. It started on my arm. Initially the itch looks like a bug bite. It was very itchy. The more I scratch, the itchier it gets until it turned to be an open wound. Then I started noticing that the top portion of the itchy wound is filled with fluid. The itching didn't stop. I was placed on Prednisone for 10 days and the itching ceased but then I started to develop itch on my legs and lower back. I need the itch to go away. Dr don't seem to know what it is.

Replied by Lindab
Vancouver Bc Canada

I've had Pruigo Nodularis for over 3 years now on my cheek, started after a bout with shingles followed by 3 years of extreme stress.......I just came back from a dermatologist who told me to keep Vaseline on it...I've been doing that for 10 days now, I put a bandaid over the Vaseline at night & during the day if I'm not going out anywhere. End result is that it's looking much better! .....Don't know if anyone has been able to get any of the nodules out but I have and thought they were tiny cysts.....I have a family history of asthma and hay fever, but don't have that myself....I also have hypothroidism.......I'm hoping that the Vaseline treatment will help in the long run. Before I saw the Dr I had started putting on Nivea Q10 nightcream which also helped....seems these things need a good heavy duty moisturizer which seems to keep the itch away.

Replied by Sophia

I am 67 years old. Have had prurigo nodularis for years, it got worse when I got chronic fatigue and Epstein bar virus. It is in my system since l988. It has gotten worse every time I am severely stressed out. I too think this is viral, because I have virus(s). I also have a low thyroid. I wonder if a sun lamp would help? What exactly is Valtrex/ Is it what doctors give you when you get shingles? It seemed worse after my mother died, 7 years ago.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Sophia,

Yes, valtrex is an antiviral drug.

If you are dealing with a chronic virus, you might consider extra virgin coconut oil. We have had amazing results using it for viruses. It sounds so simple but it sure does help.

I use 1 tablespoon three times a day for viruses. I once took it for a year for my low thyroid and it actually appeared to heal a different autoimmune disease I had. But if you are petite or prone to digestive problems, you could try 1 or 1 1/2 teaspoons three time a day.

I put it in my oatmeal for breakfast. I mix it into cooked vegetables. I mix it with blackstrap molasses and peanut butter to make a fudge.

You could try epsom salt baths or a magnesium supplement to help with stress.

There is a lot of information on this site. I encourage you to keep reading and be encouraged. I think that you can be helped with your condition!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Allie B

Prurigo Nodularis:

Thank you all for your suggestions. I have suffered from this skin complaint for the past 7 yrs and after reading all of your testimonies, I feel that I have a couple of things in common with other sufferers.

I contracted MRSA during a stay in Hospital, and being Viral, I was quarantined for a month. A few other people have mentioned this, so it must be one of the common factors.

I have Hypothyroidism - chronic fatigue - and have to take hormone tablets every day. This obviously effects the body's natural Immune system and ability to fight disease - especially anything Viral.

Stress is huge factor with the Skin. It is the biggest Organ of the body, and is the one in contact with the outside world. It effects our self image, and our self esteem. It represents our Individuality, so if we feel 'threatened' by our environment, it can result in skin ailments. We must treat the cause - not just the symptoms in order to get rid of it for good.

The Doctors know little of how to approach this skin disease and Steroids don't work. We are the only ones who are willing to put the effort into finding a cure for ourselves, so it is vital that everyone stay in touch with this site to report any finds (good or bad) and hopefully we can come up with an overall 'salve' and 'organic' treatment. I believe that Nature has the answer to every problem, it's just a matter of finding it.

I have used Chamomile Tea for dabbing on my skin and found it very soothing and it helps to calm down the itch and redness. There is a cream available online from Amazon called 'Kamill' which contains Chamomile and Bisabolol and I found instant relief from it. Aloe Vera is a good gel and moisturiser. Oatmeal is good in a bath.

I am fascinated by the Ayurvedic treatment mentioned by Rukhsana, using Gandhak (detoxified sulphur) and Neem powder. and I am going to try this treatment myself.

I will keep you posted on any other treatments I come across and check in here regularly. Wishing you all the best.

Replied by Linda S.

