How to Use Colloidal Silver for Herpes

Jan 05, 2018

Colloidal silver is an effective natural remedy for many viruses, including the herpes simplex virus.

Continue reading to see how our readers have used this effective natural remedy for herpes.

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Posted by Trish (Lasvegas, Nevada) on 07/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hello out there. I just want you all to know how real colloidal silver is. I have had herpes since I was a kid using the silver on any outbreak immediately stopped the infection. Also I have suffered from UTI's my whole life, when I feel one coming on I dose myself three times and it goes away. No trips to the doctor, no antibiotics. This is for real. And if the idea of the blue guy scares you do your research. How many people have been really been effected by this side affect, the answer will surprise you...

Posted by Angela (Smallville, Iowa) on 05/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I was infected and took a teaspoon of ionic silver hydrosol 10PPM only once everyday for 3 weeks. So in response I'm not sure that brand type is particularly relevant to anything other than perhaps cure time, though I've read differences between colloidal silver and silver hydrosol are included but not limited to, that it can be boiled and frozen while still retaining the necessary composition to remain fully effective. Anywho, Here it is 6 months and 3 blood tests later, and I am herpes free.

Posted by Tom (Ohio, USA) on 09/03/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I found out that colloidal silver kills all viruses, bacteria and fungus - I had herpes and took a teaspoon of colloidal silver 5 times a day for 3 months and it is gone. I have been re-checked and am negative for herpes. I was amazed to find that these diseases can be cured. Anyone who says that you cannot cure disease is a propagandaist. May God Bless you and Heal you.