Ganglion Cyst Remedies

Jan 25, 2018

Ganglion cysts can cause be inconvenient, painful and can even interfere with normal activities. Natural treatments for ganglion cysts include, "The Book Method," frankincense essential oil, castor oil, Epsom salt, massage and ice.

What is a Ganglion Cyst?

A ganglion cyst presents itself as a lump at a joint, especially the back of the wrist. These fluid-filled lumps can hinder movement of the affected joint. Ganglion cysts can also create pressure on a nerve, resulting in pain. Traditional treatment of these cysts is to remove or drain them surgically.  Unfortunately, these cysts often return after surgery, which is especially frustrating because of the cost involved in surgery and the time lost for the procedure and healing.

Fortunately, there are many natural treatments that are quite effective for ganglion cysts. Even if a cyst returns, treatment can be resumed, again for very little cost.

Natural Treatments for Ganglion Cysts

The Book Method

While it may sound barbaric, a common way to swiftly get rid of a ganglion cyst is to hit it with a book.  This free remedy only costs the amount of courage needed to implement it.  You will find stories of our readers who ventured to try this remedy on this page.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is one of the more expensive essential oils but it is reputed to be one commonly used for cysts or tumors. This oil is gentle and most people can apply the oil neat (without diluting) to the skin and experience relief in a short amount of time.

Needle Piercing

A sterilized needle can be used to self-drain the cyst. This is another remedy that costs only the courage to try. Even so, there are some who prefer this way of dealing with a ganglion cyst.


Serrapeptase is a natural supplement that is used to dissolve all manner of non-living tissue that is causing trouble in the body. Serrapeptase can be used to treat ganglion cysts. This is one of the few methods that deals with the cyst indirectly instead of working on the cyst itself. Serrapeptase can be bought online or in health food stores.

Castor Oil

Castor oil, the kind found in pharmacies and health foods stores, can be used to dissolve cysts. Apply a few drops of castor oil to the cyst twice daily and gently massage the oil into the cyst. The massage may be helpful as well to eliminate the cyst.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt can be used for ganglion cysts. It can be taken internally each day as a magnesium supplement, or it can be applied to the cyst itself.

Do you have a natural treatment for ganglion cysts? Please share your remedy with us!

Luquid Sulfur  

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Posted by Carla (Texas, US) on 06/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Liquid sulfur, prescribed by my naturopathic doctor for my ganglion, relieved the swelling, redness and pain in less than three days.


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Posted by Keira (Sydney, Australia) on 07/27/2016
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Ganglion Cyst: I had raised painless red lumps on both thumbs near the joint, I read the posts on Epsom salts treatment which are full of magnesium, & thought it would be easier to take magnesium tablets. I took two 500mg tablets a day- one in the morning, the other at night. After 3 days I thought the lumps looked slightly smaller. I continued taking the tablets. After 3 weeks the lumps were now gone, but the skin was still red. I continued taking the tablets & after another couple of weeks the redness was totally gone.

I now take a maintenance dose of one tablet daily, & now several months later they have not returned.

Replied by Dinyar

I have hard lump on my palm below the fingers. Some times they are quite painful and when I do some work with my tools. I do take chelated Mg 100 mg twice daily. I cannot tolerate more than this (loose BM).

I wanted to know about liquid Sulphur treatment- Do I apply Neat (100% pure) or diluted? also, I saw liquid Sulphur for gardening is that ok to use?

Thank you


Replied by Baldev Raj
173 posts

Hi Dinyar,

You can in fact apply Magnasium oil on it, the best would be if you can mix magnesium oil and DMSO 50/50 and apply that solution three four times a day on the cyst you will get better result and will not have any BM problem.


Weight Training, Nattokinase  

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Posted by Susan (Westhampton) on 06/01/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had a small but slowly growing ganglion cyst just on my wrist at the crease mark area. I tried a few remedies over the past two years that I read on the Earth Clinic site like massage, banging it with a book (hilarious) and rubbing frankincense oil on it every night. Nothing made a dent, just like everyone reports.

Tonight I looked at my wrist and realized my ganglion cyst has COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! There are only 2 recent changes I have made, so it's either one of the following OR the combination that dissolved the cyst.

1. I started using light weights at the gym for my arms. I do forearm lifts using a 10 lb weight. I have been doing this for the past 2 months, two or three times a week.

2. I take a nattokinase supplement, half dose, every other day. I don't like to take too much of it because it causes a small cut to bleed more than normal. I have also been taking the past few months.

I am very happy about this! I had been told surgery was my only option.

I will update everyone in case I stop doing one or both of these things and it starts to come back or if I can pinpoint whether it was the nattokinase or the weight lifting that dissolved the cyst. For now I can happily report a 100% cure. Yea, ganglion cyst be gone!