In July of 2016 I had terrible itch which turned out to to be this PN or Prurigo Nodularis....very painful about 14 bumps on left leg and 3 on other under my buttock leg...I commute with airline job and very stressful stress and being away from family got me itching so an extreme and these lumps, appeared ...felt like bee stings and then would zing around elbows where itches broke out skin on arms feel lumpy ..the more I itch it opens the histamine in my body to itch more....I have been put on dyoxoline also..they have dried up a bit but I still have like a heat rash on back n this part of PN or something else..and if I go in salt water at beach...will these become more infected as they are open lesions?...can anyone one tell me?.

I am also slathering triamcinolone acetonide cream for some relief 2 x a day morn n nite...and on Claritin for itch from histamines...some days I feel no one cares...and myregular doc just put me on netrexolene to block itch. That's used for opiate patients for drug addicts.. I don't want to mix this with dyoxoline.

cuz I hate takin any pills...will be 62 in December..this itch is pushing me towards retirement...has anyone tried Emuaid creme...

Replied by Nancy

I have narrowed it down to prurigo nodularis which had formed on my ankle. I don't know if it initially started with a bug bite but my ankle area has been itchy during winter months and I attributed it to tight socks . I would scratch until sores appeared. This summer nodule seemed like a winter sock itch, that may have started with a mosquito or flea bite. I developed a hard bump which itched like crazy. When I looked closely at it, it reminded me of a wart. I had luck in the past with banana peel and a wart, but didn't have any bananas, so I took a leaf from a Jade plant, a juicy succulent, exposed the juicy inner flesh and taped that with paper tape over the bump. Next day I scraped off the softened skin. The itching had stopped. Today is the third time I've finished removing the taped jade leaf and scraped away the softened skin and it is flat! It doesn't itch! I will continue to tape jade leaf on it for a while. After looking up jade leaf and the juice in it, I see it has been used to remove warts. I wish you all good luck with this method.

Replied by Allie B

Hi Linda, I found a cream called 'Kamill' effective for the itch. Also Chamomile tea - drink some and use the rest to dab all over sores. You can mix your own moisturiser with Coconut oil and Tea Tree Oil, wheat germ oil and evening primrose oil. If you like you could also try the Ayurvedic method explained by Rukhsana in April (listed above) which I am trying now as it attacks the root of the problem as well as the symptoms. Let us know how you get on, as it's important for suffers to keep in touch here and report back anything positive they have found. Best of luck.

Replied by Sarah
New York

Interesting, yes. Tonsillectomy after having Strep Throat and Mono (Epstein Barr virus), which someone else here mentioned.

Replied by Susie
Linden, Mi
1 posts

I have had this condition for many years now. I read another article that said that you can get this if you have thyroid problems. Well, the dermatologist and then also my regular doc, gave me some lotion to use on this. It started to help, the stopped working and it bleached my clothes. I have had to use a wide variety and it is not 100%. I found that hydrogen peroxide helps dry them up. Then, I have been using something called Manuka Oil, which I purchase on Amazon. Then, I get itchy from them being dry, so I use shea butter that I purchase from Amazon also. I fight with drying them up and the dryness. I am also going to try some of your remedies. They sound pretty plausible.

Replied by Kathy
San Jose

I have had PN for 6 years everything Doctors suggested didn't work so I have many scars.

What I found recently was I changed my shower head to Aquasena to remove containments in the water, I wash with Dr .Bonner peppermint oil soap, after I dry (always a fresh clean towel) then I dab SeaBreeze toner on all the spots (it cuts the iching down 90%) sometimes I use perxoide on stubborn spots to dry them out.And finally I use either vinegar or Lysol laundry sanitizer in my washer to kill any bacteria or virus.

I started this March 1st and there is a major difference in recurrance or drying up and fading of existing spots. I also took for 100 days D'Limonene supplements 1 per day. The Brand I took was Jarrow.

I believe this is some sort of either bacteria or virus, and I do this maybe helpful to someone too.

Replied by Sylvi

Yes, as a teenager I suffered sore throats and I have been itching for about 20 -25 years and only just this week I have been told it could be prurigo nudularis. For years they told me it was eczema. I'm going to see the skin specialist.